Collagen Made Easy With Vida Glow

Vida Glow have reinvented and simplified the way your clients consume their daily collagen.

Taking a daily collagen supplement has become routine for most wellness-savvy clients, so offering a collagen supplement in your clinic to support your clients’ skin, hair, and nail health is a no-brainer. The collagen category alone is expected to grow to over $6.5 billion by 2025. Leaders in science-first ingestible beauty and wellness, Vida Glow first disrupted the market with the launch of their internationally renowned and clinically proven Natural Marine Collagen. A collagen peptide supplement that stimulates collagen production for visible results in weeks. 

With a commitment to efficacy and innovation, the brand is launching their latest break-through: Collagen Liquid Advance. This cutting-edge product revolutionises the way busy and active lives experience collagen, providing a convenient and efficient solution for glowing skin. 

Collagen Liquid Advance is a concentrated, bioavailable liquid formula with double the dosage of Natural Marine Collagen and a potent boost of antioxidants and vitamin C to enhance collagen synthesis. Made for the fast-paced lifestyles of today’s beauty consumer, Collagen Liquid Advance comes in a ready-to-supplement liquid sachet that smooths wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin elasticity, hydrates and plumps skin on-the-go. Due to its low molecular weight, Vida Glow’s hydrolysed collagen liquid peptide elixir is highly bioavailable. Put simply, the body can effectively absorb the collagen and put it to tangible use. 

“This really is that next step in collagen innovation. We’re constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and efficacy in our consumers beauty routines – delivering tangible results across hair, skin and nails without the excess work. Collagen Liquid Advance empowers our customers to seamlessly uphold their beauty regimen, even amidst the most demanding schedules,” says Vida Glow Founder, Anna Lahey.

We were so excited to be stocking Vida Glow’s Liquid Collagen Advance, and our clients are absolutely loving it! With benefits of firming the skin and smoothing fine lines it fits well within our ethos of treating holistically, it has become a favourite addition to their beauty regimens. As a brand at the forefront of innovation, we take pride in partnering with Vida Glow and trust in their products.

Amy Hembrow, Co-Founder of SSKIN

Collagen Liquid Advance is a berry, honey-like elixir formulated with 5g of Vida Glow’s global #1 Natural Marine Collagen, Ascorbic Acid and the brand’s signature antioxidant complex B-Blend. This powerful synergy ensures optimum, clinically proven results for glowing, youthful-looking skin in just one daily sachet. 

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