Video Released Of Doctor Delivering Drive-Through Tox

Drive-through tox – only in Miami.

We’ve seen some innovative solutions from business owners and practitioners throughout the past several months, from taking services online, to drive-through events and deliveries. But this latest development takes the cake!

Footage has emerged out of the US of the delivery of ‘drive-through’ botulinum toxin injections. Miami-based plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, who is incredibly well known via his Instagram @TheRealDrMiami (which boasts a whopping 1.4 million followers) shared a video of a practitioner performing an injectables procedure on a patient sitting in her car last Sunday afternoon.

The video shows the patient pulling up in her car to receive the treatment from a practitioner covered with protective personal equipment, and administering product to the patient’s brows through her open window while she stayed in the driver’s seat. She was also wearing a mask.

The post was captioned “drive-through B***x, it’s a thing – only in Miami.”

After a brief shutdown period that included beauty, hair and nail business, Florida reopened for beauty services on May 11. To date, Miami-Dade County has experienced over 17,000 cases and 633 deaths.

What do you think about Dr Salzhauer’s ‘special’ service? Let us know in the comments.

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