Have You Changed Your Menu Or Prices On Reopening?

You’re spending more time and money than you were a few months ago. How do you compensate?

While being allowed to reopen for services is incredibly positive news for beauty, spa, wellness and aesthetic businesses, there are of course some huge changes that need to be made, in almost every facet of the business. Services need adjusting, booking procedures are altered, client interactions are vastly different, and cleaning and sanitisation will be taking longer than it ever has before. In some cases, businesses will be lucky enough to operate in almost the same way as they once did, but in other instances, business owners are having to introduce some new measures to compensate for the additional time, resources and costs associated with all the new changes.

It goes without saying that every circumstance is extremely different depending on the nature of the business, size, clientele, team, services, location, fit-out and everything in between, and not all measures may suit you and your business, but here are some of the changes we’ve seen from industry so far.

Additional cleaning blocks – every spa, salon and clinic we’ve seen have added at minimum a 15 min block between each and every appointment to allow for thorough cleaning. This is a must.

COVID-19 Menu – some businesses have introduced a new service menu in the wake of COVID-19, with adjustments to pricing compensating for the extra costs that come with additional cleaning time, products and supplies, PPE, etc.

Additional fees per client – some spa owners have implemented an additional set ‘cleaning fee’ or ‘service fee’ for every client on top of their appointment, in order to cover these costs. We’ve seen as much as $20 charged per client.

Bundling smaller services – some businesses are ceasing offering shorter, more affordable services (such as brow or lip waxing) unless they are booked in addition to a longer treatment such as a facial or massage. For many, a 10-15 minute / $15-20 appointment simply may not be worthwhile.

Minimum time blocks – similarly, some businesses suggest only accepting clients in for services that total one hour or more, to ensure visits are worth the extra effort and costs for the business.

Booking fees – cancellations seem to be more likely to occur at the moment than ever before. Many are desperate to get out of isolation and back into spas and salons, restaurants, gyms and every other outlet we’ve been prevented from visiting, but our worlds are still shrouded in fear and uncertainty, meaning last-minute cancellations and changes in plans. This can be debilitating on a business right now, so consider introducing a booking fee for clients to secure their spot.

Online consult forms – time is now one of your most precious commodities. Not only is it better for hygiene purpose, but have your clients complete their consult forms online in advance to save yourself some precious time.

Making changes to services and prices can always be nerve racking for business owners, and if you’re a particularly kind soul, you’re probably conscious of the fact that many consumers are suffering financially too and don’t have cash to splash. But from the feedback we’ve seen, clients have been very understanding of price hikes and minimum spends, and are willing to spend – knowing that it’s these measures that are keeping their favourite business from going under. And of course, that it’s only temporary.

What measures have you introduced in your spa or clinic to compensate for COVID-19-related changes to your business? Leave us a comment below.

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