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A personal journey of success and triumph, Nita McHugh’s business acumen and thirst for knowledge has left a carefully crafted mark on Sydney’s western region — she discusses the Rejuven8 Penrith journey with Ashleigh Sharman.

Cosmetic nurse, cosmetic injector and consultant, it was rhinoplasty to correct a broken nose that set Nita on the path of self-improvement and artistry within the cosmetic enhancement industry — a little ‘tweaking’ as she calls it.

“A registered nurse since 1976, I longed to become an aesthetic nurse specialist but there really wasn’t a college course that specialised in cosmetic nursing at the time,” explains Nita.

“I completed Ricky Allen’s paramedical aestheticians course and also began to study skin revision techniques from various companies. I travelled to the USA and studied at Glymed’s Institute of Dermal Therapy in Utah and also took up specialisation in acne treatments.”

Rejuven8Launching a career alongside a personal life that was full to the brim with ups and downs, Nita acknowledges this time as one of the most difficult in her life. But despite the juggling act her thirst for knowledge never ebbed with ambition fuelling further study across a range of fields and a key referral paving a way for the future.

Master liposculptor Dr Soo Keat Lim, of the Ashbrooke Vein and Cosmetic Centre, began referring clients to Nita for post liposculpture lymphatic drainage massages and it wasn’t long before he asked Nita to join his clinic as a contractor.

During this time Nita was also building up a dermal therapy business using medical peels, needling, IPL, ultrasonic dermasound and Glymed products, and working at the Ashbrooke Cosmetic Centre at Surry Hills clinic with Dr Nair.

“My long-term goal was to obtain as much knowledge and experience to provide the best results for my clients; I would not settle for mediocre they had to get the best results possible. I also wanted the ability to give my clients a complete makeover so began studying injectables. I quickly mastered facial rejuvenation with cosmetic injectables and, combined with my passion for art, took to this as a form of medical artistry.”

Opening Rejuven8 Penrith Cosmetic Clinic with the authority and support of Dr Soo Keat Lim ten years ago, the team has grown to encompass cosmetic physicians Dr Zhen Xu, Dr Tan and Dr Bindu in addition to two beauty therapists, two registered nurses, four weight loss consultants, two clerks, a practice and an accounts manager.

“I wanted Rejuven8 to be welcoming, comforting, warm, friendly and secure as the concept for the clinic was to provide a holistic approach to beauty. The decor is rich in colour with solid rustic timber furniture and elaborate mirrors,” says Nita of Rejuven8, which is divided into two key departments.

Rejuven8 2The Cosmetic Clinic provides a huge array of rejuvenation solutions from injectables to skin treatments and liposculpture consultations whilst the Weight Loss Body Studio, situated in a separate cottage at the rear of Rejuven8 Cosmetic clinic, hosts Hypoxi machines, Formostar wraps, mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber and Vibrasauna.

Citing the clinic’s most popular treatments as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, Dermasound Ultrasonic Facials and Skin Coach (Cold Laser),
Rejuven8 services clients from 16 years to 80 years old across an array of skin repair conditions encompassing sun damage, rosacea, acne and ageing skin.

“My Formostar supplier Hazel Maurer came back from Germany very excited about an injection-free hyaluronic filler called Skin Coach. After a treatment on myself to test it, I found it was very hydrating and lifting and decided to offer this to my clients. Fine lines are plumped out and a series of treatments delivers long-lasting effects,” Nita says of the cold laser.

Rejuven8 1The Skin Coach treatment owes its success to its use of hyaluronic acid. This is infused through the epidermis using the cold laser to open up pathways in the skin and a special massage technique that drives the “filler” into the skin, which is sealed by further painless cold laser treatment.

“Clients who shy away from injections enjoy this treatment as a non-injectable pick-me-up. It’s ideal for mother of the brides who want to look fresher without the expense of injectables. It’s also a fantastic treatment to give the bride a glowing, dewy complexion for her big day,” Nita adds.

Success has not come overnight for Nita; rather through sheer determination, hard work and passion for her industry coupled with a sensitivity to client needs.

“A beauty business really needs to offer unique, result-driven services to survive. Clients want value for money and real results, not just pampering. They are purchasing fewer products but prefer to put their money into treatments that give fast results,” she says.

Nita McHugh
Nita McHugh

Nita is aware her female clients are often timepoor, leading to longer after hours service; that her baby boomer clients who continue to work are conscious of their appearance; and that many divorcees want to freshen their appearance — all contributing to a rapidly growing beauty industry.

Priding itself in offering a quality service with free follow-ups as standard, Nita is incredibly humble at the growth and success of Rejuven8 and, teamed with her determination, she has developed a formula that guarantees longevity in a competitive industry.

Rejuven8 Cosmetic Clinic Penrith

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