The Power of AI in Aesthetics: Revolution in Fractional RF for More Comfort and Efficacy

November 15, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Power of AI in Aesthetics: Revolution in Fractional RF for More Comfort and Efficacy

Are your patients hesitant to undergo fractional RF microneedling procedures due to discomfort? Have some of them pushed through the pain, only to be disappointed by unsatisfactory results?

The painful experience and disappointing results may lead to patients giving up on this aesthetic procedure. How can you retain your patients while offering these types of treatments? Discover a groundbreaking solution for both comfort and efficacy with a revolutionary fractional RF treatment by BTL.

Powered by Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), this breakthrough technology is a real game-changer in the aesthetic field. Its fractional RF microneedling applicator retrieves impedance from each individual needle, ensuring a precise energy flow for targeted penetration. The applicator delivers optimal energy in every pulse, allowing for a customized treatment with only one pass. The outcomes? An exceptional patient experience with minimal discomfort and optimal results.

Join our virtual symposium with world-renowned KOLs, Miss Sherina Balaratnam (UK) and Dr. Ian Chinsee (AU) as they share their experience with BTL EXION(™) – one of the most innovative multi-platforms in the aesthetic field. They will discuss how they integrated BTL EXION and its three applicators into their practice, the science behind its efficacy, how to combine it with other technologies, and their patients’ experience. This online session will also feature a demo treatment.

BTL EXION’s comprehensive set of tools and functionalities offers solutions for skin tightening, texture improvement, and fibrotic-tissue correction in over 20 body areas, effectively and with less pain. Stay up-to-date with industry innovations and learn from exceptional experts.

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