The Australasian Certification in Anti-Ageing Medicine: Module 2

October 16, 2015 – October 17, 2015 all-day
Pullman Hyde Park, Sydney
Open to all A5M Members

ACAAM: The Australasian Certification in Anti-Ageing Medicine

ACAAM provides allied health professionals the knowledge to bridge the gap between doctor and patient, achieving better patient results.

The program provides you with an insight into integrative and preventative medicine in your daily practice and encourages you to think outside the box. It provides the framework for a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to preventive healthcare and treatment.

On completion of ACAAM you will have sufficient knowledge to counsel patients in preventative and integrative medicine.

The A5M Certification Program covers all aspects of ageing including:

Exercise and Lifestyle: Substantial health benefits occur with regular physical activity that is aerobic
in nature, including strength and resistance training to increase muscular strength, endurance, and bone density. Stress is an inevitable by-product of our way of life, and can affect how quickly we age, and how good we feel.

Diet and Nutrition: Scientists have found that what we eat and how much we consume, influences how long and how well we live. Nutrient and caloric intake influence and improve health and longevity, and extend lifespan.

Inflammation: Ageing is a progressive degenerative process tightly integrated with inflammation and the inflammatory responses. Environmental and lifestyle effectors of inflammation may also contribute to modulation of both inflammation and age-related dysfunction.

Supplements: Supplementation is important to provide nutritional building blocks required by the body for optimal functioning, and the protection against free radical attacks caused by poor dietary habits, lifestyle and environmental pollution.

Hormone therapy: Levels of key hormones naturally decline with age. The use of hormone replacement therapy where indicated constitutes a legitimate and important life-enhancing medical application.

Pathology: Preventive screening leads to early disease detection for some diseases, and early detection offers a greater likelihood of treatment success.

Cognitive Function and Mood Disorders: Cognitive decline, dementia and mood disorders are not inevitable with age. The principles of anti-ageing medicine apply directly to maintaining brain health and cognitive function.

Genetics: Genomic and epigenomic research has led to the advent of personalised medicine, tailoring a patient’s treatment program based on their particular genetic profile.

Pride yourself in high quality patient care.

MODULE 2: Impact of Nutrition and Detoxification on the Ageing Process

This two full day, face to face workshop focuses on the role of nutrition and detoxification to maintain optimal health outcomes and decelerate the ageing process.


  • Understanding the affects of nutritional deficiencies and detoxification on the ageing process.
  • Learn about the detoxification pathways and the consequence of the body’s inability to detoxify.
  • Review treatment protocols for detoxification and improving nutritional deficiency states to decelerate the ageing process.
  • Identify the effects of drug induced nutrient depletion and how to overcome them.

The Certification program is open to all A5M members.

If you are not a member, register for Module 2 and receive membership at $250 (saving $135).

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