Why This Industry Educator Launched Her Own Skin Clinic With Her Daughter

Award-winning industry educator Nancy Abdou and her daughter Yasmyn Abdou (RN) have teamed up to launch their very own clinic, The Dermal Space.

Recently launched in East Melbourne, The Dermal Space was born from the vision of Nancy and Yasmyn Abdou, a dynamic mother-daughter duo. Together, they unite decades of industry expertise with a passion for cosmetic nursing, aesthetics and education, aiming to redefine the standards of skin treatments.

​In 2002, Nancy founded Facial Attraction Laser & Skin Clinic alongside her two sisters. They introduced the first-ever StarLux treatment in Australia. Over the next decade, Facial Attraction grew to encompass 15 locations throughout Melbourne, including two large clinics in Ivanhoe and Collins Street. Nancy found her calling in educating others about aesthetic devices, drawing on her Bachelor of Education to train new staff.

This passion eventually led to the selling of Facial Attraction to then establish and scale The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute, where Nancy still educates clinics across Australia to this day.

With Nancy’s background of 22 years in clinical training, and having been awarded 2022 and 2021 ABIA “Best Educator of the Year”, her knowledge of clinical modalities and love for science has kept her around a clinic room at all times.

Nancy’s (pictured left) latest venture of The Dermal Space is with her daughter Yasmyn (right), who is a Registered Nurse with a background in plastics, orthopaedics and surgical wards; underpinning her existing experience and knowledge within the Aesthetics industry.

We caught up with Nancy to learn more about her recent co-founding venture with her daughter and Registered Nurse, Yasmyn.

What led to the creation of The Dermal Space?

We wanted to establish a space to authentically demonstrate and practice the treatments utilising the devices TADLI endorse and sell. This allows us to generate our own before-and-after imagery, create advanced treatment protocols and conduct clinical trials, maintaining a close connection to real-world applications. Ensuring that our claim to teach from clinical experience, it’s based on first-hand knowledge and current evidence.

Our vision was to create a place where we could model the high standards we teach, setting an example for other clinics to aspire to be the best they can be.

At The Dermal Space, we’re not just about treatments; we’re about creating lasting partnerships on your journey to skin confidence, blending advanced treatments with personalised care and internal health to deliver transformative results. 

How do you plan to integrate your education background into the clinic? Is there any plans to have a dual approach for this space?

We aim to provide a highly educational experience for every client that steps into our clinic. From the outset, clients embark on a journey that’s informed by our extensive knowledge and expertise. They enter a tranquil environment where they complete consent forms and undergo detailed photo analysis before receiving a comprehensive consultation.

Our team delves into the why and how of each treatment, evaluating factors like diet, lifestyle, hydration, hormones, and home skincare, before developing a multifaceted treatment journey tailored to each individual.

Our emphasis on thorough preparation, using LED therapy, skincare and Larimedical biomimetic peels, ensures that the skin is well-prepped for the more invasive aesthetic treatments, leading to optimal and lasting results.

Our holistic approach treats the client’s journey as a whole, not just a single treatment. This approach will also extend to specialised training sessions, workshops, and events in the clinic, allowing us to share our expertise directly. We’re particularly excited about introducing Larimedical Biomimetic Peels, which deliver expedited and enhanced results with minimal trauma or downtime.

Our clients will always benefit from the most current protocols and advanced treatments, thanks to our continuous dedication to education, which has earned us recognition as the best educator by ABIA for two consecutive years and in the Australian Enterprise Awards for the 2 following years.

What is your favourite modality that is under-utilised? 

Nancy: My favourite modalities that are often under-utilised are IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound). IPL is a versatile treatment that offers excellent results for a range of skin conditions, from pigmentation and vascular lesions to acne and overall skin rejuvenation.

Despite its proven effectiveness, it’s often overlooked due to misconceptions or a lack of understanding regarding its full capabilities. With the right education and a thorough understanding of how to tailor the treatment to each client’s specific needs, IPL can deliver remarkable and long-lasting results.

Similarly, HIFU is a powerful, non-invasive treatment that targets deeper layers of skin to stimulate collagen production and tighten tissues. It’s an excellent option for clients seeking a non-surgical facelift or skin tightening treatment.

Although it has incredible potential, HIFU is often under-utilised due to the perception that it’s only for advanced aesthetic practices. However, with proper training and understanding of its indications, HIFU can effectively lift and tighten skin, providing impressive results with minimal downtime. I believe that by educating therapists on the benefits and proper usage of these modalities, we can ensure that more clients have access to their transformative effects.

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