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One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners is finding that balance between working in your business, and working on your business. It’s impossible to grow without taking time away from treating clients and it can be hard to get into the mindset you need to make the shift. So, a successful entrepreneur in the aesthetics space is holding a free session to help founders and business leaders switch gears and develop a growth mindset.

Gry Tømte is the founder and director of HÜD Skin and Body in Melbourne as well as Profit + Purpose, a comprehensive workshop program focused on helping founders in the skin and beauty industries level up their leadership and business. Together with long time business mentor Omar DeSilva, a serial entrepreneur, business strategist and advisor to the likes of the founders of Frank Body, Linktree and many more, they help industry leaders build strong, profitable, people first businesses.

Gry Tømte, founder of HÜD and Profit + Purpose

“Having grown my business to a successful, multi 7 figure business is probably the least interesting part of my story. Much more interesting are all the mistakes I’ve made along the way. Giving me the learnings, I needed to get to where we are today – a People first business – who happens to make a nice profit!” shares Gry.

“I’ve made so many mistakes along my journey – and I’m so grateful because they’ve given me the biggest opportunities!

The challenges that lockdowns have caused over the past months has been a big motivator for Gry to bring her learnings to a wider audience.

“It’s clear though that during these constant lockdowns many are grappling with the feelings of failure and self-doubt – and haven’t been able to adapt the same mindset during what is arguably one of the toughest situations most of us will ever find ourselves. And I wanted to help bring a positive perspective to our industry and some actionable tools to help develop a resilient growth mindset.

“After speaking to so many who are in a really bad way mentally, I started thinking about the way we frame success – and why it is that during a once in a hundred-year pandemic, we have the same measurements of success as we did when life was normal. We somehow forgot to shift the goal post.

“So, with the feeling of failure weighing heavy, and no mental space to adapt the tools needed to reframe challenges as opportunities, so many are so consumed with the things we actually have no control over. And that means less resilient businesses. It means a tired, foggy brain. It means anxiety, depression and missed opportunities.

“So, I thought, why not bring a bit of growth mindset to our industry?”

Through running a single session, Gry has already seen first-hand that there’s a demand for business owners wanting to adapt their mindset to grow their business. The success of her first workshop has lead her to hold another.  

“We had over 240 people reply! The session had a huge turnout and fantastic feedback. There was also a number of registered who couldn’t make it, so we thought why not put on another session?

“So Wednesday the 22nd of September we will kick off another free session, where we’ll dive deeper into the growth mindset, how to build it, the daily habits that supports it and frameworks you can use.”

Here’s a breakdown of the topics covered in the growth mindset session:

  • Defining the growth mindset
  • The underlying belief and focus required i.e. you need to believe that skills can be developed, rather than being only born with them, and you need to have a continued focus towards growth, rather than letting it happen
  • How to build it:
    • Concerted effort on those areas’ growth is being pursued
    • Reflecting on mistakes, and successes, as growth, no matter how small, is being attained 
    • Seeking and receiving feedback from those that are trusted, respected and expert in the field 
  • Daily habits to support the growth mindset
    • Seeking inspiration from others’ success
    • Identifying opportunities in challenges and embracing them
    • Requesting feedback wherever possible
    • Being willing to ‘suck’ at something new
    • Self-reinforcing positive behaviours 
  • A journaling framework to support building the growth mindset
    • Gratitudes
    • Reflections on wins from the previous day
    • Focus for the day ahead
    • Long-form expression about the future

The session will run for an hour and will be interactive. Participants will also walk away with a personal leadership framework to use. 

You can register for the free session here.


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