5 Reasons To Visit A5M

If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest anti-ageing research to help you and your clinic stay at the forefront of the aesthetics industry, you should book a seat at this year’s A5M Conference asap.

Held in Melbourne in August, the three-day event will bring together Australian and international integrative health experts to share the latest research, insights, procedures and techniques that are transforming our health and aesthetics sector.

According to A5M, the annual evidence-based anti-ageing medical conference promotes integrative, preventative and personalised health – and there are five very good reasons for spa and clinic professionals to attend:

Building the bridge
Building the bridge between internal and aesthetic medicine is at the core of the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M); our focus is to provide tailored medical education to practitioners across the aesthetic, anti-ageing, integrative medicine and allied health professions.

The root cause
It is by understanding the root cause of health conditions and premature ageing associated with modern lifestyle choices, environmental influences, chronic diseases and metabolic imbalances, that practitioners have the foundations to tailor specific treatment protocols to provide patients with better health outcomes.

Five pillars of ageing
Representing the industry’s increased demand for integrated health interventions, the A5M Conference will focus on examining the impact that the Pillars of Ageing: exercise and lifestyle, diet and nutrition, supplementation, hormonal/metabolic imbalance and genetic factors, have on the ageing process, inflammation and aesthetic conditions.

Technological innovation
Innovation across the medical, allied health and aesthetics industries is altering the way technology is used to treat and support patients – changing the fundamental nature of preventative medicine and disease management. From PRP and stem cell research, to the advances in bio-revitalisation – A5M brings together experts to share insights on the latest innovations.

A5M is independent
As the global population ages, anti-ageing medicine is one of the fastest growing specialties. In the changing landscape, education and learning from an independent provider is essential for professionals eager to deliver impartial and scientifically-backed advice.

For more information visit www.a5m.net