MediPedi Nail Spa: Podiatry Pretty

Beautiful hands and feet aren’t just about a coat of the latest on-trend polish, for Georgina Jamieson, podiatrist and co-owner of MediPedi Nail Spa it’s about health and pampering to deliver clients the very best aesthetic finish possible. Writes Ashleigh Sharman.

“MediPedi is Adelaide’s first medical nail spa where we have combined expert podiatry services with a luxurious nail spa, creating a safe sanctuary for hand and feet pampering to give people beautiful, healthy, feet and nails,” Georgina says.

“I’d spent the last 13 years in Sydney running a successful podiatry practice and saw the rise of the high-street nail salon chain. Moving back to Adelaide, I hadn’t been able to let go of the dream of opening a safe nail spa — thinking about it for 10 years, there is such a need that is really was now or never!,” adding that as a podiatrist, she is at the front line of nail services gone wrong.

Mani Pedi STORY 5Client concerns were paramount when establishing MediPedi which opened in December 2015. Often scared of poor infection control, disappointed by poor service and quality, or frustrated by a podiatrist not able to deliver an aesthetic finish, MediPedi assures clients with medical grade standards accompanied by an eye for detail and beauty.

“As podiatrists, too many clients come to us as the result of pedicures gone awry. A lack of correct sterilisation and the reuse of equipment can cause infections and spread disease.

“But as lovers of feet, we offer a unique experience where clients can enjoy the pampering of a pedicure with attractive and healthy results — beauty that’s more than skin deep. Clients can truly relax knowing that their feet are in professional hands and our equipment is safe and sterile,” Georgina explains.

And while podiatrists across the country have engaged the services of a beauty therapist, often on weekends, MediPedi takes the reverse approach to create a fun, social, vibrant place to visit — all podiatry-grade including the use of cold laser for nail fungal treatment.

“We have the ability to easily hide our feet and the problems that lurk can be a cause for much embarrassment,” says Georgina, “but that level of trust a client has with a beauty therapist is personal and real. With a GP it’s often much more awkward so it’s important to train all nail therapists to look out for nail issues from fungal infections to textural change and discolouration.”

Mani Pedi STORY 3Only a few months old, MediPedi’s vision and purpose is clear — one that the local community have been swift to support, part of a shopping strip with a mix of cafes and retail stores, and the added bonus of free parking.

“In Adelaide we wanted to be surrounded by complimentary beauty and lifestyle services so as to attract a great age spectrum; from teenagers having their first manicures to baby boomers with problem feet. We’re focusing on building the client database, connecting with our community, developing social media and educating the public,” Georgina adds.

And as staff numbers build, growing quickly due to the level of client enthusiasm, so too do the brands and services on offer in the creative space that is more nail ‘bar’ than sterile podiatry office.

Georgina and business partner, podiatrist Tom Baker, have taken on FABY and OPI polish with Bio Sculpture soon on its way, and Arbré Beauty for hand and foot care — from basic polish to long wear, gel and nail art, scrubs and lotions to foot soaks, clients are well catered for.

Mani Pedi STORY 2“We’re both passionate about providing high-end foot care, and realised the need for a dedicated hand and nail salon which merges the medical aspects of podiatry we know so well and the finishing touches of the beauty industry we know clients love,” Georgina explains.

MediPedi then is a place where clients can truly relax; safe in the knowledge that they are being professionally cared for. And it won’t stay an Adelaide secret for much longer.

MediPedi Nail Spa, Shop 1. 151 – 153 King William Road, Unley SA 5061

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