Lea Taylor: The Goddess Connection

Ashleigh Sharman discovers the powerful philosophy at the heart of Naked Tan and how awakening your inner Goddess is a daily journey of self.

From affirmations to spirit festivals, self improvement to Angel shops, it’s likely you’ve been told, at some point in your life, that your inner Goddess needs awakening. As you nod your head yes, the concept a familiar one, no matter what your spiritual persuasion, consider what the statement means to you, personally. For Lea Taylor, it sparked a brand, and community, with loyalty and love in its following, who yearned to feel connected to something bigger than themselves — and so Naked Tan was born.

“The philosophy of the brand just came to me, quite suddenly. It probably took five seconds to write down but when something is true, and resonates with you, you can channel it easily. The idea of the Goddess was to reach out to likeminded businesses, those who wanted to connect, and ripple across the seas to all women. We need to come together in this industry — all of us who work and participate in it,” explains Naked Tan founder, Lea Taylor of the brand’s creation in 2007 and whose vision states, ‘to unite as one, hand in hand with the gentle Goddess Spirit. To inspire and empower women of the universe.

Lea Web Story 1Without even mentioning outward appearance or shades of tan, Lea’s philosophy made an instant connection with salon and spa owners — attributing the emotional element of her offering to what got the phones ringing. Backed up by a marketing campaign, Naked Tan’s philosophy was displayed on posters through text, graphics, model images and iconography, an inspirational sales tool that was readily adopted by stockists. And so the tribe grew for true brand loyalty grows out of an equal love of product and philosophy.

“When we use the word Goddess at Naked Tan it’s never in a commercial way. It has true meaning for our business and we are always relating back to her, finding, believing, and shining as a Goddess, because every woman deserves it! When a woman taps into her inner Goddess, she is at peace with herself, she is confident in who she is, she knows who she is and she shines! I hope that in some small way Naked Tan contributes to how women feel when they wear our products or see our posters,” Lea says.

As Naked Tan grew so did its message for the Goddess has many facets; the humble goddess, the ego goddess, the goddess in harmony with beauty and life, the awakened goddess, the uniting goddess and in 2015, the goddess who deserves her spoils, “the year is yours!” says Lea who also tests her market regularly to ensure this philosophy resonates for the brand – social media a true gift for garnering community and a sharing of ideas.

“I am putting this philosophy out there to all women around the world. The brand was born in a special place and will always have a spiritual alignment for woman to connect with one another. The product range is for the woman, to assist her in her busy life and connect her with her inner goddess to feel beautiful about herself. I love that I get to produce beautiful products for woman and that so many women are on this journey with me either because they are in love with the products or because they are aligned with the brands philosophy. I am blessed that each year I get to develop more exciting products for woman and constantly uphold and recognise woman to be all that they are, because they deserve it!,” she says.

Lea Web Story 2The Goddess is an inspirational symbol to the Naked Tan brand, not just as a company philosophy but as a role model to live by — for Lea, her stockists and customers, and those around her. Even new staff members are inducted into the ways of the Goddess with a laminated brand philosophy and screensaver and full product range gift waiting on their desk. Lea is also sure to send an SMS before they arrive in the office, arranges a lunch that day with a workmate of a similar personality type and an email at the end of the day thanking them. All touch points of the brand.

“I bring the ‘goddess’ to work with me each day; to my office space and also to the brand, and when a new staff member joins I look to all the little things that make a woman feel appreciated, feel good about herself. She is made welcome by the whole team and at the end of her first day she is given products to go home and create her very own sanctuary experience in her bathroom to wash away her day and revive and re-charge her to make her feel calm and relaxed after a first day in a new job,” an attitude that extends to staff wellbeing all year round with Lea providing weekly yoga classes.

“I think as a boss it’s important to ensure balance in staff. The girls loved yoga and the feedback was that they felt calmer and relaxed when going home after a work day. We are constantly giving, as natural healers, and we need to give back, to nurture, so we should be supporting staff energetically. When clients pop over for a visit rather than focus on colour correcting, I’ll suggest Reiki. It is important for them to learn how to balance the energy and send them back into their businesses so they benefit. If you have a stressed out boss and she comes to work, she brings that energy with her. You make your environment. Elevate it,” explains Lea.

Lea Web Story 3
Naked Tan founder, Lea Taylor

And this energy balance also forms part of Lea’s personal Goddess ritual. From a weekly massage and energy cleansing to meditative walks along the beach, a work-life balance for Lea is about learning to turn-off and understanding the importance of being in the moment.

“Living on the south coast I have a big transition time during the drive between these two facets of my life. I do all my calls on the road. I start with the beautiful stuff, any complaints I block till the end of the day, doing them in my car, away from the office. Transitioning through the national park, the energy goes out the window. I also sage my house and the office, I don’t like bad energy and I like to have things resolved immediately. Things need to move forward — life and work is about solutions not drama.”

Part of a distribution network, Lea acknowledges that Naked Tan must ensure their message remains true at every level — mindfulness and intention from the heart — and by championing and nourishing the Goddess, this becomes a reality for the brand, its clients and its fans.

Lea Taylor is founder of Naked Tan www.nakedtan.com.au

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