Bodyography Sponsor Fashion Aid

Bodyography has been a proud sponsor of Fashion Aid for the past five years with the event only growing from strength to strength each year and attended by Melbourne’s fashion elite, designers, celebrities and various media personalities.

12038150_10153625478344660_1024684677821517877_nBodyography delivered all makeup looks for the seven designers gracing the catwalk, as well as the hosts and VIP’s and this year included the entire “The Block” stars. Just some of the celebrities in attendance this year included, Real housewife stars Gamble Breaux, Pettifleur Berenger and Lidia Schivello and celebrity apprentice contestant Gaby Greko.

In 2015, the event supported and raised funds for the Leukemia foundation, an Australian non-profit organisation caring for and curing patients afflicted with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.

“I have been lucky enough over the past four years to be a part of the Bodyography makeup team for this fantastic event and it really does live up to everything you imagine. Even as a makeup artist this night has a lot of behind the scenes preparation in designing the looks for the models and performers to grace the stage,” said Melany Jones, Bodyography Artistic Director Fashion Aid 2015.

“The nerves start to kick in a few days prior as you mentally check you have all your favourite brushes clean and ready to go. Reading the list of models and VIP’s that need makeup done, it starts to sink in that it’s just around the corner.

body story“Showing up on the day, checking in and seeing the room all set up, it’s hard to believe that in just a few hours the rooms will be filled with the who’s who of the social world and they will all be walking the red carpet, ready to enjoy a show and watch our work up on that stage.

“This year I was lucky enough to be directing the makeup team for my second year running and this year I was also doing a few of my own VIP makeups – I was lucky enough to be doing makeup for the ladies from the hit show ‘The Block’. The pressure was on – these ladies were gorgeous, super friendly, happy to have a laugh and open to any ideas we had on makeup and they all looked amazing walking the red carpet. Each of the six ladies has their own personality and that meant that all six of them needed something different for makeup, so looking at what each one was wearing and coming up with a look to match their dress and their personality.

“Also just to name a few others on the list of VIP’s for makeup was the gorgeous Eva Scolaro and Tanya George who were both performing for the night. These two have amazing voices and needed some pretty amazing makeup to match. Lorinska Anderson who was one of the hosts for the evening looking super glam all night up on stage.

Body story 2“Overall we had 13 amazing makeup artists working on a smashing team to pump out some seriously hot looks for the models on the runway. The two main looks which were completely different in style, one with a super natural eyelid showing off a sophisticated winged eyeliner and a deep red/plum lip colour which is a look that is really on trend at the moment and the other main look was a deep and dark sexy smoky eyeshadow with a really nice natural lip colour. Both looks featuring contouring and highlighting with a full coverage foundation and still leaving the skin looking fresh and dewy.

“Once all models are done its time to clean up, pack up and head down stairs to the main foyer where all the action of the evening takes place. We set up a pamper station which each year the ladies who attend the event can come over and have their makeup touched up, this is a great opportunity for everyone to try the Bodyography brand and make sure their makeup stays perfect all night. This is one of my favourite experiences of the night, getting to see all the ladies dressed up and just everyone having fun, it’s great to talk and mingle with the guests while applying more foundation or matting out their shine or finding a lip colour to match their outfit, we often have a line-up of lovely ladies waiting to have some makeup applied and it’s just a really get vibe to be a part of.”

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