These 7 Tips Will Help You Plan A Profitable Event

In-clinic events seem to be growing in popularity day by day, and it isn’t too much of a surprise why. Hosting events can be extremely successful for spas and aesthetic practices, and can be a wonderful way to show off new services and products, grow awareness within your community, host a workshop, or simply take an opportunity (like a birthday or anniversary) to strengthen the bonds you have with your existing clients.

Whatever your reason to celebrate, here are a few things to keep in mind that can maximise your chances of success:

Define your objective
A big theme throughout the current business strategy landscape is ‘remembering your why’. Why do you want to host this event? Clearly define your goal and align each tactic with that goal in mind – don’t just throw a party for the sake of it. Whether it’s profit or awareness, be clear on it from the beginning. This will also help you clearly assess your level of success at the event’s conclusion, and what you might need to tweak next time.

    1. Don’t overwhelm your guests
      Guests love interactive offerings at events, but be careful not to overwhelm your guests with too much ‘stuff’. Include some nice interactive features, but maintain the focus on your key attraction/occasion. Pick a theme and stick to it.
    2. Add value
      Ensure guests come away with something of value – products or vouchers are always a hit, and free education is even better. If your attendees learn something during the occasion, they will leave with a sense of accomplishment and value.
    3. Get the timing right
      Chances are you’re not going to get a great turnout on a Friday or Saturday night when all of your clients are busy with their own personal lives. Mid-week evenings are generally the most successful (from 6pm to allow adequate time for those coming from work) and Saturday during the day for longer workshop-style events.
    4. Get your team involved
      They’re your biggest advocates, and chances are, most of your team will be thrilled to help out – these are the types of initiatives that make staff members feel part of the ‘bigger picture’. They are also more likely to talk to others about it too if they are personally involved.
    5. Market your event
      Be sure to do your event justice by marketing it adequately. Advertise it physically throughout your business, plug it across your social media channels, and speak about it in person to your clients. Also consider creating your own hashtag for the event, and make sure your guests know about it on the night – plug it during the speeches, and encourage attendees to share content. Offer a small prize incentive if this helps.
    6. Offer short demos
      These are a great idea for almost any occasion – consumers want to engage in brands, try products and services, experience them and touch them first-hand. Demonstrations can not only be entertaining on the evening but really increase your sales potential.
    7. Feed Your Guests
      Don’t be stingy when it comes to food and drinks on the night. Remember how busy everyone is nowadays; your clients’ time is valuable and the least they expect in return for being there is to be offered a glass of champagne and some canapes.

We understand that hosting your own events can be daunting, but if carried out well, they can be extremely rewarding. If you’re unsure, remember to consult your community – ask others for opinions and experiences, you can even consult with your clients to gauge interest levels and opinions. Just remember to make sure that your guests are enjoying themselves, give them a good time with quality food, drink and entertainment, pay attention to detail, and your evening is sure to be a success!

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