The App That Is Set To Change The Dermatology Game As We Know It

With telemedicine on the rise, derms are getting ahead of the game.

Skincare giant Beiersdorf, the company behind brands such as NIVEA and La Prairie, has announced it is investing in a new telemedicine start-up through its OSCAR&PAUL Venture capital unit, that provides on-demand dermatology advice to consumers via an app.

Beiersdorf signed the deal through its Oscar&Paul Venture Capital unit, which invests in innovative companies and start-ups.

Dermanostic, the German-based start-up, enables users all around the world to access diagnosis, treatment advice and prescriptions for any derm-related concerns 24/7 for 25 euros. The process is simple — the user opens the app and registers or logs into their account, uploads images and fills out a questionnaire regarding their skin concerns, then submits payment. The information and images are then assessed by a certified dermatologist and a diagnosis and prescription (if needed) is supplied to the user within 24 hours.

The founding team of Dermanostic.

In less serious cases in particular, Dermanostic can eliminate the need for a patient to visit a dermatological practice and can provide fast solutions for an individual skin problem, for example by sending the prescription by mail or digitally via online pharmacies.

In the post-pandemic world, the demand for telehealth and treatment services will still be there, with many consumers and providers realising the efficiency of over-the-phone services. Dermanostic takes this to a whole new level through an app that consumers can access anywhere, anytime — a gamechanger for the health industry as a whole.

“We believe digital health and teledermatology offer huge potential, especially among the younger target group,” says Ascan Voswinckel, Head of Oscar&Paul Beiersdorf Venture Capital. “Digital dermatologist appointments offer our consumers significant added value as they allow for swift, straightforward, inexpensive, and professional advice regarding their skin indication. As such, dermanostic’s new digital service is the perfect fit for our Eucerin brand and innovatively complements our dermocosmetic brand’s digital consumer journey.”

Beiersdorf’s Head of Derma, Cornelius Becker, notes the importance of this new technology and what it means for health and wellness businesses in the post-pandemic world: “Especially in these times of COVID-19 and physical distancing, we must find digital ways of offering our consumers the right advice to solve their skin problems. By engaging in close communication with the experts at dermanostic, we can learn from one another and thus do even better at establishing digital closeness with our consumers.”

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