Thalgo Partners With SeaCleaners To Clean Up World’s Oceans

Born of the ocean, Thalgo is making a commitment to preserve the brand’s origins.

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic is discarded into the ocean every year. To put this figure into perspective, if we continue on this trajectory there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean in 30 years. There is the need to act now and Thalgo is stepping up to the task thanks to a new partnership.

Founder of SeaCleaners Yvan Bourgon. Credit: Xavier Bouquin

The French marine skincare brand is partnering with SeaCleaners to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean. SeaCleaners was founded by Franco-Swiss explorer Yvan Bourgon in 2016. After touring the ocean with his parents at eight-years-old, he has witnessed first-hand the pollution accumulate in the ocean. 

“At the time, there wasn’t all this rubbish. Thirty-five years later, I sailed for two months surrounded by plastic along the coast of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. It’s my generation that has polluted the oceans,“ Yvan said.

Yvan has made it his mission to clean up the world’s ocean and he is achieving this through a revolutionary vessel called The Manta. Larger than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, The Manta will become the first seagoing vessel able to collect and treat a constant flow of plastic micro-waste floating on the ocean’s surface. The innovative design is powered by renewable energy and has a storage capacity of 200 m3. It will begin construction in 2022 with scheduled completion in 2024 thanks to Thalgo’s sponsorship.

This partnership is a part of a three phase commitment to help clean up plastic waste in the world’s waterways. The Manta Project is also accompanied by a commitment to clean up coast lines and rivers responsible for 90 per cent of plastic pollution of the oceans and gearing the public into action to change everyday habits and reduce plastic waste. 

What a fitting initiative for Thalgo! It’s just one of many ways it’s showing its commitment to both beautiful skin and oceans.

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