Li’tya Launches New E-Commerce Site

Li’tya, Australia’s leading five star spa beauty range for skin, hair and body products which are based on Indigenous Australian plants and healing principles has launched an international e-commerce retail site allowing customers across the globe to easily purchase this unique line of products. 

‘The new website will provide a user friendly window and substantially boost access to the brand and its products. The website is designed for all devices including PCs, tablet and smart phones and will provide detailed information about Li’tya, its products and treatments,’ Li’tya Managing Director and CEO, Bryan McGoldrick said. 

‘Li’tya’s new website features a professional section which has streamlined our wholesale ordering system making purchasing and ordering stock for Li’tya SPa Partners much easier.

The new website will enable Li’tya Spa Partners to now view all product images and you will have a permanent shopping cart which you can add and subtract products to at any stage.

The new website will also allow Li’tya Spa Partners to re-order with the click of a button, has the functionality for you to ship each order to multiple addresses and you will be able to easily access your order history. 

Li’tya, meaning ‘Of the Earth’, is based on a commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing principles using sustainably wild harvested, pure Australian botanicals and organic ingredients.

They are very fortunate to have a deep connection with the Australian landscape, its flora and its Indigenous heritage. Li’tya’s products and treatments draw on the deep history and culture of Indigenous Australia.

‘This strong and true foundation for the company is core to its approach. Li’tya has consulted Aboriginal Elders who are keen to share their knowledge and ideas about health and wellbeing,’ Li’tya Indigenous Advisor, Anne Warren said. 

‘The Aboriginal people offering this guidance come from a language group in North Eastern Victoria/Western Kosciusko region known as Ya-idt’midtung. This knowledge has been and continues to be genuinely shared to educate and offer healing in a land of diversity and change, bringing the traditional understandings and healings into a modern context through products and treatments known as Li’tya,’ Ms. Warren said. 

The native Australian ingredients and active extracts in the Li’tya range are some of the most potent botanicals available. They include Wild Rosella, Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum, Cherry Alder and Quandong are exceptionally high in Vitamin C, exfoliating fruit acids and natural antioxidants.

‘Li’tya has emerged as a unique and exclusive brand, carrying products that have evolved from years of research. Each ingredient has been blended into a product, which has specific actions based on the essences of the plant, and the results desired,’ Ms. Warren said. 

Some of the key products in the LI’TYA range include Yulu Tea, Marine Algae Hydrating Cream, Munthari Hand Hydrating Lotion, Quandong Hair Mask, Tasmanian Kelp Hydrating Mask, Wild Rosella Hydrating Mist and Tasmanian Peat Bath Mud. 

‘Li’tya products have an effective and profound action, deeply balancing and relaxing, saturating body and soul with nutrients and with the knowledge that these ingredients have held a culture strong and healthy for thousands of years.’ Ms. Warren said. 

Other key ingredients in the range include, Old Man Weed, which encourages cellular renewal and regeneration. Hematite which assists to fight free radicals, and is said to improve the density and firmness of skin. Vitamins A and E and proteins which are sourced from oils including Macadamia, Carrot and Avocado. While Munthari Berry contains a naturally protective wax, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

‘Li’tya’s connection to Indigenous culture and philosophy is the reason we were drawn to the brand in the first place. Native ingredients are central to the product offering. The range is aligned to our mission at Peninsula Hot Springs* which is to ‘Achieve a better life naturally’ Peninsula Hot Springs owner, Charles Davidson said.

‘Beyond being a highly effective premium product, Li’tya is a brand that has a philosophical and cultural basis. Li’tya is a story which guests can enjoy not only with the body but also the mind and spirit. The deeper one looks the more there is to learn and experience,’ Mr. Davidson said. 

Li’tya’s products are used and stocked in a number of leading day spas internationally including Spa Qualia QLD, Snake River Lodge USA, Gaia Retreat, NSW Aphrodite Hills Cyprus and Pinctada Resort WA. 

Using sustainably wild harvested Australian ingredients; Indigenous plant knowledge and healing principles; pure essential oils and botanical bases; no synthetic fragrances which are never tested on animals; use responsible biodegradable and recyclable packaging; natural and organically sourced ingredients; and are Australian made and owned. 

 *Peninsula Hot Springs is located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. 

Contact +61 3 9587 7088,


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