4 Tips To Take Your Instagram Content To The Next Level

From finding what to say to the picture that paints 1000 words, we have some handy tips and tricks.

While social media, and specifically Instagram, has been a withstanding element of spas and clinics for several years now, there are always ways to improve. Whether you are looking to up your Instagram game in 2021 or brush up on some of the basics, these are the tips and tricks to keep your Instagram content engaging and beautiful.  

1. Content matters

Your social media channels can be just as important to your business as stocking the right skincare or hiring the best staff. It’s usually the first point of contact for new clients and a touch-point for existing ones. Ideally, your grid should be filled with a variety of content from showcasing what’s on offer in-clinic to insights and expert information. This variety keeps people interested and engaged.

If you’re having trouble finding content for your social media, take some time at the beginning of each month to map out a content calendar. This will help avoid the frantic 9 pm posts because you haven’t been active for a couple of days. It will also help balance the content categories so you aren’t showing too much of one particular thing. 

2. Picture perfect

Now comes the fun part (at least in my humble opinion); finding the images. First and foremost, original content will always look better and provide an accurate representation of your business. 

It might be a matter of hiring a professional photographer to snap some shots of you, your space and your team, which you can use throughout the year. If that isn’t an option, technology has come a long way and you can take decent quality pictures on your phone. Just remember the basics of composition like rule of thirds for the best looking shot.

Apps like Canva are also great tools for creating your own graphics. And if you would like to use someone else’s image on your feed, make sure you always ask for permission and credit the creator. 

3. The layout 

Youth Lab’s grid is cohesive and sticks to their branding’s colour theme

Ever look at an Instagram grid and think ‘wow this looks so seamless, why doesn’t mine look like this’? Firstly, comparison will kill you (a great quote to live by), and secondly, it’s probably that person’s full-time job to keep their feed looking as shimck as a Vogue shoot. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply some of the principles they use to keep their grid neat and tidy. 

Your layout will impact the overall look of your grid. It’s best to stick to a certain colour theme for cohesiveness. For example, images that all have elements of blush pink and beige. This also applies to any filter you use on your images i.e. pick one and stick to it!

Another helpful tip to keeping your grid flowing is to utilise blank space. If you feel things start to look cluttered, add in an image that has a lot of blank space. This could be a quote on a white background or an image that has a big block of one colour. 

You can download apps like Preview to help arrange your photos in an order that is aesthetically pleasing. Once you start doing this you’ll begin to understand there is a pattern to creating a balanced grid. This usually follows a principle of contrast, which is not placing similar photos next to each other.

4. Give it a fighting chance

Lastly, don’t forget to give your content a fighting chance to ensure the most eyeballs see it. Tag and hashtag your posts and engage with your audience if they do comment. Explore other tools like reels and saves, as these can drastically impact your position in the algorithm. 

Do you like this type of business content? We are always looking to bring you the news and insights on the topics that matter to you. Let us know what you’d like to see more of in the comments below.


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