How To Help Your Clients Look Polished After Their Treatment

The answer is very straightforward.

Everyone loves that post-treatment glow, but the same cannot be said for post-treatment greasy hair. The combination of oils, creams and massage can leave your client’s hair in quite a state. This might be okay if they intend to dash straight home afterwards, but sometimes they need to run errands or head back to work.

A float spa in Atlanta has devised a solution for this hairy problem. Floasis in Buckhead offers a self-service hair drying bar for clients to use after a session in its floatation tanks. Founder David Munn is a hairdresser by trade and felt other float spas overlooked hair. He hopes to station a hairstylist in the spa when COVID allows and aims to make personal items like deodorant and hairbrushes easily accessible for clients.

“You know when you’re going out to dinner, your glass has been filled and your silverware has been replaced and you don’t notice? That’s the kind of service we’re shooting for,” Munn told What Now Atlanta.

“[We took] the elements of spa and the high-end hair salon industry, those nice little touches, which most customers don’t notice — but that’s the point.”

While an in-house hair stylist might not be a viable option for most (you can still dream!), there are small touches you can add to ensure clients feel confident in their whole look post-treatment.

This one might be obvious, but the easiest way to help clients feel polished after their appointment is to supply them with the necessary tools. Keep the basics like a comb, hair ties, bobby pins and hair spray in a discrete basket in your treatment room. Let them know they are free to use these at the end of their treatment.

Not everyone keeps these in their bag, so it’s a courteous way to show that you have thought of every detail. Thins like plastic combs can be disinfected between use and hair ties are cheap and easy to replace. Also, who doesn’t love a slick hair moment when their skin is immaculate?

If you’d like to go that extra mile, you could also provide dry shampoo for hair that has become super greasy or even offer up a shower if you have one on your premises. Again, it’s the little things that show you genuinely care.

Finally, talk to your client. Ask what they have planned after the treatment. If they are heading back to the office or have a date later that evening, make them aware that this particular treatment could make their hair oilier than usual, like you would with any other side effect. Together, you can develop a tailored course of action to ensure they are happy with the full results.


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