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Meet the latest uniform collection inspired by catwalk trends – SANCTUARIE is the newest line by The Uniform Stylist, incorporating luxurious natural fibres, fashionable cuts, neutral shades and gorgeous finishings.

As a previous fashion buyer for some pretty iconic brands, Founder Leesa Dawson created The Uniform Stylist to fulfil a gap in the market for a uniform brand that strives to inject fashion into spa and beauty uniform design; equally important to its functionality and comfort – and this range is no exception. We chatted to Leesa about what makes this latest line so special.

“The name SANCTUARIE was chosen because it evokes a peaceful space within nature to relax,” says Leesa. “A calm retreat where people can go for shelter, safety and to recover. For us, that means taking care of the wearer’s needs so that they feel comfortable and composed all day, every day. Each style is also designed to blend in seamlessly with neutral aesthetics of modern spas and boutique clinics.”

Leesa tells us that her new designs have been inspired by the latest runway styles, based around the continuing popularity of linen beginning from Summer 2018/19 well into Spring Summer 2019/2020.

“As always, we combine the needs of the industry, with what’s relevant on the catwalks, along with our sustainable principles. We identify, and then interpret key trends from designers that we feel aligned with (not fast fashion trends). Linen was a huge favourite last summer! As a result of that popularity, a lot of Australian designers have chosen to represent this robust, natural fibre in their current and future collections. It’s a look that is so well suited to the Australian climate almost all year around, as well as our ‘relaxed’ lifestyle vibe.”


“On the catwalks, a lot of designers that normally wouldn’t focus on head to toe neutral as a key look have even jumped onboard (Balmain for example). Especially with the 2-piece set in neutral linen colours, as seen from Matteau, Tigerlily and Lee Matthews. These earthy toned, co-ordinated outfits are becoming ‘the new feminine corporate’. As a uniform, that means we need to choose a very specific fabrication so that it’s both comfortable and durable for everyday wear!”

When it comes to fabric selection, Leesa chooses not only the finest quality, look, feel and drape, but carefully considers what the fabric itself may have to withstand in a spa or aesthetics environment.

“The blend of linen we use is unique – it has all the beautiful properties that viscose and linen have as a combination (drape, comfort, luxury and durability). Due to its daily wear within spaces that encounter regular spills, it’s finely coated to protect the material from absorbing spills too quickly. This doesn’t affect the drape or comfort of the material – you won’t know it’s there. The silver colour was chosen specifically to blend with the calming, almost ethereal decor of day spas and wellness retreats – and it’s especially great for therapists who work with enzymes or powders!”

SANCTUARIE styles are also available in several other colour options, all very neutral and soft. There are plenty of other high end details and finishes about the range that really elevate the brand to the next level – here are some of our favourites.

  • Styles are designed to “give” and easily adjust to a variety of body shapes, and be comfortable for all day wear. There are no zips or buttons needed to get dressed in the JETE top, and the MEZE pant is a 7/8 length which means it works for all heights.
  • Finishings like straps and buttons are sourced from premium suppliers, with the STAR apron straps ordered in from Japan especially for its unique subtle marble effect. These aren’t available anywhere else in Australia
  • Custom logos can be added to any style – embroidery is recommended for this particular quality to ensure longevity

Leesa says the range has already been so popular that she hopes to expand the range to include even more colours later in the year.

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