Need a Business Coach?

If New Year business resolutions and goals are struggling, it might be time to take stock, with a little helping hand. Ashleigh Sharman talks to health and wellness business coach Alison Morgan.

Marrying her passions together six years ago, Alison took the plunge to specialise in health and wellness business coaching; and after 15 years corporate experience in marketing and business says she hit the right industry at the right time.

So, what is a business coach?

“I mentor and coach businesses,” Alison explains. “I either help [them] start up, or we go back to basics and make sure it’s right.

“No matter how much, time, money and energy you put in and spend on marketing strategies, if that foundation isn’t right it’s an absolute waste of time and energy.

“No matter where you are this very minute, a business coach can help you get back to the foundations, get that right and then look at growth. Because all businesses want to grow, right?

“From a business and a marketing standpoint, I liken it to having a silent partner – someone to bounce ideas off – that’s exactly what this is!” says Alison adding that business coaching importantly removes “overwhelm”.

“As entrepreneur, it’s normal that we have a thousand ideas in our head and we’re not sure which one to go with. A business coach provides focus and clarity, then actionable steps to move ahead which in turn removes the overwhelm, and hurdles.”

With the health and wellness industries experiencing exponential growth, Alison says it’s important not to think the market is already flooded – although you will have to deal with increased noise.

“I think a lot of people feel like they’re dealing with a lot of competitors so people need individualised coaching to create a unique approach.

“I work with people to find out what their passions and skills are but also look at the local market they’re working in. Just by looking at those areas you can create a very unique spin and proposition. It’s not a flooded market as long as you’re unique!” she adds.

Business Coach STORY
Business coach Alison Morgan, aka The Relauncher

So if you feel your business is spinning around, you’re trialing a lot of different things that just aren’t working or haven’t looked at your marketing strategy since launch, it might be the right time to seek out a business coach. But how do you find the perfect match?

“Before you even speak to a business coach, identify what you want to achieve,” advises Alison.

“Then it’s a bit like dating. You’ve got to get on with the coach and have some kind of chemistry or spark. You have to enjoy the style of work that the coach is offering and assess their communication skills. Your style has to align across both online and offline marketing but remember, spending money on your business doesn’t always mean money in!”

Alison’s Target Marketing Activity – Your Ideal Customer
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