Aussies Lead the World in Online Shopping

Inside Retail has revealed the findings of a study by Bigcommerce – concluding that nline shoppers in Australia are now the majority of the population, according to a new report by e-commerce platform, Bigcommerce. 

The report was taken from a sample size of more than 35,000 online businesses around the world with $2 billion in sales, and analysed how the rise in ecommerce is affecting the online entrepreneur as well as consumer buying habits, both in Australia and abroad.

The study found Australia is currently leading the world with the rate of new online stores opening, with a 200 per cent increase from 2010 to 2012.

‘Economists need look no further to prove that e-commerce is thriving,’ said Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and co-CEO of Bigcommerce.

‘It’s incredible to see this kind of explosive growth, with new Australian e-commerce stores up 200 per cent in the last two years. More people are finding entrepreneurial success online, especially when they’re armed with the right tools.’

According to Bigcommerce not only are consumers shopping online more frequently, they’re buying more each time they shop, with Aussie shoppers once again leading the way.

Australians spend more on average per order than anyone else in the world, at $142 in 2013, up 20 per cent from 2011. Whereas, internationally the average order price for online shoppers is $116 per order, up 21 per cent from $95 in 2011 and 13.7 per cent from $102 in 2012.

‘Many of the retail giants in the country are complaining endlessly about a lack of consumer confidence. Our data across thousands of stores actually shows that Australian online shoppers spend more per order than anyone else in the world,’ Eddie says. 

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