Are You Tracking Your Online Success?

Being a part of the aesthetics industry, you know the importance of visible, tangible results when it comes to your treatments. But how about your marketing? You may have a fab marketing plan in place, but how well are you monitoring your success? Are you tracking it weekly? Monthly? Do you have a meticulously organised recording system, or do you just check in on the success of your initiatives every now and then?

Not only should your marketing plan and monthly/weekly tactics (specials, giveaways, etc) be recorded in advance and measured at their conclusion, but there are also some key figures that should be monitored weekly that can give you some indication as to how well your business is performing.

Social Media Stats
Your social media should be a priority when it comes to your online marketing, so make a point of recording your figures regularly. Many businesses like to do so weekly, particularly since Instagram Insights display only the last 7 days’ results. You life will be a whole lot easier if you create a lovely neat spreadsheet where your follower count (and ideally growth!) is easily seen at a glance. You should also be recording which posts receive the most likes and engagement, and which receive the least, so you can understand exactly what your audience wants to see.

Google Analytics
Your other priority for your online marketing strategy should be taking a close look at your website’s back end; specifically, how it is used by potential customers. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can tell you how many visits your website receives, how long users spend on pages, how they ended up there, and so much more. These are, in most cases, three of the most important numbers to track. How many people are visiting your website? Is this number growing or shrinking, or fluctuating around certain holidays or seasons? How many minutes/seconds are users spending on your homepage, and what does this tell you about it? Is it too wordy? Not engaging enough? Are they closing the window after the homepage or moving onto another page instead? The third key figure to watch in GA is how your users ended up on your site. Did they type the address straight into the search bar? Did they come from a Google search? Were they directed by social media? Which method is leading the way and which needs improvement?

Google Ranking
Do you know where your business’ website appears when you try and search for it in Google? For example, if you specialise in a service and you type that into your search bar (I.e. microdermabrasion Armadale) where does your business appear chronologically? Make a list of keywords that you envision your ideal audience typing into their own Google searches in order to find you, and start recording weekly or monthly how well your website ranks in the results. Be sure to clear your cache and cookies before conducting this experiment though, as your previous search history will affect the results. If you’re unhappy with your results, you may need to begin adding in extra keywords from your list to the pages of your website in order to bump up its position.

Newsletter Stats
Does your business send newsletters? If so, you should ideally be recording each one’s results. Your newsletter database is a fantastic treasure trove of information; a captive audience that can tell you what they want to hear about and what they don’t. Take a look at how many newsletter subscribers you have, and whether this number is climbing or falling week to week. In addition, how many of those that receive your newsletter actually open it? And from there, how many are clicking on the content contained within? Each of these answers is super valuable in its own right, and should be looked into in terms of what kind of content your clients appreciate most.

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