All Your Questions About The Job Keeper Allowance Answered By Experts

We asked an accountant and business consultant to give us the lowdown on the government’s allowance that could save thousands of jobs.

Editor’s note: Since this article was first published, Job Keeper registrations have now closed and elective surgery bans have been lifted. The information below may no longer be up-to-date. Please check the ATO website for the latest changes and updates.

 Moreover, mobile beauty services are now allowed as well as retail services. If you find yourself struggling mentally with the current situation, read our psychologist’s guide on how to cope during the COVID-19 crisis.

Last week’s announcement of the $130 billion Job Keeper stimulus package has been a game changer for a lot of businesses owners, sole traders, and employees who have either been stood down already, or were fearing losing their job in the near future. To reiterate, any business that has lost 30% or more of their revenue in recent weeks can apply for the Job Keeper package, which will subsidise $1,500 per employee per fortnight.

Charlotte Rimmer

What sounds like a great help and may be what you need in order to keep your staff on board, also raised a lot of questions from people in the industry over night. We understand that there are countless scenarios and that every business is different, so we chatted to business consultant and Managing Director of Aide de MD, Charlotte Rimmer, as well as Accountant and Director of Mair Mansfield & Co, James Mansfield to get some of your questions answered.

When in doubt, always talk to your accountant about your specific situation to see what is best for you and your business. Hopefully, some of your confusion can be alleviated after reading our Q&A:

What is the first step a business owner or sole trader should take and what information do they have to submit to the ATO?

CR: Understand whether you’re eligible. If you can prove that your revenue in March 2020 is at least 30% down from March 2019 due to Coronavirus, you’re eligible and can apply for Job Keeper here. If not, wait for April, it may be a more obvious downturn.

JM: This also applies to sole traders and trade partners.

What should people that have been stood down ask their (former) employers?

CR: Enquire if they could be re-instated and are thus eligible for the payment, as long as they were employed prior to March 1, 2020.

Is the $1,500 per fortnight dependent on your spouse’s wage?

CR: No. Your partner’s wage is irrelevant to the Job Keeper allowance.

Is there tax withheld on those payments?

JM: Yes, the employee will get the net amount into their bank account.

What happens to staff that are currently taking paid or unpaid annual leave?

CR: They should discuss this with their employer, I would probably recommend they return to work.

Since payments won’t be made until May, what do you suggest employers do until then to keep their staff on?

CR: Cut back hours and pay, think laterally, use for example online sales, remote advising, and have your staff do things like cleaning, stocktaking, and training.

JM: The ATO is not going to give you the $750 a week if you didn’t pay your employees [in April] because they were stood down. You need to re-engage those employees now and pay them out of your cashflow for this month, and then the government will be reimbursing you.

What happens after six months when the government’s payments stop but the employer is still struggling financially?

CR: This is unpredictable and will be a situation that is unique to each business owner.

Is there any obligation for an employer to pay staff more than $1,500 a fortnight?

CR: No, there isn’t.

Does the employer have to pay superannuation?

CR: This is optional, not compulsory.

Would casuals or part-time workers who usually make less than $1,500 a fortnight still get the full amount?

CR: Yes, as long as they can prove as part-time that they were employed prior to March 1, and as casual, that they were employed for the previous 12 months.

Can the ATO impose the payments onto an employer or is it up to each employer to register?

JM: As far as I can understand the employer must register so the employees can register. So, if the employer decides he/she doesn’t want the payment, or he/she wants to close the business down he/she can choose to do that. I guess the employees could go to fair work and complain. But at the moment it’s the employer’s responsibility to register and pay.

If you have any questions about your specific employment situation, it is best you talk to your accountant and also have a look at the government business help website and/or the fair work website.

Read about how the first government stimulus package can help your business, and if you need a little pick-me-up, we’ve talked to four clinic owners on how they’ve adapted their businesses through this crisis.

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574 thoughts on “All Your Questions About The Job Keeper Allowance Answered By Experts

  1. I consider myself a sole trader as a professional triathlete. With every race around the world and in Australia cancelled there is no prize money in races or race bonuses from sponsors for me, leaving me with zero income from the “business” I run as an athlete. Are professional athletes entitled to the job keeper payements?

    1. Hi Steve,
      we’re sorry to hear that. It would be best to talk to your accountant to get a reliable answer. All the best!

      1. Hi If you worked for Labour Hire Company such as Workforce Australia, do you qualify for the Job Keeper payment. It is not clear, could you please help.

        1. Hi Aten

          yes, if they have had a reduction in revenue of 30% and you have worked for them regularly 12 months or more on March 1st.

          1. Hello chris, im comfused because of lot of different schemes one after another. Would i be able to ask my employer to applie me on job keeper?myself: i worked 40 hours fortnight as part time since last tear November regularly however reducef 10hours a week from last week.
            Im a New Zealand citizen who has
            ’ non protected special category visa 444’ im concerned..
            Struggling of shortened working hours lately however we are still open working in a mall we are on essentials so. Yeah .
            It would be nice if you can provide me information of any source of solutions, Am i still illegible of any?

          2. Hi I am working as a casual employee as anaesthetic technician with the current employer for over 4 years. I have heard that casual nurses are not elgible for the Jobkeeper pay. Is it applicable to anaesthetic technicians as well ? I don’t have any work after elective surgeries been cancelled. My scope of practice is limited to working in operating theatre as anaesthetic technician. Anaesthetic nurses can work in other departments as they have basic nursing degree but Anaesthetic technicians can’t. Please clarify my question. Thanks

      2. If I lose my job while on the jobkeeper allowance will I continue to get the JK allowance or do I have to switch over the centrelink payments.

        1. Murray it depends on what the definition of lose your job. If it’s due to lack of revenue for business, as in a stand down, then yes you would. Provided your employer meets the Keeper criteria and applies on your behalf.

      3. Hi Nadine, I’ve been working under my abn as a sole trader for the last 15 years, in October 2019 I changed to a family
        partnership. Will this effect me in any way?

          1. If you work full time and your hours has been cut to three six hours days
            Do you get the jobkeeper and the money for what you work
            Or do
            they top up your wage to your full time pay you were received
            Example iget paid $468 for working hourly rate for a week
            Do i get the job keeper as well $750 plust take tax out of it

      4. Hi Nadine, I’ve been working for the last 15 year under my sole trader abn, in October 2019 I changed to a family partnership and I have a new abn. Will this effect me?

      1. Hi Divya.

        Your employer should still be able to apply if they meet the conditions and you are legally on their books i.e. paying tax.

        1. hi I’m eligible for the job keep this allowance through my primary job but I do have a casual second job how does this affect the job Keepers allowance thanks

          1. Hi,My employer wants me to go 6week annual leave from 23/04/2020 and want to apply my job keeper payment.I don’t want to go I want to save my annual leave .please reply

      2. International students should be able to support themselves. Part of the visa agreement. If not the PM said to go home to your country for support.

        1. NO !
          How the hell could a visa holder get home?????
          Try ringing the RED CROSS. They have been given money by the govt to assist these people
          FACT !

    2. Are you a sole trader with an ABN? Do you submit a tax return with business income? Are you registered for GST and do you submit a BAS each quarter? Do you have a registered business name?

      These are some of the questions that may indicate that you are a sole trader (particularly the first two.

      1. Hi 😄 I’m a sole trader but do not pay GST but do pay tax. O have an ABN. My income has dropped by 40%. Do I qualify for Jobkeeper payment? Thanks for info.

      2. My husband is a sole trader and gets a carers pension for me as I’m on disability. The accountant has advised jobkeeper for him. What will happen with the pensions

      1. Justin. Keeper is backdated but does not come in to effect until May.

        You can only receive one, if Seeker comes through first, accept that. Update Centrelink when you receive the Keeper.

    3. I am a commission only realestate agent with the same company for 9.5 years , how will I get paid when houses are not selling? Can I apply for job keeper?

    4. I have worked for a company for 15 years and recently been put off due to covid (everyone else in office now have options to wk from home) but me I am only one out of and now work says they do not qualify for jobkeeper – where does that leave me ? Feel unfair that I was not given option to wk from home

      1. Hi I have been working casual for over 6 years at the same job and would like to know if we still have to work at least 2-3 days a week to get this payment ?

        1. I have a complicated question. I am employed full-time, the company I work for has two sections of the same business, of which I run both. one section that comes into contact with customers may be closed therefore making them eligible for the job-keeper-allowance. which is great don’t get me wrong I’m over the moon! but I just want to know do I have to go to work to receive the payments? I’m not lazy, I have a family at home all in isolation and I’d like to be there as a parent for them during these uncertain times. The workload behind closed doors will not be necessary for the business to stay afloat right now, in fact, the work done behind the closed doors I would consider unnecessary and in a way USING me as free labour. without going into the nitty-gritty of the business I hope you can get the gist of what I’m asking.

        2. Hello

          I have been working for the same employer for over 2 years as what my employer tells me is a full time casual…doing 40 to 42 hours per week. Our business is food service “retail Seafood shop”. I have asked my employer to apply on my behalf for Jobkeeper as the business has also suffered more than a 30% decline. I do not feel comfortable working in the shop, and 64 years of age, and have been told to stay at home, by my doctor. My employer insists that to get the Jobkeeper I need to work in the shop and risk my life, so that it will not cost my employer anything, as they say to work the required hours to make up for the $1500..What right’s do I have here? Right now I am not earning anything, as it was my choice to not wanting to be there.

    1. Hi im a casual who started work on 25th march 2019 . Would i qualify or do you have to be 1 year before 1st march ?

      1. You’re screwed too like me. I started on May 14, 2019 as a casual. So wrong that a perm-part time can get it if only in the job for 6 weeks.

        1. Im a sole trader as im a contractor who is self employed. I onky started my business 4months ago. I vant prove my income has deprecated since last year. I also dont employ staff. Am i still illegible?

          1. You should Jie Seow as there is discretionary powers of the tax commissioner to mark small businesses who have not been in business for 12 months as eligible but you would still have to prove your income has dropped by 30% on at least the prior month, they may take the average of the last 4 months as a guide. The substantiation rules are yet to be released by the ATO, but there are wide discreitionary powers for the commissioner to deem someone eligible on the balance of information available even if they don’t meet the black and white law.

          1. Dylan if you were employed on March 1 and you and your employer meet all the other requirements, then yes you would be.

      2. I’m in the same boat – I started on the 26th March 2019 and am still one of the skeleton staff left working there but I am one of the only ones not eligible…

      3. Yes I have worked for a company as a full time casual for coming up to 4 years. I took a six month break & recommenced on 19 March 2019!
        My employer says I do not qualify 🙁
        People who have worked far less than me do. It’s so unfair 🙁

    2. How is the 30% decrease validated? If done by BAS most small business complete a 3monthly return with the next due in July. Employees cant wait that long to be paid

        1. Nick, as i understand the business must complete monthly declarations. If in the following month the business sees an increase in turnover from 12 months prior does it continue to qualify on the basis that it continues to pay its employees minimum of 1500/fn? or will the ATO then cut off that business from job keeper?

    3. Hi, I signed up as full time from 9/03/2020, but currently stood down. Am I still eligible for job keeper? Also I have another job with the agency as casual for last 3year as a sole trader(not through book)currently no shifts. Can I still apply for the jobkeeper through the agency?


      1. Peter you need to be employed as at March 1st.

        Contact the agency to see if they are eligible and applying for the Keeper subsidy.

      1. Dean it doesn’t matter on the number of hours.

        It matters about your employment status and the company eligibility.

        1. HI Nick,

          I was stood down from my full time work and have been told that the company is eligible for the job keeper. My boss have asked me to come back to work 3 days a week. I presume that the wage will directly be coming from job keeper. Are we legally allowed to negotiate the amount of hours we would like to work, and is there a legal expectation to work at all? My husband was on the same boat however his company have said they do not need to come back to work but is still getting job keeper payments. Thanks

          1. I have a similar stuation.I usually get paid around $2000 a fortnight for a 72 hrs.I have been asked to work 46 hrs fortnight earning$ 1334.Do i get job keeper top up of $766 or $166

  2. Hi been working for a company for over a year casual but it’s through a job agency, as soon as this happened I got no more shifts. they said I can’t get anything is that true?

    1. Hi Chaz,

      that doesn’t sound right, you should call the fair work hotline and talk to them about this: please contact them on 13 13 94


        Hi there
        Question 1
        Full time employees to all work different hours example
        1 staff 15 hrs a week
        2 staff member 20 hrs a week
        3 staff who say they don’t want to work cause of the virus and casual staff no hrs but we all get the $750 Dollars is that fair on all the staff
        Question 2
        Can the employee ask you to work if there are no customers so we worked to reach the amount of the $750

        1. I’m in this very situation . I was stood down along with my team of 10 other individuals . I was advised I’d be contacted if any work is available and luckily for me there was minimal shifts (approx20 hrs a week ) that should be ongoing . Does my team that remain at home with no work get the 1500 whilst I attend to work and receive the 1500 with no other monetary benefit ? I appreciate the assistance that’s been given but it seems unfair in some circumstances.

          1. Im exactly in the same situation as you are, it doesnt seem fair right that the ones who are not working receive the benefit whilst the ones who are working receive the exact same benefit..

        2. thats exactly right it doesn’t seem fair if staff who dont want to work because of the virus receive the payment compared to the staff who are still willing to work even if reduced hours.

      2. Hi Nadine,

        My wife and I own 2 Airbnb’s and we over 70 years old without a pension and live on the South Coast. We have been affected since the fires in December, January and now the Co-Vid19 with people cancelling their bookings as they are not aloud to travel. We have lost over 70 percent of our income.
        Could you tell me if we are eligible for the Jobkeepers payment?
        Thank you, John

        1. Hi Nadine, I have the same question. My airbnb is a registered business for over 6 years and I pay BAS quarterly and have an employee (cleaner). My accountant has advised me that airbnb type businesses have a tax ruling against them that they are not businesses for the purpose of these payments…God I hope he is wrong.

      3. Hi there. My partner is half way through an apprenticeship and had been stood down. What can we do. What do we ask his work to do. Does he keep working if they offer job keeper?

  3. Hi There.
    We (as a business) would like to join the Job Keeper program. We have floated it with our staff and got varying responses depending on their personal situation (kids, availablity etc). One particular employee wrote an email saying if we join the Job Keeper program that we have to pay him $1500 per fortnight (well stated in the press release and that part is easy to understand) but he then went on to say that he doesn’t acutally have to turn up and work. Basically he wants to recieve the payment but not actually come to work / receive the payment but not do anything for the business in return. Where do we stand where we have work and want to join the Job Keeper program but an employee refuses to turn up to work when rostered on?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Ross,
      as far as we understand, your employees have to work in order to be entitled to the pay. A refusal to work could therefore end in a termination. If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, you can always call the fair work hotline on 13 13 94

        1. Hi if I’ve been cut hours or stood down from 4 year job and still on books and only just found on the side job for little money to survive for my family do I qualify for this we need it so much

      1. Not true!

        If you are operational then yes (assuming you havent stood your workforce down) – and have rostered them on to work, after 5 shifts not showing for work, its abandonment of employment.

        If you are not operational and have stood your entire workforce down, then check my other reply.

        1. Hi Phil.

          Yes we are still operational however we did have to stand people down (not roster them on) when all this happened as we lost 95% of our sales. Since Job Keeper was announced some of our customers are looking at coming back on board. We informed our staff that we will need to roster people back on soon, however one particular member flatly said they won’t be coming in but still want to get paid / qualify for the payment. As we are classed an essential service, I would have thought refusing to come to work would not make them a valid recipient of the Job Keeper as they are choosing to no longer be engaged with the business [which is a stipulated requirement for an employee to qualify for Job Keeper]. The fact sheet says that the employer must confirm to the Government that each eligible employee is currently engaged in order to receive Job Keeper payments. Clearly the Government doesnt want to pay people if they have no continuity of involvement with the business and it would seem reasonable that a refusal to be rostered on to work would mean they are choosing to no longer be engaged.

          We will certianly pass on the $1500 per fortnight and do what we need to do as we are all in this together. The reality of our (and many businesses it sounds) is that if our current staff that qualify for Job Keeper refuse to come in and we need staff as an operating business (only just..) and an essential service, then we will have to hire and train new staff at our cost to keep the business running. In six months time when the payments finish and when all the Job Keepers sitting at home actually want their jobs back, their jobs will no longer be available as their positions have been filled by staff that we had to hire to fill their job roles in order to keep the business operational.

          It seems for some, Job Keeper is just a higher paid version of Job Seeker.

        2. Hi Phil.
          I handed in my resignation to my Employer of 2yrs on 28 Feb 2020. and continued to work with them up until 13th Mar 2020. (My new employer then could not take me on) so I’m looking a way to make ends meet.
          Can I ask that Employer to put me back on the books so I can receive payment?
          Can the Employer say no?
          Do you have to go to work as usual once this is set up?
          Thank you

        3. Hi

          I resigned from my employer 28Feb – but still worked for them until 13Mar. So appears I am eligible for Job keeper. I was offered a job which fell through due to COVID19. Problem is, my old employer will say no if I ask for this, unless there was something in it for them… And I probably won’t receive Job Seeker allowance as my wife earns over $79k.

          Does anyone have advice to get around these issues.
          Thanks, J

      2. Hi guys,

        I changed jobs on March 14th, I had one week off between jobs. Prior to that week had been employed for over 12 months. Am I going to be able to claim this through my new employer or do I just slip through the cracks? I’m not eligible for any of the other payments.

      3. This is incorrect, the $1500 goes to the employee but is up to the employer to nominate a particular employee for the payment, so it’s your choice who you nominate, if you get the employee to work you need to pay for the superannuation loading for the $1500, if you are keeping their job for when you have more work in the future you and they do not do any work you do not have to pay any superannuation. The choice is yours.

    2. Speaks to ”essential services” – If your business is trading now and the employee is needed during this time you can ask them to work.

      If you have stood your employees down then yes you can apply for the jobkeepers and you are obligated to pay them.

      Yes – then they can just sit at home and collect the payments (As you will be from the government)

      Its designed to keep you in touch with your employees for when you are able to restart your operations.


      1. If I was stood down because of a lack of work (sports coach for kids after school programs) but my employer has now asked if i wanted the job keeper payment that I have to do tasks not in my job desciption to create online media content filming myself take sessions to sell as packages online to families. Do I now have to work my full 32 hours to keep employed doing these tasks or can I decline reemplyment as i was stood down and receive the benifit anyway? or can I work less hours without risking my employement?

      2. Hi phil. What’s your opinion if u say have kept on 5 staff and 20 stood down and then you apply for the job keeper so all 25 staff get the payment. Those 5 suddenly after been approved for the payment may/mostly choose not to come to work. Call in sick, fear for their health etc. there is a very likely scenario no one will want to come to work. Don’t blame them, they get paid show or not. The 5 also won’t appreciate having to work when the other 20 don’t have to since there is no capacity, or their role is not currently required. How does a business remain open when no one wants to work and just get the payment. ?

        1. I am in the same situation. We closed our business and stood down 3 of our employees due to reduced business activity and health risk from Covid-19. I mentioned to them that we may re-open in a months time depending how the situation improves. After the announcement of this jobkeeper payment, my employees said they will not be coming back to work but i will have to pay them the jobkeeper payment regardless. What happens if i open again and business picks up in 3 months time and i need the employees to come back and they decline? What happens if this continues for 6 months, makes me question whether i want to re-employ them back again. This jobkeeper subsidy actually keeps people at home instead of stimulating more work in the workforce. The scheme contradicts its purpose in a way.

          1. As a restaurant owner who is still open for takeaways I am worried about this scheme. My employees will not want to work if they don’t have to and still be able to get the payment.

      3. Hi

        So if I am an employer and also i am working full time in same business but due to safety reasons we have to close it then am I available to get job keeper pay for myself?? As my employee is student so she can’t which I understand but I am not clear for myself..I do pay my super and tax too..

        1. I am in same situation and would like to know owners working in their own businesses do they qualify for jobkeeper as they are not part of the normal payroll. But working evryday.

          1. i am working in my business but am not on the payroll can i apply for the jobkeeper 750 dollars

        2. I have been asked to take annual leave i work 20hrs a week for the last 3years Will i still get the $1500 fortnight

        3. Do full time school students who work casually of approx 5 hours to 20 hours per week qualify for the job keeper payment if there hours have reduced to 0 hours and if they are older than 16 and meet all the other criteria?

          1. I would like to know it as well. We have 10 students only work 3-5 hours per week. But they are asking Job keeper because they are titled too. Some people are acting out of pure self interest. That doesn’t mean illegal but choosing to take advantage of loopholes is ethical.

            For example: a student only 3 hours per week, and gets $750 per week now. The hour wage is higher than a doctor who is really saving life’s in hospital now. It’s not fair to see this happened.

      4. Hi Phil,
        What happens is employees are on reduced hours, do they receive payment for reduced hours AND the job keeper allowance?

      5. If this is the case…
        Does it mean we don’t have to nominate them for the jobkeeper payment, they can just go through the normal channels to receive the jobseeker payment

    3. with an attitude like that, I would terminate him regardless.
      in today’s climate of people not having work, this person doesn’t want to work?

      1. It’s exactly what I am going through at the moment, my part time staff claims that she’s entitled to toe subsidy but not required to work to make up for that subsidy. Thousands of people are losing their jobs everyday, here she thinks it’s a freebie and not needing to work for the governments money….! This is not what we need during this crisis. There has to be a line drawn somewhere that staff MUST work to earn it

        1. I think you need to read the rules again, she is not required to work to get the subsidy, a lot of businesses are closed due to restrictions, so how are those people going to work, it is a “freebie” but if she works you may have to pay her for the hrs worked on top of the Keeper allowance, up to the max wage she was getting before

    4. Hi
      I moved to this new job on the 6 of March 2020 and employer told me that I’m not eligible for jobkeeper and sent me a stand down notification letter instead .
      What should I do to get an income support ?

        1. Hi,
          My son works full time for a cafe that has been trading less than 12 months is he and the business eligible for job keeper payments.

    5. You do realise this wage subsidy (that is the employees money not the business) is in effect payment for the business to go into hibernation for 6 months. Not so you can keep trading like nothing has happened.

      1. Yes. We also realise that we need to cash flow these payments to the employees even though we have zero income for what may be 4 + weeks ( so a significant amount of money). And we also realise that we are not obligated as employers to do this. Your statement of ‘trading like nothing has happened’ is of course irrelevant as if the company hasn’t suffered downturn there’s no ability to claim Jobkeeper.

    6. Hi I’m employed as a permanent part time worker. My employer has adv me that to apply for jobkeeper payment they must find an alternative job that is not my usual work, said if im interested in going down this path or being emoloyed for another role at this time they can apply for jobkeeper subsidy?? If I don’t want to go down this path then the only other option is to terminate my employment and apply for centrelink?? It then states as there are so many uncertainties at the moment and its not confirmed the rebate will be accepted , its a risk for the conpany to Persue . These are my only options, I work in beauty so if I were to accept another role at this time, they are not open anyway. Confused.

  4. am l still eligible jobkeeper payment for patner visa subclas 820 and l am gonna apply permanent visa this month

  5. I have worked for the same business for over 12 months but in the past 6 months the business changed owners and is trading under a new company. Am I eligible?

      1. Hi Nadine,
        I’m keen to know how I can go about this as well. On of my employees has worked for the parent company for 5 years and started with me in March 2020. While the ABN is different (different owner), she’s still worked for the franchise brand for this length of time. Can you give any advice as to how I can get her an exception and get her paid the Job Keeper, please?

      2. Hi Nadine, I to, have worked casual for an essential business for 18 months, 9 months ago it was bought out by another larger company, changed names but still kept running as similar service, unfortunately all casuals hours have been cut since Wednesday last week to nil and they are sharing work between permanent staff? Will I be eligible for the job keeper allowance as I am keen to still do hours? I am not entitled to the other benefit
        Thank you

      3. Hi Nadine, I’ve been employed as a head chef on salary for 3 years. My employer will be getting the job keeper payments for me. They told me I need to take a pay cut which will finically cripple me. I would only qualify to take some of my super out , because it would be a 20% loss. I have other big loans that can’t be paused while I’m working. The most upsetting part is I can see them paying cash to other employees while they get government payments and it’s still extremely busy with takeaway. Are they allowed to do this to me as it’s looking very dodgy… thank you

  6. I read somewhere that the jobkeeper doesnt apply to firms that predominantly employ part time staff. Is that correct?

  7. Hi,
    We have an event hire business where all foreseeable future events are cancelled. We would like to register for the jobkeeper payment for our staff and there is maintenance / website work etc for a short period but the work will run out. when there is little / nothing left for employees to do, can they still claim whilst at home?
    Thanks for you advise,

    1. You need to register for the Jobkeepers Programme and then you can pay your employees immediately provided you have the cashflow.

      You will get the full rebate backpaid from Government when payments are forthcoming in May.

    2. Hi Nadine, Thank you for this help. I have been employed full time uninterrupted for 15 years. I had a new employer want to take me on and we agreed terms at end of January. I gave notice and worked until Feb 25 at my previous. The new employer said just start on the following Monday as opposed to mid week that being the 2nd of March. On the 27th Feb I undertook credit accreditation to become the employers representative and this was unpaid however the document from a third party (the employers credit partner Macquarie Bank) states me as their employee and it is dated by all parties 27/2.

      My employer has said I am not included. But this may change once the legislation is revealed.

      With agreements in place upon cessation of my previous employer am I not employed?

      Can I get your opinion.
      Thanks Rob

    3. Im a permanent employee of 6007 hours per fortnight, still working during Covid19, classed as essential services, am I eligible for the job keeper payment? Would I get paid my normal wage and $1500 job seeker payment as well?

  8. Hi, I have two jobs, one is currently closed but has applied for jobkeeper. The other, I’m working normal hours and receive 1400 a fortnight. Will I be able to claim jobkeeper at the job that has temporarily closed? Is there an personal income eligibility or threshold? Do I need to claim tax free threshold at the closed business?

    1. They will check your tax situation with the ATO and as $1400 is on the threshold you might not get any benefit even if a separate employer.

      1. Hi Phil,
        Wouldn’t this depend on which job is your primary source of income?
        From what you have said it seems like it would be better off if people did not take a casual/part time job to supplement their income and just wait to get Job Keepers from the government.
        Could you please share a link about the threshold you mention above?

        1. Hello,

          I have a online business which I started in November 2019. My normal weekly turnover is $700-$1500. Since March 2020 my total turnover is only $300. I also lost all wholesale orders which would have been due in May 2020.
          I am registered as sole trader. Am I eligible for the Jobkeeper scheme given my business is less than 12 months old.

        2. Hi Siddharth

          I am not sure where Phil got his information from. I have read the official treasury document and there is nothing about income thresholds. The only income test is for the business, not the individual. As far as I am aware, you can have a number of jobs and still qualify regardless of how much you earn.

  9. Hi there,
    you have to demonstrate that your business has suffered a reduction in revenue of at least 30% compared to a year ago. I am a sole trader but my company has only been operating for 10 months. Revenue has predictably fallen off a cliff this month – but it is more than 12 months ago (before I started).
    Does this mean that I can’t apply until I can demonstrate 30% less revenue than 12 months earlier – which won’t be for another 4 months!

    1. Hi Cliff, i am in a similar situation and am also looking for clarification. I couldn’t see a reply for this answer so if anyone can help it wouldbe much appreciated. Cheers

      1. The fact sheet was updated yesterday:
        “Where a business was not in operation a year earlier, or where their turnover a year earlier was not representative of their usual or average turnover, (e.g. because there was a large interim acquisition, they were newly established or their turnover is typically highly variable) the Tax Commissioner will have discretion to consider additional information that the business can provide to establish that they have been significantly affected by the impacts of the Coronavirus. The Tax Commissioner will also have discretion to set out alternative tests that would establish eligibility in specific circumstances (e.g. eligibility may be established as soon as a business has ceased or significantly curtailed its operations). There will be
        some tolerance where employers, in good faith, estimate a greater than 30 (or 50) per cent fall in turnover but actually experience a slightly smaller fall.”

    2. Same here a sole trader been trading 4 months as a beautician then been forced to close, so no income now 😞

    3. Hi,

      Can I use my long service leave to top up the job keeper payment or will I be penalized and be force to take this first before going on job keeper?

  10. I started with a new employer after March 1st (received contract on 4th March, and first day of work was March 15th) I am employed full time, but currently not working and are in hibernation due to store being temporarily closed. Would I be eligible for this payment if my employer registers?

  11. So the employer has to register an employee ? What if they refuse to reinstate the employee and not register them is there anything the employee can do

    1. Get a stand down letter and go to centerlink for $550 a week tax free. Not much less when the $750 before tax anyway.

      1. George, this will depend on each persons home finance situation though. I’ve been stood down (long term casual) & bosses won’t register for JobKeeper – I’m not eligible for JobSeeker as it’s means tested (even with the increase).

        1. Same situation here…signed a contract in Feb to start on first of March. But 1 March was a Sunday and by default 2 March became the first day at the office.

          As I understand, when you are hired and a signed contract is in place, you are effectively employed and engaged in an employment relationship with your employer. This would satisfy the rules on the jobkeeper legislation..I rang the ATO and the rep says it is a grey area and he doesn’t have the details to answer.

  12. So all one needs to do is just register the business. There is no more info out there to complete is there? If s where can I find that? Thanks.

  13. My wife is a Public Hospital Nurse, but works casually. Despite the media reports there is absolutely no work for her because people are not having elective surgery and people aren’t coming into Emergency for smaller issues like they would have previously.

    Her hospital is a Not for Profit organisation, does it have to follow the 30/50% decrease on its turnover, or are they exempt from that criteria as they are Not for Profit? The hospital cannot give her an answer

    1. Hello,

      Does anyone have an answer regarding the above? We don’t qualify for the Jobseeker as I am on > $80k, so was wondering if my wife can get the Job Keeper as a casual nurse who has been employed for longer than 12 months, as she is getting “NO” work at the moment.

      Thank you,

    2. Hi Andrew

      They are not exempt from the rules. Still need 30% reduction in revenue if turnover less than 1 billion. This is not income tested for individual employees, so, your wife should eb able to receive the payment if your employer applies for it.

  14. As soon as this was announced our employer cut our full time hours from 38 hours per week to 27 hours, so as they only have to pay us the $1500.00 per fortnight and not subsidize our wages (so basically free labour) from what i have read this seems incorrect as we are still operational just now this gives them no wage bill?

    1. Correct – in essence.
      In order for them to qualify for the Jobkeepers they had to prove 30%-50% reduction in turnover – did this happen?

      If not – ie. no loss of revenue, they simply cannot do this nor cut your hours.

      If so – Did you agree to the 27hr reduction? or did this only happen when the jobkeepers came out? If prior and you agreed to it, they are in the clear.
      If not and has just happened you should approach them about your normal wage, they may elect to ”top up” your pay to work max hours back on your old wage. If they say no, then ensure this is how they blanket treated all employees, if so, they are allowed to do this.

      1. yes we have had a major down turn but have still been operating at full capacity with all staff, and they were in discussions about standing down employees and what to do, then the job keeper was announced and they decided instead of standing us down and passing on the $1500.00 per fortnight, they would cut our hours to suit that bracket and make us work for that reduced money.

        1. Same happening to my wife, with company she works for. Everyone that earnt over $1500 fortnight have had hours dropped. Everyone that earnt less has had hours increased to bring them up to the $1500 per fortnight. Making it all free labour for the company.

          1. I am a childcare worker They are doing that with my work I have gone from 15 hours a week to 30 hr a week but I still get the $750 a week and I use 2x more petrol.
            Looks like our Numbers are low instead of going home we have to clean and have a list of thing to do.
            I could go and get job seeker’s be safe at home and still receive same as 15hours work.
            So my work is getting 15 hours free from me. I am not happy working more hours I am 59 ready to slow down. Not work more.

        2. Hi Cass

          If you are only working 27 hours, does the $1500 comply with the award or EBA you are employed under? If you are casual, they can reduce your hours regardless of whether they did before or after job keepers. The main thing is that you are not working more hours than you are being paid for. It seems as though they are playing the system, but if it means they survive and you keep a job, isn’t this a good thing?

          The key test is whether they satisfy the revenue reduction test, which it sounds like they do.

        1. Hi Cass

          If you are casual, then you can’t do anything about it. Even if you are full-time, it looks like they are covered since you could be stood down under the Corona measures in place.

      2. I was doing 5 shifts, now they reduced me to 3 shifts because of the jobkeeper package? I still want to receive payment from my employer for the other 2 shifts? Am I right to claim the payment for the other 2 shifts?
        I’m a full time employee! Is it legal what they are doing?

    2. Hi Cass,

      No, they do still have to pay you your award wage/hourly rate, as the award/EBA still applies. The $1500 is to subsidize your wage, not to make you come to work for less. If they can’t afford to pay you your full entitlements, then negotiate to work the amount of hours that corresponds to $1500/fortnight.


      1. I have been working casual for 25 years. My workplace has been effected by the corona virus so we are close down. I know that I am intitke for the jobkeeper. Recently I started new job also casual which I am still working. Is my jobseeker will be affected if I work the other job

      2. What if cash flow doesn’t allow the employer to Pay the employees at regular 40 hours per week. Can hours be reduced across the board by 60% until Jobseeker funds kick in.
        I know many businesses that don’t have cash in reserve to get through to May, but wish to hand on to the employees at 60% reduction in hours and wages.

      3. I am a full time employee in a similar situation.
        I was told all full time staff would be paid a blanket wage of $1500, and that the company would not top up to meet my previous salary, and must work full time hours.
        Do I have to agree to this?
        Prior to the job keeper announcement was working full time, we had an informal discussion that would have no work and would need to decrease hours, I followed up for a final plan but they want to hold out until the jobkeeper was announced.

  15. My wife and I own small company and arepaid”Directors Fees.” We are in limbo aswe donot know if we qualify. It is our only income, and we work full time in our business.

      An eligible business can nominate only one director to receive the payment, as well as any eligible employees. Only one person in a director capacity may receive the payment and that individual may not receive the payment as an employee.  

    2. 9/4/2020
      Australian Government Treasury says:
      I AM A COMPANY DIRECTOR THAT RECEIVES DIRECTOR FEES. AM I ELIGIBLE? An eligible business can nominate only one director to receive the payment, as well as any eligibleemployees. Only one person in a director capacity may receive the payment and that individual may notreceive the payment as an employee.  

    3. I have a job offer on Feb 24, signed and accepted on Feb 27th, first day of work on March 2. Am I qualified for jobkeeper?

  16. My husband has been stood down. He elected to get paid using leave owing for the next month. Can he cancel this and just get paid with the Job Keeper funds???

    1. This is what I want to know also. My daughter’s work has voluntarily closed and she only has a week’s worth of annual leave owing. Will the leave be reimbursed because of the JobKeeper payments?

    2. Hi Vicki,

      yes but only if your employer agrees. He should look up his relevant award to see the rules, as they still apply.

  17. Hi I am a casual worker, I was put on file for my work from 19th Feb 2019 but my first shift was on 15th March 2019. Does this count as being employed for 12 months? I would hate to miss out because of 14 days.


  18. Hi
    My main place of work has closed and our company has advised I will get the job keeper payment . Can I still work my 2nd job without it affecting the job keeper payment

    1. My place of work had a cracking March, but the game plan is to reduce all our salaried hours over the next month by forcing us into leave without pay (can’t annual leave) as work dries up and then when we can apply for job seekers make is work for 4 or 5 days a week for the $1500 without topping us up to our usual salaries.
      I’m happy to be in work, but something seems off… I’m working 4/5 days a week now for $1500….where if we closed our doors for 5 months I could play with my kids at home for $1500.

        1. I was stood down from my retail job and was employed by a supermarket last week. Am I still eligible for the jobkeeper $1500?? Or do I not take the supermarker job and wait for jobkeeper payment??

          1. Hi Jess,

            Only if you are reinstated by your employer because they want to apply for job keeper, and they qualify for the job keeper revenue reduction rules. The connection with your employer must be maintained i.e. you are still on their books even if they aren’t paying you. You could take the job with the supermarket, just as long as there is availability conflicts. If it was me, I would talk to your existing boss.

  19. I have been working for a company for the last three years on the first of March 2019 i went on maternity and Centrelink paid my maternity pay to my employer to pass on to me until the September I returned to work in The December on a casual basis am I entitled to jobkeeper ? And does my employer have to pay me in April or can she choose to back pay me when she receives payment in May?

  20. I worked for my company for 11 months as part time. But they changed my contract to casual contact on the 3rd of March. Would I still be eligible as I was part-time on the 1st of March before the contract switch ? Otherwise I’m not eligible for casual payment because the 12 minimum rule 😔 I’m confused

    1. Hi David,

      I’m in the same situation and found this thread, according to the ato website:

      A person is a long-term casual employee if, on 1 March 2020, the person was:

      -a casual employee, and
      -employed on a regular and systemic basis during the period of 12 months that ended on 1 March 2020.
      -employed over this period by the same employer (or another entity within the same wholly owned group, or within the same business or not-for-profit where there has been a change in ownership or not-for-profit purpose).
      A casual employee is likely to be employed on a regular and systematic basis with a recurring work schedule or a reasonable expectation of ongoing work.

      I understand that to mean that if you were employed as a casual on 1 March 2020, and have been employed for 12 months you are eligible.

      I believe that to mean that it doesn’t matter if you were full-time/part-time/casual at varying points of that 12 months, just that you were employed for >12 months if you happen to be casual at that time.

  21. Can an employer force employees to use their leave entitlements and the business still get the $1500 jobseeker to offset this?

    If yes, If other employees are stood down, they get the lifeline $1500 paid to them. If other employees are told to use their leave which should be accrued for already by the business, as the stood down people have used all there leave entitlements, is this not penalising those who have leave?

    1. Hi,

      Almost similar to my situation.

      We were told we can only work 4/5 days starting next week and our employer asked us if we want to use our annual leave or apply for unpaid leave.

      If we choose unpaid leave, are we eligible to get a top-up from the Jobkeeper program so we still get our full salary?

      Thank you

    2. Yes, they can ask yo to take your leave entitlements and still get the $1500 job seeker. What is that a problem? They are still paying your entitlements out of their own pocket!

      1. Hi Chris,

        So if an employee takes unpaid leave, they will still get their full salary because of the Jobkeeper program?


        1. Hi Maria.

          The employer has to pass the money onto you as the employee because that is what it is for. Whether you take unpaid leave or not is not relevant.

          It would make sense though, that if you have taken unpaid leave because the business cannot pay you, that you would be able to return to work (at least to part-time) if you are paid the $1500?

          1. Hi Chris what if someone has asked to go on unpaid leave because they were scared they would catch the virus. Are they entitled to the payment? If so I am worried others will do the same. Doesn’t seem fair Thanks

        2. Hi Maria

          Well, by definition, you will no longer be on unpaid leave because you will be being paid the $1500 a fortnight ( or working proportional hours for that money). If course, you may be sitting at home because a business is closed, but still getting the job keeper payment. The idea is that you can still get the payment because it is designed to help employers keep their employees on the books with a view to having them ready to work when things start up again.


      2. Chris, the problem is that they the employer is using it to pay down a liability instead of passing it to the employee. Effectively, they are using it to pay a debt. That is not it’s intent. The employee should be able to get the $1,500 and then use their leave to top it up if they want. That leave liability should already be in the bank and therefore not affect cashflow

        1. Hi Daniel.

          That arrangement is possible if your employer can afford it. But the whole reason for the job keeper payment is to keep the business afloat because many employers can’t afford it. . The money has to come from somewhere, but it there is no money you won’t have a job.


          1. Hi Chris,
            I noticed how helpful you were here so I thought that I should ask. I have a part timer working 25 hours a week and have never been stood down. Now she’s claiming that she doesn’t need to work to earn that $750, she only has to work 25hours a week. This means that suddenly she’s earning $10 an hour more and she thinks that it’s compulsory that I must give her this money. I dont think it’s compulsory and it’s up to me to nominate her, is this correct?

  22. Is there any requirement for an employee to stay with the employer once business resumes if that employee had been receiving the jobseeker payment? What if in 6 months time the employee has decided not to continue to work with that employer?

    1. Are you talking about receiving job seeker or job keeper payment? – they are different things.

      Job seeker payment is provided by Centrelink and is provided to individuals who are unemployed.

      Job Keeper payment is a payment through the ATO, and that you receive via your current employer. If you are talking about job keeper payment, no, there is no obligation for you to stay with them. All rules relating to EBAs and Awards still stand, so you should refer to those to determine the nature of any employment agreement.

      1. Yes, I meant Job Keeper. It’s for my Wife who is casual so assume she can accept this payment and make a decision about whether she wants to continue working there.

  23. How do I find out if my employer has registered for job keeper as I was stood down 2 weeks ago as a casual. I have been working for this employer for the past 4 years. Bernie

    1. Hi Bernie,

      You need to ask your employer if they are registered or if they intend
      to register for for job keeper.

  24. Hi, I earn over $1500 per fortnight and was wondering if my employer, can make me take paid leave to cover payments over the $1500 jobkeeper allowance

    1. Hi Greg,

      I am not sure how asking you to take paid leave will make any difference to the wages bill as the employer will still be paying you. I can only think you meant to say that the employer is asking you to take some unpaid leave to reduce their wages bill, but is asking you to work enough hours to the equivalent of $1500?

      Either way, your employer can ask you to take paid leave when it suits them. You should read the relevant award or EBA to find out the specific conditions that relate. The main thing is that if the employer is claiming Job Keeper payment, regardless of whether you are not actively working any hours or are taking ‘unpaid leave’, they must pass the $1500 onto you.

  25. I have had casual work for 5 years with one company, but its seasonal (mostly July to October, with occasional other shifts). Its unlikely the work will be around this season due to distancing. Even if there is work, does my occasional casual work entitle me to any payment. I get a super pension as well, would this disqualify me?

    1. Hi Phil

      There is no income or assets test for individuals in relation to this payment. If you were still employed by the company March 1st, your employer can still apply for the payment and pass it onto you (provided they satisfy the conditions of reduced revenue e.g. 30% reduction over their quarterly period of their Jan-March BAS or monthly BAS March ). You need to have been working for the employer on a regular basis for a period of 12 months to qualify. Your super pension should not stop you from receiving the payment as there is nothing mentioned in the rules about this.

  26. Hi i have lost both jobs, One company is looking into job keeper payment. However i have managed to pick up some casual work not much but something. If i take this casual work will this affect my job keeper payment.

    I don’t want to take this casual job if it affects my jobseeker payment

    1. Hi Hayley

      As long as you still are employed by the original employer at 1st March, 2020 and you have been employed for 12 months you are eligible to receive it. It doesn’t matter that you have a second casual job, just as long as you are not receiving the Job Keeper payment from more than one employer.

  27. As we were stood down i went and found some casual work to tie me over, now that they have announced this $1500 job keeper payment my employer has let me know and advised that i am eligible. Can i keep working as a casual elsewhere and recieve the $1500 or will money be de ducted if i do this>

    1. Hi Caitlin

      Yes, you can work casual elsewhere. This will not affect your eligibility to receive Job Keeper through your current employer. There is nothing in the rules, but you can’t get Job Keeper from more than one employer at a time.

      1. Hi Chris

        If I am stood and down and not working and my employer has registered for the job keeper I will get this payment.

        I have since found another job casual work however the hours are 40hrs per week but the hourly wage is $25 before tax

        will this affect the job keeper payment ? and i will have to pay tax? or should i get more tax taken out of the casual job?

        1. Hi Sharon.

          Yes, you will have to pay tax on the job keeper payment, so your income tax rates need to be factored in. It shouldn’t affect your eligibility for the payment. The idea is that you are available to your employer if they need you. But that may not be for some time I would guess.


  28. I am about to receive job keeper payments. My current employer has asked if I’m able to work 6 hrs a week. Is this possible??

    1. You will receive the job keeper payments next month in May. If it’s the same job those 6hrs per week wages will be added on top of the $1500 in May. I’m not an expert but that’s my understanding of how it will work.

    2. Hi Sam.

      David is partly correct. Yes it is possible for you to work 6 hours a week and receive the full payment. It doesn’t mean that the 6 hours will be added to your $1500 because the employer can use that money to pay you instead of taking it out of their own funds. If however, they ask you to work hours that add up to more than $1500, then they have to pay you at the rate specified in your EBA or Award. Hope that makes sense. e.g. if your hourly rate is $50/hr and you work 6 hours, you still get paid $1500. If they ask you to work 40 hours, they must pay you $2000.

      Hope that makes sense.

  29. I am employed part time 4 days per week. I am still working but my hours have been reduced. Is my employer obligated to make up the difference in my pay? Eg: if i was previously earning $800 per week am I still entitled to the $800 or only $750 job keeper subsidy?

    1. Hi Melissa,

      You must be paid according to your work contract or EBA. So, yes, they must make up the difference if you are working the hours. But, if you are not working the hours they don’t have to make up the difference.


  30. I currently work part time, 20 hours per eek and make $29/hour before tax plus entitlements. This puts me on $580.00/week. My boss says he is not intending to register for the program so I am not going to get the difference of $170/week. He says our turnover is unlikely to drop much. Sure, I get to keep my job but how is this fair, I may as well give up for the job for 6 months!!

      1. It is most likely eligible, as we’re sure it will be hit hard in coming months, he’s just choosing not to register for whatever reason.

    1. Hi Charlie

      If your boss’s business does not meet the reduced revenue rules, then he cannot claim the Job Keeper payments on your behalf.

      You could get the Job Seeker payment though, which is currently $1100 per fortnight. You could give up the job, but you may not be able to get it back later on.


  31. Anyone got information about re-engaging employees after a standdown?

    Legalities, choosing certain individuals etc etc.

    1. Hi Phil

      As long as you are or planning on maintaining an employment relationship with the employee then you can apply for the payment. They needed to be employed by you at 1 March, 2020 (although they may have been stood down or terminated after that date). You can simply rehire those you wish to maintain that connection with. They don’t even have to go back to work necessarily for you to claim the payment on their behalf. But you MUST pass the full $1500 onto them.


  32. In the meantime without money waiting till either April/May/June what do we do for money as Super Funds won’t give our money to us till these dates either?
    The government has made all these amazing announcements but not a cent has been given?!
    Also have you seen the countless hours you need to fill in all the details at either Centrelink/ATO is this necessary considering the ato really has all this info and this Virus not being our fault either!

  33. My hubby works for a large company through a labour hire company. His employer is the labour hire company. Is he eligible for the job keeper?

    1. Yes, if he has been on their books (and a regular casual) for 12 months or more at 1 March 2020. He must have been in their employ at March 1, 2020.

      1. If the business is closed and you received the job keeps payment can they ask make you to come in and work doing other job around the place. To revise jobkeeper

  34. Hi,

    I was stood down from a casual waitressing job and now am looking to receive JobKeeper payments. However, yesterday I was contacted by another company looking to employ me casually. If I take this job and work say 30hrs a fortnight (earning roughly $1000 a fortnight) will this then make me illegible for the JobKeeper payments from the company in which I was initially stood down from? Is there an acceptable threshold or are you not meant to be earning any other form of income at all?


    1. Hi Emille

      The payment is not income tested. The only test is the decreased revenue of 30%. The main thing is that you have been a regular casual over a period of 12 months at March 1st and the business has you on the books sometime after March 1st (or planning to put you back on the books if stood down after March 1st due to Corona Virus issues).

  35. if an employee’s usually works 76 hours a week but due to Covid-19 the hours have been cut down to 45 hours, can the employee still qualify for the job keeper package

    1. Hi Manuela,

      Yes. It has nothing to do with how many hours the employee works. It is about whether the company has had a decline of 30% or more in revenue.

      1. Hi,my employer is planing on working only 4 days a week, after Easter.Im not sure if he looses 30% on revenue. But we are definitely going to loose 1 day work,but he wants us to use long service and annual leave to compensate for the one day a week we loose.Is there any other way to compensate for the lost day whitout using our annual leave? Thanks ! Marius

  36. I am a full time employee who has been stood down indefinitely without pay. I earn more than $1500 per fortnight normally. My employer & employees would easily qualify for the Jobkeeper entitlements. My Employer has agreed to pay any outstanding Annual leave and Long Service Leave to offset salary loss for each employee, depending on each employees remaining balance. How would taking these payments affect JobKeeper payment eligibility? Do these payments need to be deferred or adjusted (as $1500 is typically less than normal salary)?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Darren

      It would make no difference, as these are most likely payments you are entitled to under your EBA or award. The main thing is that your employer wants to maintain their connection or employment relationship with you. Paying you the $1500 via Job Keeper is a way of doing that. They have to put you back on their books even if they aren’t paying you your normal wages. If you have been terminated or stood down, they can simply rehire you. You must have been with them for 12 months or more by March 1st 2020.

      Technically, they could use the $1500 to offset the payments to you e.g. holiday pay, sick pay if they wanted to, but only if you are still on the books..

    2. Im on job seeker casual worker the company has applied for job keeper I am eligible for question is will it affected my husband’s pension I think of just staying on job seeker .

  37. Hi Nadine,
    My employer has applied for the job keeper so we get the 750.
    Work follow has almost stopped but he has everyone on standby in case some work comes in to do a days work, hear and there when required.
    Question is , the day I work does that have to be at my normal pay rate $35,
    or can my boss just say $20 an hour, sorry.
    And also dose that money get added on top of the 750.
    So $750 + (8hr’s x $20) = $910
    Regards Bob

    1. Hi Bob

      If the hourly rate is your pay based on the Award or EBA, then no, they can’t pay you less than the $35. However, if it is not part of an award e.g. part of an individual employment contract, then they can renegotiate the rate. No, the 6 hours of work does not get added to the $750. The only time you are entitled to more than that is if you work enough hours to exceed the $750/wk e.g. if you worked 30 hours @ $35 you would be entitled to $1050/wk. The $750 would cover the majority of this and your boss would have to pay you the balance out of their own pocket.

      1. HI Chris,

        I was rehired at my work after being stood down. I was previously working full time and hsve been asked to come back 3 days per week. I have read somewhere here that the difference between wotking and not working and still receiving the job keeper payments is that the employers will pay superannuation on top of the job keeper? Is there an obligation to work at all or to negotiate number of hours worked even if th hours they have asked me yo work does not exceed 1500 per fortnight due to new job ? Thanks

  38. Hi Sue, I have worked under ‘casual’ employment doing full-time hours as a restaurant manager (Aus citizen) for the last year and a half. I have been at the same restaurant the entire time, and the owners have remained the same. However, they changed trading name in May last year after going into administration, and got a new ABN too. Do you know if we will still be eligible because of this technicality? Many thanks, Julia.

    1. Hi Julia,

      That shouldn’t be a problem. They would just need to show that they changed business name and ABN, but that you were employed for 12 months or more, and that it is the same owners. e.g. same address, same line of business, and you could show payslips and so on. Effectively you have been paid by the same people.

  39. Hi Nadine (Sorry don’t know why I wrote Sue), I have worked under ‘casual’ employment doing full-time hours as a restaurant manager (Aus citizen) for the last year and a half. I have been at the same restaurant the entire time, and the owners have remained the same. However, they changed trading name in May last year after going into administration, and got a new ABN too. Do you know if we will still be eligible because of this technicality? Many thanks, Julia.

  40. Hi – I have worked casually for over 12 months with a school as a sports coach, and was recently stood down due to C19. Although my casual job is directly impacted, it is unlikely the school has suffered a ~30% decline in revenue ie: I have lost my job even though the employer has not had a decline in revenue.
    I expect this is an unusual case.
    Would there be any recourse to appeal this situation with the relevant government authority?
    I am unlikely to by eligible for any other entitlement due to parent income.

    1. Same, I am a casual teacher and not eligible for jobseekers either. I worked mostly in a private school so if school fees have to be cut, would this count as reduced income and thereby qualify me for Jobkeepers?

      1. Hi Michelle.

        If the revenue of the school is under 1 billion (guessing it is), and it drops by 30% or more, then they will be eligible to claim the payments for you.

    2. Hi Claire.

      No sorry. The reduction in revenue must be 30% or more. If you are 22 or older you are considered independent automatically (even if living at home) and your parents income will not matter. In which case you can apply for Job Seeker.

      If younger than 22, you can apply for Youth Allowance even if you are studying only if your parents income is under $79K/ year. But if you can prove you are independent you still may be eligible for a payment e.g. you are paying board, paying for your own expenses. If unsure, it might be worth applying to see.

  41. Hi would like to know if we are being made to take A/L during this current crisis with the virus as our private hospital has stopped all elective cases and staff not needed as no work for them are we entitled to apply for the job keeper money ?

    1. Yes, you are still eligible if the hospital has a turnover of less than 1billion and had a reduction of 30% or more in revenue.


  42. Hi there, i just want to know. If i got annual leaves and long service leave. So i have to use them first that my choice to save them for later.

    1. It is up to your employer. They can ask you to take the leave and use the $1500 to go toward these payments. But, if they receive the $1500, you could ask them if you can hold off on taking the leave and save it for later.


      1. What if company is not eligible for jobkeeper do you have to use all al and long service before you can receive jobseeker

        1. Hi Julieann

          If you have been terminated, you will need to be paid out your long service leave, which will be considered as income by Centrelink. But, the rules may have changed and I am not sure if that has been relaxed. I would register for Job Keeper now via MyGov and then they will call you and you can ask questions.


  43. I am a casual worker for a Gym which is obviously not operational at this time. The company are in the process of applying for the JobKeeper Scheme.
    I was stood down on 22 March. I have been employed for 10 months not 12! Does that mean I do not qualify for job keeper payments even though I am still on their books?
    Thanks for your help.

  44. I own a business that cannot operate due to the lock down. Nor do we have the amount of cash to pay employees over this month, most of which are eligible casuals. “The ATO is not going to give you the $750 a week if you didn’t pay your employees [in April] because they were stood down. You need to re-engage those employees now and pay them out of your cashflow for this month, and then the government will be reimbursing you”

    Would this mean that we cannot recieve Jobkeeper?

    1. Hi Tim

      This would only apply for part-time and full-time workers. If they are casuals, and you have had to shut the business, technically, they are not stood down since they weren’t entitled to ongoing employment anyway. But, the point is that you will receive the job keeper payments via the BAS system – you can’t receive the payment if you haven’t paid your employees. You have to pay them in advance to get the payments.

    2. Tim

      There is nothing in the rules that says how much you should be paying your casual employees. You could make a nominal payment and still be able to collect the $1500. You will however, have to pay the full $1500 to your employees.

  45. What if my daughter was stood down, is eligible for job keeper but also finds casual employment with a supermarket over the next month?

  46. I am working for one of the sSJOG hospital part time and our hours are cut back am l eligible for the jobseeker allowance

  47. Hi,

    I am a NZ citizen and have lived in Australia for 9 years working for an airline. I am a subclass 444 holder. Is there any requirements that would make me ineligible for the jobkeeper payments? Do i need to have lived in Australia for more than 10 years?

  48. My school aged daughter has had a casual job for 2 years at a coffee shop and works 5 hours a week earning about $60/week. Her employer has registered for Job Keeper as they have suffered a major fall in revenue. So is it correct that her income now increases from $60/week to $750/week? Great for her but doesn’t seem right. Thanks Stephen

      1. I am shocked that some people are able to find full-time work and being told they can also get JobKeeper through the company they were stood down from – they have been told they will be reinstated. With this arrangement, they will be far better off. Is this what I have paid my tax towards, people who are taking advantage of this.

  49. Hi,
    I work 2 jobs casually (both longer than 12 months). Am i able to claim the JobSeeker payment through my second job (as i have been stood down) rather than my primary job (which i claim the tax free threshold) which has been minimally affected?

    1. Hi Jesse,

      There is nothing in the rules that says you can’t have more than job, but you can only claim the payment through one employer.

  50. If a florist shop closes down and the employess are stood down can the employees receive the job keeper payment

  51. we have been shut down, its a day spa and 5 therapists are now looking at getting jobkeepers allowance.
    The boss now thinks that we can do his gardening / cleaning to make up some time, saying “it’s not a 6 month paid holiday” .Can he do this

    1. Well, it depends on the conditions of your employment. If you are employed under a particular award, then he needs to abide by the conditions of that. But, I did see something today about the awards allowing more flexibility in Hospitality, and Clerks Award, meaning that these employees can be asked to fill roles that are related but different to what they are employed to do.

      I would ask your union for advice on this. I don’t think he can ask you to do that kind of work, as it is substantially different, may have OHS issues associated with it.

      1. Don’t think the therapists mind going in and working in a different capacity. I think he is taking advantage of free labour as the government is paying their wages now. Does he have to pay on top of the job keeper rate for the hours they do?

      2. We have lived in Australia for 20 years on a retirement visa which allows us to work. My wife has worked for employer for over 5 years, who have enrolled for job keeper. Is my wife entitled to $1500 payment?

  52. Hi
    I was doing two jobs to be able to pay my mortgage one full time (still working )
    And weekend casual job for the last two years , I have lost the casual job last week due to COVID19 .
    I’m still eligible for job keeper ?
    What if my employer refused to reheated for job keeper .
    Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, the business may be eligible if they satisfy the revenue reduction rules. It doesn’t matter if you have more than one job.

  53. Hi there,
    I’ve just been stood down from today after working full time at same company for 9 years, 11 months.
    Am I eligible for long service leave while I’m in stand down mode (as I’m still currently “employed” by business)? Or is my contract on an emergency hold while being stood down. I cannot get any info from government even on a state level about this. No one can give me a clear confirmed answer – hoping you can assist with this query.

  54. Do I have to use my annual leave before I can get jobkeeper payment or can I use it to supplement the jobkeeper and use say 10 hrs a week and still get jobkeeper payment

  55. Hi there,
    Quick question

    I just applied for a casual job (short term – 2, 3 months), due to being stood down by my last job as a full time staff but still on the books with them. Would I be eligible to receive the job keepers payment from my current job that I was stood down by and work as a casual elsewhere….

  56. Hi,
    I have my own company since 2010 and work as its director and I don’t have any other employees. My business can not function under current situation. Can I nominate myself for the jobkeeper payment as I have lost my earnings until the situation improves?

  57. I was hoping you could shed some light?
    I have worked casually for the same company for many years. They are applying for the job keeper scheme and I would be eligible.

    They are a retail business, all stores are closed but they are now saying they will have some hours for us. I am happy to work but if they ask me to work more than my “usual” hours (which have been very minimal lately) am I still able to get the job keeper allowance if I go over my normal working hours?

    Basically are they going to offer me MORE hours so I am no longer eligible for the job keeper allowance?

  58. Hi

    I have/did have 2 jobs
    My main job plus I was doing bar work(casual)
    I’m still employed in my main job -nothing has been affected as yet , however lost My 2nd job – bar work
    Am I still entitled to job seeker even though I do have my main job ?

  59. What are the tax implications if any if you pick up casual work with a new employer whilst being stood down?

  60. Hi, I’m a single parent with 2 dependant children. I am their principle career. I work part time and currently receive Newstart/Jobseeker payment. If the job keeper payment keeps me under the income threshold for Jobseeker benefits will I be eligible for jobseeker Coronavirus supplement ($550) also?

      1. Hmm… is there any answer on this?

        I am a single parent receiving JobSeeker and also getting the jobKeeper through my employer. As the 1500 is below the cut off, I am also getting a part payment of JobSeeker . So am receiving 15000 at work, 65 dollars a fortnight JobSeeker, 400 Family tax and then also the 550 coronavirus supplement. I feel that I am being overpaid. Is anyone else in the same boat?

        Also impossible to contact centerlink at the moment.

  61. If we are being paid under the job keeper wage and fall ill and have to take time off work does that come out of sick leave? And if I have used all sick leave do I still get paid? I only have 4 days sick leave accumulated but if I get Covid it will be at least 2 weeks off sick.

  62. Hi

    I work as a disability support worker as a permanent part time and have been stood down. My employer says that they can’t register for job keeper allowance as the organisation does not qualify and the business have not decreased by 30 percent and other arms of the business are still running well . My workplace have been closed for health and safety reasons Ie. Safe distancing , close contact etc. What options do we carers have?

  63. Worked casually 2 days/week for over a year. Employer has said he can no longer give me shifts. He says he doesn’t qualify for Jobkeeper (he owns a number of franchises). I am a full time student aged 20 and because of my parents income, do not qualify for any youth allowance. I now have no income. What are my options? Thanks

  64. Hi There,

    I have been stood down with an official letter. My work is going to apply for the job keeper payment and informed us that they would qualify. They are now saying they have a job and that we can complete 3 days of work to get the job keeper allowance. Do I have to return to work for the job keeper even though we were stood down? It seems like free labor?

  65. I was stood down from full time -76hrs employment in March.
    employer has applied for job keeper and I have been told I have to work 4 day a fortnight.
    jobkeeper is for giving them free labor for the employer and for up to 6 month – a scary thought

  66. Hi-
    I operate a retail business, and will qualify for the program.

    Is there a minimum amount a regular casual needs to earn to be part of the program? We have some casuals that would qualify as regular casuals (12 months +) but may only work one weekly shift per week earning – $200-$300 per fortnight. Would these people qualify for the $1500 subsidy? I have seen examples with a $1000 per fortnight but nothing extreme like $200 per fortnight/
    I’ve estimated that we would receive subsidies 20% higher than our total payroll with some casuals receiving a 5 fold increase on their regular pay and some staff receiving less.
    Have I interpreted this correctly?

  67. Hi,

    i have been told we have to use our annual, and long service leave before the Jobkeeper money will be paid. is this true?

  68. Do I have to use annual leave first before I get jobkeeper or can I use 10 hrs a week to supplement the jobkeeper payment

  69. Wanting more clarification on the Jobkeeper allowance. With the implementation of the Jobkeeper allowance does that mean my employer still pays me my full wage? My understanding is that she receives the $1500 to help supplement my wage. I work 38 hours a week, my hours have been reduced to 30 hours a week. Does that mean my employer pays me for 38 hours but she receives $1500 from the jobkeeper allowance to help supplement my wage.

  70. Hi, many people are asking, I’ve been stood down from my main job as a casual worker, and have found casual work 2-3 days a week, will it affect jobkeeper payment?

  71. Hey! I work full time and then about 16 hours a week as a casual in a bar. My boss at the bar said I am eligible for the job keeper payment as I’ve worked there for 4 years, I haven’t seen anything that says I’m not eligible if I have a full time job but I’m scared to take the money and get punished come tax time!

    1. I am in the same position. Is there an answer to this? I believe it’s fine as long as you only claim from one employer.

  72. Hi. My employer has been approved to pay me the Job Keeper Payment as I have been stood down. My Employer are now asking that I do “some work” for them as I’m getting paid! is this correct?

  73. Hi,

    I m completing my 12 months on April 27th 2020. I have been stood down today. Will I be eligible for a job keeper payment? I am still in the employers books.

  74. My employer wants me to use my long service leave and my annual leave while the business is closed for three or four months. He will then collect the jobkeeper allowance for himself.
    Is he right in doing so? other employees don’t have long service and will still get the jobkeeper allowance, while I will loose all my leave.

    1. I am in a similar position, 100% of my salary is now being paid by the jobkeeper package because we all took a 40% pay cut to help out the business prior to the stimulus.
      When our business goes of forced shutdown I am told I will be using my annual leave till it runs out, but there is no cost to the business. I have 18 days worth of annual leave saved up, which I will now basically lose and get zero benefit.

    2. Hi Janet

      Your employer can ask you to take annual leave and use the $1500 to contribute to that payment. He is not doing anything illegal because the payment is not for him, but for you. Check your award to see what it ways about leave entitlements as this is the legal guide.


    3. My Employer is forcing me to take all my annual leave and my long service leave while he collects the job keeper payment and he jas requested I hand in my resignation for the 30 September I have been employed by the company since October 2011.

  75. I have worked 18 hours this week and will be stood down from today, no hours next week.
    This is down from my full time position of 76 hours per fortnight.
    My employer doesn’t know what they are meant to pay me.
    On pay day not this Monday coming but next, do they pay me for the 18 hours i have worked (which will be less than $1500) or are they meant to pay me $1500 (before tax)?
    If they pay me only my hours, when the government back payments are processed will i be entitled to payment of the additional funds to make up the $1500?
    I have also been told to use my leave if i want to get more than my 18 hours pay but would i then be entitled to have this time given back once the Job Keeper payments are back dated or would that been seen as leave taken and not work?

    1. Hi Rory.

      You are entitled to your fulltime pay if the employment agreement guaranteed you a certain number of hours because you are on wages. If you work less hours because you were stood down part way through the pay cycle and did not complete the required hours as per your award, they just pay you the pro-rata amount for that period.

      If they are claiming Job Keeper, they must be intending to keep you on or at least maintain your employment relationship even if you aren’t working any hours. In this case they must pay you the full $1500 because it is your money, not theirs.


  76. Have worked for the same company for 12 years. 11 years and two months as a sole trader and 10 months part time casual.
    Do I qualify?

    1. Hi I am a casual dentist assistant I used to work about 25hours a week. A week ago my employer (Dentist) verbally tells all employees that the business is closing due to level 3 restrictions with the corona virus outbreak and could not afford to pay us, and that it will be months before we will be needed again. As a casual employee do I have to go back to work under job keeper and work more hours equivalent to the $750 week paid by the government? This is what she is asking us to do even though dentists can only do emergency work now for the foreseeable future.

    2. Hi Susan.

      Yes, if you have had a reduction of 30% of your revenue. As a subcontractor, you have to apply, not them.

  77. If a high risk employee has decided to go on unpaid leave but they still receive the job keeper allowance what is the employers obligation with regards to:
    Annual Leave accruals
    Sick Leave Accruals
    Payment for Public Holidays not worked.
    It is my understanding unpaid leave negates all of the above but employee says if they are pad job keeper they should be getting them even though they are not working

  78. Hi, I work at a school where the whole school has been closed but the teachers are working, but Admin & Support Staff are being told they are being stood down, but can’t register for the Job Keeper Allowance as a school is worked on the number of students as a business & because the number of students hasn’t dropped the business can’t register for the Job Keeper Allowance to keep Admin & Support Staff employed. So where do we stand its not fair that we are being laid off, can’t get the Job Seeker Allowance because that is mean’s tested & can’t get the Job Keeper Allowance because the students are still registered. Josie

  79. Hi,
    I am working as full time employee and getting salary more than $3000 pm. I also drive uber as part time to support our family for extra needs. I have ABN and still I am working. My employer is not going to register for job keeper payment. Am I entitle to claim job keeper payment as sole trader because my income from uber has finished.
    Please suggest.

  80. Hi,

    I’m due to go on maternity leave soon. I have applied for the Paid Parental Leave and have just found out my employer will also be claiming for the JobKeeper Allowance on my behalf.

    Am I entitled to receive both payments or how does this work? Surely my employer doesn’t get to keep the JobKeeper allowance and not pass it on to me? Will I be eligible for both?

    1. This is also my question. I am currently on maternity leave and am not sure whether I am entitled to job keeper if my company applies for the payment. If I am not currently working should I come back off maternity leave to be eligible? Can they make me come back from maternity leave if they are receiving a payment for my employment?

  81. Hi,
    I started work on the 25/3/19 as a casual. And still employed, will I be eligible for jobkeeper as my boss has applied for it as the business has dropped by more than 30%

  82. The business I work for closed the office last week and some staff are set up at home to work and sales people were told to take our long service leave even though we could continue to work. 2 other staff members are looking after our clients and inspections as required and we have not even been informed of these changes. Have we been secretly stood down and left to Waste our long service until it’s gone or should we be entitled to get jobkeeper as there is still 8 other staff working. Very confused

  83. what if the company, where i am working doesn’t register with ATO for job keeper allowance. Am i going to miss the money?
    I am working as a casual from about 3 years?

  84. Can I find new, casual employment as a temporary measure while my business is unable to generate income and still get job keeper?

    I am not a bludger but I find it hard to be motivated to find work if I can get similar money from jobkeeper as I would working a farm job.

  85. Is there any clarity on whether apprentices are eligible for job keeper payments of $1500 per fortnight given the apprenticeship subsidy previously announced?

    1. If your employer is eligible for the jobkeeper payments, they will have the choice as to which they chose. It will be one or the other paid to you – You can not receive both.

    2. The business that I work for did not record 30% or greater turnover reduction in the jan-mar quarter (due to existing contracts that were finishing up) but it is expected that in the apr-jun quarter they will. There was a large reduction if looking only at March and in coming months, some may be better and some will be much worse…. if we apply and get approved but then the turnover reduction is up and down, will the jobkeeper payments need to be repaid for the periods in which the reduction was less than 30%?
      Additionally if we are not approved initially, will we be eligible to apply again if the turnover drops?

  86. Does everyone who is/has been employed part time/casual over 12 months receive the payment, or only people who work for eligible businesses? I am employed in the public sector but have been unable to work as my kids school has closed to all but kids of essential workers so I have to stay home with them. I have very little paid leave available. I have been working there for 3 years but my current contract ends on 30 June and have already been told it won’t be renewed. I am not eligible for any Centrelink parenting/family or jobseeker payments.

  87. Going forward I have to change my business model because of the crisis and that means changing how I roster people. All of my employees are casuals and unfortunately I won’t be able to roster all of them on. With the JobKeeper scheme I will register the people who I will keep on the roster. My question is, for the people I can’t keep on the roster do I have to register them for JobKeeper even if I don’t want or need to?

  88. Say I earn approx $1800 before tax, full time, fortnight.
    Our company is eligible for JobKeeper & have registered.
    My hours have been reduced to 1day a week.
    Does the company have to pay me $1500 + 2 days of work a fortnight (before tax).
    Or can they only pay my the jobkeeper payment of $1500 fortnight (before tax)?

  89. Hi, I have worked as a casual preschool educator for 9 years for my local city council. At this stage I have been stood down and asked to take leave without pay. I queried if they were intending to apply for the job keeper grants but have been informed that the company is not eligible because it is a large business?! Is this true?

    1. Hi Helen

      i can confirm this is the same situation affecting all council workers across all departments from child care to rubbish collectors to swimming pool to aged care

      basically we have been left behind with no help, like you i don’t want to leave my job and have to re-apply when this is all over but my job is making it hard on us right now

      i don’t see why council employees shouldn’t be included scott morrison said every employer should take care of their workers, well how about the government take care of theirs

  90. If been stood down and will now be receiving the Job keeper payment. My work place is now expecting me to come in and work 2-3 days per week. They won’t be paying me for these days themselves. Do we need to go back to work and do what we can while things are slow to get this money?

  91. Hi there
    Do you know if we take this job keeper payment from our employer will we still be eligible for paid parental leave? I am due to go on leave in July and will apply for PPL but won’t accept the job keeper payment if this will cancel out my paid parental leave

  92. We’ve hired an employee with a contract start date of March 2nd as that was a Monday. Any idea if we would be able to get Jobkeeper for that employee? Letter of Offer was from before March 1st but that makes it not an official employee on the books by March 1st I’m afraid.

  93. Apparently people who are on single parent pension through Centrelink and also work are not eligible for Jobkeepers payment? Is that right?

  94. What if you are not registered for GST as you only commenced business in September last year and haven’t turned over enough yet but have reduced income by 30% for February

  95. I have a security company that has become very busy during this crisis. Hired many staff from other firms less fortunate. So some are now saying they cannot work for me or they wont get the Job Keeper payment from their old employer. Can they get the Job Keeper and still work for me and others as a normal second job paying higher tax rate? the information out there is underwhelming.

  96. How are small businesses (some, like mine, have been forced close, have no revenue whatsoever, have stood down all staff) able to cash flow a month’s worth of Job Keeper payments? This equates to $80k for my business. Thats money we just don’t have. Can the staff work now and wait for govt to pay? If getting the JK cash is dependant on them returning from stand down now and actually working, we need to reengage them now….but without the detail there is the risk we reengage/get them to work, and then the JK cash doesn’t come through. I think the back dating arrangements without the formal/legislated detail is very very problematic.

  97. If my employer only stands down some permanant staff would those stood down get jobkeepers while the rest working get the same for staying at work?

  98. Hi, I am a single parent with a dependent child – is it possible to receive the Jobkeeper payment and still remain eligible for the coronavirus supplement?

    My income limit for jobseeker payment is $1673 so even with the $1500 jobkeeper payment I would come in under that threshold.


  99. Ive been working for the same company for 19 the last 6 months we got a new owner,do we as staff still get the jobkeeper supplements

  100. Ive been working for the same company for the last 6 months we got new owners,do we as staff qualify for jobkeeper supplements

  101. If casual staff choose themselves not to return to work, are they still eligible for the $1,500 JobKeeper payment?

  102. I work as Aviation Screening Officer as casual employee for around 2yrs. Now iam sitting at home received stand down from employment for 8weeks until further notice. If i find any job and start working say for example if i start working from next week 9th of April. My question is will i still eligible for Job keeper payment from my Aviation employer if eligible for Jobkeeper payment??? If any body could answer for this question as soon as possible so i can make decision whether to go for new job or to sit at home an wait for JK payment.

  103. Hi,
    I’m still currently working but my hours + wage have significantly reduced. I use to work 35hrs a week including weekend penalties.
    If my employer still needs me to work, say between 10 and 20 hour a week (no weekend penalties) – how will the payment work?
    Can I work and she receives payment?
    Do I get paid my work on top of job keeper or do I work those hours for Job keeper? Or does getting paid hours mean I can’t get job keeper at all?

  104. Im working full-time in hospitality industry company still open. In order to get $1500 fortnightly, do i have to work equally as $1500/fortnight?

  105. Does the Employer have to pay workers comp based on pre income eg $900 per fortnight or off the $1500 per fortnight..if it is the higher the employer is going to be out of pocket for higher worker’s compensation premiums with no help to the employer

  106. I have two causal job, the nominated job as a tax-free threshold is the primary job at restaurant, which has being closed at the moment. My secondary job is working at a essential service which I still go to work but with less hour these days. Am I still eligible to get the JobKeeper payment from the primary employer? I had a chat with the primary employer but they were saying I’m not entitled to this payment and it will be illegal for me to get it.

  107. My wife works as a casual for a company for the last four years through an agency. The comsispany have laid off all the casual workers. Is she eligible for the job keepers allowance and who is responsible to pay her. The agency or the company.

  108. I work for a federal Museum and like a lot of government places of work we are contracted by an employment agency. The Museum has obviously closed due to Covid-19 and lost more then 30% revenue so employees who are contracted have been temporarily stood down. This should mean we should be able to claim the new Job Keeper stimulus but according to the employment agency, since overall their company hasn’t lost 30% revenue we cannot access this scheme. There would be thousands of people in this position. The employment agency should not be the dictator of the revenue but actually the location of the place you actually work?
    Is this correct?
    How can we make sure the assessment of loss of revenue is of the contractors place of work and not the employment agency business?

  109. I’ve worked for the same company for 16 years with my ABN. Worked full time and was paid holiday pay (nice employer). Ccx ABN early March and went to PAYE. Working from home, business in hibernation. Am I still eligible for the work keeper payment. ATO guidelines state must show working relationship prior to 1 March

  110. my company is not open until restrictions regarding social distancing changes. So i stay home and receive job keeper payment. I i intend to keep this to keep my job. Now , i cannot receive any other job keeper payment from second employer which is fair and makes sense.
    My question is ; if i can find an employer who is not registered with job keeper payment , can i work for him unrestricted without losing my jobkeeper entitlement from my principal employer. My understanding is that job keeper payment is paid through my principal employer which is in other words having my first job. It should not restrict me from a second job. Fill me In .

  111. Why is the job keeper payment the same for casual and full time ??????
    If a casual has chosen to work 10hrs a week as lives at home and only wants spending money for the weekend … most of these people are nearly triple better off than they were .. whereas the full timers who’s expenses are a full time wage hence why they choose to work full time have to cop a $6 -700 after tax loss per week !!! And on the street or blacklisted cause they can’t possibly pay 95% of their weekly expenses !!! Please get this addressed as it’s soo wrong and completely unfair !!

  112. Can a Company (not sole trader) with no employee be eligible for the Job Keeper payment ?
    Meaning the director is on payroll.

  113. Sorry discard the above question.

    Can a Company (not sole trader) with no employee be eligible for the Job Keeper payment ?

    Meaning the director is not on payroll.

  114. Our business is still operational for now. I have contacted each staff member and asked them should we be required to shut down by the government order how would thet like to be paid during this time, unpaid leave, annual leave , long service leave or a mix of both. We run both weekly and monthly wages. When our business drops by the 30% after closure can the staff use their annual leave or lol to top up their weekly/ monthly pays to their normal pay amount in conjunction with the jobkeeper payment ? If they choose unpaid and then get the jobkeeper payment that week does the business have to pay super on that money ?

  115. I have read on the Treasury website that the super must be paid by employer fir the normal wage. It s then up to employer if they pay super on anything extra You have said that it is up to the employer if they pay super. Which is t? Some people won’t be able to pay the super for their employees . I hope you’re right

  116. i have been a sole trader for 5 months only and dont do bas statments working under the 75000 limit can i get jobkeeper payments.

  117. CR: No. Your partner’s wage is irrelevant to the Job Keeper allowance.?

    Can you give any reference for where it states this either through ATO or a government site. I can’t seem to locate it.

  118. I have two jobs:
    part-time 2 days per week (still working in my role) the employer is not eligible for Job Keeper as it does not intend on dropping business by 30%
    casual job for nearly 20 years the employer is eligible and has registered for Job Keeper as their business had to close.
    Question: Can i nominate my casual job which is not my primary job for the Job Keeper scheme as the $1,500 a fortnight would be almost double of what i am earning on my part-time job?

    1. Hi Emma

      yes you can claim through the employer that has closed. The job Keeper payment will be taxed though.


  119. Hi,i am wondering to know that i am a casual childcare worker, at this current situation i have no casual work.
    My husband income is approximately 1,20000.
    But as we have much expences for the family circumstances so i am working for myself
    I am depending on my salary
    So according to my husband’s salary criteria,
    Am o eligible to get $1500 payment?

    1. Hi Julie

      There is no income test for individuals, so you can qualify if your employer is eligible i.e. reduction of 30% in revenue.


  120. I am a self employed photographer / Uber driver operating as a PTY LTD (but no other employees, just self employed as the Director of the business). The company is registered for GST as well. And yes, there is a reduction by 30% when you compare the current revenue to March 2019. So I expressed my interest for this payment on the ATO website on 30th March (4 days ago).

    1: Most important question: Will I qualify for the Jobkeeper payment even though my business is a one man show , and if I qualify, should the government make the Jobkeeper payment into my company account?

    2: We all know Jobkeeper payment will not be released till May but I must survive till May right? Fortunately I have been offered another *temporary* casual full time position just yesterday and waiting to get paid on TFN. It is a covid-19 related job, so no job security, all depends on day-to-day situation of the outbreak! Will I lose my Jobkeeper payment if I start working that job?

    1. Hi Sam

      Do you have two separate businesses i.e. photographer as sole trader and Uber as PTY LTD?

      1. if you apply as a sole trader, you will be paid the job keeper payment into your personal account, since the payment goes directly to you. If you are a company, I am pretty sure it is paid into your company account and you ‘pass it on’ to the employee.

      2. No, there is no income test and you can have more than one position. You can still apply as long as you are on the books of your company. You will have to pay tax on both job keeper and your new job.

      1. Hi Chris,

        I’m on the same boat with Sam, but my case is just a bit of tweak because I couldn’t identify if the temporary job that is being offered to me is a Covid-19 related job (telco customer service) and I am hesitant to now take it coz I might not qualify for JobKeeper allowance. Unless your response to item 2 is not limited to Covid-19 related jobs (“2. No, there is no income test and you can have more than one position. You can still apply as long as you are on the books of your company. You will have to pay tax on both job keeper and your new job.”), then I’d assume that I can take the offer. Otherwise, please enlighten me if there’ll be anything I need to know prior accepting the said temporary job offer.


  121. I have retired and am receiving a superannuation pension, but have been working at one gym as a casual Fitness coach for the past 18 months, I usually earn around $360 per week but our gym has closed and moved to an online platform, retaining only thir permanent staff. All my casual shifts have ceased, would I still be eligible for the job keeper payment?

  122. What happens in the situation where an employer doesn’t access the Jobkeeper Scheme on behalf of their eligible employees? can an individual seek the payment?

    1. Hi Howard.

      Unfortunately not. You could potentially apply for Job Seeker payment though if your partner earns less than $79,000

  123. HI, I work hospo and have had no shifts since they closed all the restaurants in Adelaide. I’ve been Casual for almost 18 months. Q.1 Will I get the Jobkeeper payment? Q.2 is it back paid? By the time payments come to me I will have been not working for 2 months, that’s a long time to go without income.

    1. Hi Ellen.

      Yes it is back paid from March 1st. You could apply for Job Seeker to help you get over the 2 months, which I think you can claim if do not have enough income even if you are technically employed by your boss. I would do that straight away.

  124. I am an employer who had a great March quarter (as people stocked up) but I am anticipating, and beginning to see, a drop in sales in the next quarter. I understand that I can register on the expectation of a 30% drop, and that there is a little leeway in this. What I cannot find is any discussion of penalties if I get it wrong. What happens if I register and claim and then only have a 5% reduction in revenue? I could live with having to pay the subsidy back but I am not willing to sign up if there are onerous penalties for getting it wrong.

    A related question is if I decide to not take the risk, but then find that I have a 50% reduction in revenue, can I apply later?

  125. I have been stood down by my full time employer of 5 years and I am entitled to the Job Keepers payment. However, as this is only half of my normal wage am I allowed to work (and be paid) on a casual basis with a different employer and still qualify for the Job Keepers payment from my original employer?

    1. Hi Marlanne,

      Yes you can. There is no income test and nothing says you can’t have two jobs in the rules.


  126. Hey i was made redundant by saying drastic impact on business on last week of March. I have asked my organisation if they are thinking to get jobkeeper program- my question if that if employer will say we don’t want to rehire – in that case what options I’m left with?

    1. Hi Dylan

      They can still apply as an act of generosity to help you even if they don’t plan on rehiring you once things improve. They do need to have you on the books though to apply.

      Ask them and see what they have to say. If not, your only other option is get another job and/or Job Seeker payment through Centrelink.


  127. Hi ,
    Since May last year, I have changed my employment status to Sole trader. Prior to that, I have been working with the same employer for the past 7 years as full time employee.

    Would this excludes me from applying for the Job Keeper payment , based on my understanding of “need to by employed as a sole trader for at least 12 months” ?

  128. Hey, I work For Toll as fulltime worker for 18 months.
    I work at the same location everyday however we have been asked due to our area closing down during the coronavirus (but we will re open) If we can work in an area that is not gettable for me as no public transport and i cannnot drive due to Epilepsy it is an hours drive away. I have a 1 year old and need to provide for her. I also have 117 hours of annual leave. Do I qualify?

    1. Hi Andrew

      Does Toll have a turnover of more than 1 Billion? If so, they will have to have a reduction of revenue of more than 50%. You should ask your employer if you qualify. You may have to take your annual leave if your employer tells you too. But, if you qualify, then you needn’t do that. You could perhaps take the $1500 and supplement your pay with your leave.


  129. If a company is paying you job keeper allowance, can they ask you to work or do training during this time?

    1. Hi Felicity.

      Only if they are paying you to do it and you are not working more hours than justified for $1500 as per your EBA or Award. They can ask you to work or train.

  130. Hi, i work part time ( was approx 20 hrs, now im down to approx 12 hrs a week) and am also receiving single parent pension and family tax benefit. I’m now entitled to the job keeper payment which im assuming will affect my pension as ill need to report it each fortnight and most probably my pension will get cancelled, is this correct? Also. Will it affect my family tax benefit too???

  131. Hi, my husband is a sole trader. His March income is definitely down 30% on March last year, however he had a quiet April, May and June last year. Is the Jobkeepers allowance based only on the March income, or will it be reviewed monthly?

  132. Hi,
    A friend was stood down from her role until things improve and can return to her organization. In the meantime, she secured a full-time non-permanent role for 12 months. She was told she will be getting JobKeeper with her former organization while also working. This doesn’t sound right and looks like double-dipping. Can you confirm if this scenario is correct?


    1. It’s non of your business, if she gets in trouble that would be her problem not yours. You sound very jealous and a dodgy friend.

    2. Hi Cheryl.

      She will be eligible to receive the job keeper. The payment is to keep her on the books, not for her to work in the business if there is nothing to do. It doesn’t seem fair, but then why are existing people on Centrelink payments receiving an additional $550 / fortnight.


      1. Hey ,

        I am currently stood down from my employer but i know i will be entitled for the job keeper payment but now i got a new job as a casual staff for 3 month’s, what should I do ? Can i keep do this causual job without letting my employer know or i have to tell them ?

  133. Hello. I have a question re self-employed people in business partnerships and the Jobkeeper payment. For a GST registered partnership with an ABN, does each partner receive a separate $1500/fortnight payment?

  134. HI,
    i run a real estate business. we had a terrible start to last year but have been picking up consistently since through to a good February and March this year. We get paid on Settlement (6 weeks after the sale) meaning i will have a good profit in April. but with next to no new sales happening in April and beyond it is May and byond that, i will struggle with. how do you think they are going to judge the 30% loss of business? if it compares it to the same month of the previous year i will not be eligible and have to put a worker off. your thoughts would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi James,

      The sales of commission will be counted as revenue in the month that you receive it. You have to work on that basis. If you do your BAS monthly, then you have to compare on a monthly basis with the previous year, but if you do BAS quarterly, then you can compare quarter by quarter.

      Check this link out:

      You may be eligible though in the months that follow even if not in March.


  135. I was employed as of 10th January as casual (less than 12 months), however changed to part-time on 30th March. Will I become eligible at any point?

    1. I have a similar situation but reverse. I was employed as part time from 2019 till 2nd of March then my contract was changed to casual, then the work dried up due to the lockdown. I’m wondering if I’m eligible too

  136. I am working for a multi disiplenary clinic with a doctor plus osteopath chiropractor physio etc. all these hands on practitioners aren’t working because of distancing measures. They have paid their room rental up until 2 weeks ago but will not be able to continue thru this month. The business will likely suffer the 30% downturn. I may lhave/lose my shifts (earning less than $1500 p/fortnight). Can the business claim job keepers allowance for me when their income drops below 30% even if it is in May & pay me my normal money. Will I have to keep working & will I be paid jobkeep even if I’m still working there. Thanks

    1. Hi Chris

      Yes, they can claim in May and use it to pay you your wage. In fact, they have to pay you the full $1500 – they can’t keep it for themselves. You won’t have to keep working if the business is closed, but your employer can ask you to work obviously if it re-opens or there are other related jobs you can do.


  137. Hi,
    I’m a casual relief teacher at a primary school. Have been so for over a year. Do casual teachers at schools qualify for the job keeper allowance?

  138. Hi all,

    I am no longer getting shifts where I was working due to Covid19 but am eligible for the JobKeeper payments.
    Today, however, I started working at Woolworths. With this new wage, am I still eligible for the Job keeper payments? Will the Woolworths wage just be taxed at a higher rate?
    I have rung the ATO & treasury and neither could answer this!

  139. I operate via a Discretionary Trust and don’t have any employees any more. I lodge my GST return annually and will have a reduction in turnover of greater than 30% for the year ended 30 June 2020 compared to 30 June 2019. Is the Trust entity eligible for the JobKeeper subsidy and if so when could I expect the first payment? If it is on lodgment of my annual GST return would it be backdated to 30 March 2020?

  140. Hi there Chris and Team 🙂
    We will register for Job Keeper to keep our employee employed and engaged in the business. He has mentioned he will only work a certain amount af hours from now on .
    Your input would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your valuable time.

  141. Does a business have to prove the 30% reduction in revenue on a once off basis, i.e. March 2020 compared to March 2019, or does this need to be proven for each of the next six months?

  142. Hi there,
    I’m a sole trader, and self-enployeed. I will birth my baby next month. I am eligible to apply maternity paid leave. The turnover has reduced more than 30%. Just wondering if I am eligible to get job keeper payment and maternity payment as well? Or I only can choose one of them?

  143. can the employer change my hours (casual) so that I am working more hours to make up to $1500 worth. I normally earn around $1100

  144. I have been a casually employed Housekeeper for a Motel and only getting up to a maximum of 12 hours a week prior to Covid-19. We are registered to receive the Jobkeeper payment. We don’t have many Guest bookings, but our Employer now wants us all to work more hours than we ever have previously. Can he do this?

  145. Hi Chris
    If I worked for a Company as a casual that started trade on 04/03/2019 , would this short fall for 1 year trade

  146. Hi
    Is workers compensation paid on the $1,500.00, as a wage predictive wage for workers comp was based on casuals generally earning $250 per week not $750, this would blow out a companies predictive payroll for workers comp – for March 2020 – March 2021 and how would workers comp cover workers sitting at home

  147. Is there a difference between being labour hire and casual and if youre on a labour hire contract are you still eligible if you have been with the on company 12 months and they lose 30% revenue??

    Also what happens if you get jobkeeper but still get hours from your work place or find another job in the mean time will you still get the job keeper allowence

  148. Hi,
    I started a new job. My contract was signed off and dated on the 24th of Feb but on the letter of offer my date to commence work says 5th of March. How is the start date tracked? Is it via our tax dec form that we complete we when start a new role?
    If it’s decided that my official date is the 5th then would I still be eligible for the JobSeeker even though I remain an employed but stood down employee?

  149. Hi,
    I am a sole trader and applied for jobseeker payment. I am now entitled for jobkeeper Payment and what do I have to do?

  150. Hi,

    My daughter is casual, the business was bought out August 2019, she is still working under the same conditions, did not/was not offered a new employment contract. She was working at the original business for 3 years…hours have been dramatically cut back, due to COVID-19.
    Will she qualify for job keepers allowance? The business that bought them out has been operating since Sept 2016.

  151. Hi,
    I am currently employed in 2 jobs, one is permanent part-time and the other is casual. At this stage I retain my regular wage in the permanent par-time job even thou my hours have reduced. My hours have increased in my casual job and my employer has asked me if I want to apply for the job keeper allowance. Can I do this?

  152. Hi
    My boss has applied for the jobkeeper payment but I started working for them on April 15 last year, which is just 2 weeks shy of the requirements. I left my previous job of 10 years on April 12, 2019 to start the new job. I’ve not been able to find any answers as to whether the requirements will be flexible enough to include people like me. Any thoughts?

  153. Hi there,
    I work two jobs.
    My main job I work full time Monday to Friday.
    This job has not been affected and I am still working my usual full time hours.

    My second job I am permanent part time and work every Saturday.
    This job is registering for job keeper as they have reduced revenue and cut everyone’s hours.
    Am I still eligible for job keeper on my second job, even though I am still working full time at my main job as nothing has changed?

  154. Hello Nadine
    Is it must for employer if they register to provide this payment to all eligible employees ? what if business decides that they do not wish to re engage all eligible casual workers for this payment. Lets say out of 4 casuals 4 part times business does want to provide this only 2 casuals and all 4 part times leaving 2 casuals out as they do not need all employees in their business at the moment as they lost most of the business ?

  155. Hi my name is isha…apparently I worked for more than 2.5 yrs for this particularly company through the agency and had been roll over tithe company on Nov 2019…so my concern was am I still eligible for job keeper as they stood em down on 29th march but have still be calling me to work for 1 or 2 days …

  156. Hi, if your employer has had to close since the middle of march, therefore have not gained any revenue, how will they pay employees. Like your website states that the employer is to pay the 1500 a fortnight and then the government will “repay” that from the start of May 1st. Does the employer have to pay upfront if they don’t have that money, or can they wait until government pay rolls in. Also, how long does it take to know if a business is eligible for the payment and when should employees expect to find out

  157. Hi,
    Really hoping some one can help me. I am a Retail Manager for a not for profit Op shop permanent part time (20 hrs per week). The store was closed two weeks ago, due to risk of COVID for our volunteers.
    The association I work for also owns and profits from Aged Care /Centres & facilities. My Manager has put me in one of the Offices at an aged care facility doing admin work, answering phones etc . I am not trained in admin/it’s not the position I was employed for. I can’t stand this type of work plus there’s plenty of other girls working there to cover the tiny workload, therefore I’m not essential to be there.

    Would it be possible for me to receive the Job Keeper until the store reopens or can Employers in my situation just shove you in any position and I have to be expected to take it , even though it’s not my usual role?

  158. Hi
    i’m going on the job seeker payments but just waiting on more info from work next week weather or not I will receive first payment by my next pay but they can’t answer this question as yet………Can they top up my $1500 with some annual leave even if I’m not working?

  159. I will be receiving jobkeeper payments from my employer once they are able to distribute it however I have also recently been offered a temporary job with a different employer so my question is would I be entitled to receive pay from this new employer as well as jobkeeper payments from my main employer?

  160. If I have a casual employee who has been with us the required time but chooses not to work at all during COVID-19 and we choose to participate with the job keeper program do we have to take that employee back on the books if we don’t want to

  161. Pls help me .. I am utterly confused .. I am a 72-year-old lady working full time in one of the big retailers.. I have been working there for decades, I enjoy it and wanted to build my Super portfolio. I called this week to the Store Manager Office and he said the Company does not want anybody over 70 in contact with the public and I have to come home. He also gives me the option to take my long service leave and it is an option that I do not want to at the moment, or take my sick leave or holidays, currently, I am taking a week of sick leave. If I go into leave w/o pay am I entitled to the Jobkeepers payment? and can I be forced to take my Long Service Leave? . Many thanks for your help. I need it .

  162. Hello!
    An employee of another organisation who’s position was made redundant applied and was offered a full time job with our organisation on 10 March. The redundant position with the other organisation finishes on 9 May and the full time position with us starts of 11 May. We are eligible to register our employees for Jobkeeper payments, but what happens to the employee who begins on 11 May? He will not be eligible through his current employer because the position is redundant. Will he be eligible through our organisation for the Jobkeeper payment once he starts on 11 May?
    I would feel terrible having offered him a position with us when he had turned down an alternative position with the other organisation and ends up left out in the cold.

  163. Help….can we try for the Job keeper payments …… My husband is the director of our small promotional business Company (not sole trader) and we are registered for GST and so we lodge BAS, we both don’t draw a wage from it and we have no employees. We out source all the printing to small local manufacturing companies, even though we don’t always make a profit we have been able to keep it going for years for when we can expand it. Sometimes we made profit and other times not, so sometimes we paid GST and other times a little was paid back to us, but it turned over nicely and we were always able to pay our suppliers. Now that all the events were cancelled all our jobs were suddenly cancelled due to the COVID-19 shut downs, all our payments to our suppliers have now fallen behind and we are really really struggling and over due, we have tried to negotiate with them , but they are also struggling and need the payments, we have never not been able to pay them. Now suddenly we have a debt which we never had before and can’t see how we will pay it back without some sort of Government help. We can easily prove and declare that our turnover has gone down by 30% especially for March. Even though we didn’t draw a wage from it and didn’t always make a profit would we still be able to apply ? We can show that our revenue has collapsed, they will be able to see it on our BAS.
    Also, when they say that you need to nominate an individual and their Tax file number etc, who is the best person to nominate ? as we both work other separate jobs as teachers which are not associated with the company, there is never a cross over. Will they take the persons nominated income into account even though their earned income has got nothing to do with the company that we run privately?

    With no jobs coming in now for a while we are very stuck as we can’t use our private wages to pay off our suppliers as our wages are used for our Mortgage and home expenses and we never cross over the two. For us to be able to access the Job keeper payments means that we could pay off our suppliers and try for any new jobs that might come in until things return back to normal. You might have a suggestion on the best way, we are really worried at how we will pay them what was due.

  164. I work 15 hours per week permanent part-time and am my husband’s carer. I need to keep my job to pay my husband’s medical expenses. My husband has young onset Parkinson’s. Am I eligible for Job Keeper?

  165. I work 15 hours per week permanent part time. I am my husband ‘s carer. He has Young Onset Parkinson’s disease. Am I eligible for Job Keeper?

    1. From what i understand from reading the article and answers as long as your company which you work part time for’s revenue drops by 20%, they can apply for the jobkeeper stimulus for you and their other workers and you would get the $1500 per fortnight even if your hours wouldn’t normally net that wage. if you earn more, it would depend if you were doing your regular hours to whether youd get the extra wage.

  166. Just checking, I’m working from home and I’m on a twelve-month full-time permanent contract, have been with my employer only 4 months so far. So, my employer won’t receive anything from this initiative for me? Also, of the other various funds happening at the moment, is it likely any might be coming my way? (My net income is less than the $1500 per fortnight, gross is greater, if that signifies?)

  167. Hi…
    My concern is that i am in books of a company as casual worker since July 2018, and worked regularly till September 2019 and there after i am asking for shifts and they haven’t till date…But still i am in there records… in the meanwhile i found another casual job…Can I claim job keeper …need help…thanks

  168. Hi
    My company has made us go to a 19 hour week.They then said that we have to use our accrued leave to bring our pay back up to a 38 hour week.They have told us that if we get the Job Keepers entitlements that our leave will be reimbursed later on.Is this true,or is this a way to get the leave of his books.

  169. Hello, I have been stood down by my employer who is a large shopping centre group. I worked 35 hours a week on a casual basis and have been with them almost 4 years. All of the casual employees at all of their shopping centres have been stood down. The full time staff have been used to fill all the positions the casual employees previously had as their workload has decreased significantly due to no one shopping and many of the retail shops being closed. My employer has no intention of applying for the Job Keep program, presumably because they have not seen a 50% decrease in their turnover due to COVID-19. So what happens to employees who have lost their jobs and their income who work for an employer who is still trading fine but just wants to save money by not keeping them on and using full time employees in their place?

  170. I started a new full-time job on 20/02/2020 and on 02/04/2020 my new employer said they will have to let me go due to not having enough work due to corona virus and when the work picks back up I can come back to my job. The employer has said I’m not eligible for job keeper but I believe I am entitled to it. Another employee has said to me, its because this business does not want to apply for jobkeeper for its employees. Does this mean I will have to go onto jobseeker? Is there anything I can do to make my employer apply for jobkeeper?

  171. Hello,
    My work place has closed down temporarily due to covid 19, I’ve technically been with my workplace for 18 months but 7 months ago the business was re-owned. Therefore My new employer has notified me that I won’t qualify for the job keeper payments and that I’ll need to go on centrelink instead and receive job seeker. Is this true?

  172. My daughter is a dependant full time student, she works casually and was stood down recently, will she be eligible for JobKeeper scheme? She still live at home but we don’t pay for her study and all.

  173. Hi there,

    Can an employer in the beauty & spa industry, use the ability to pay the JobKeeper payment to their employees as an opportunity to reinvigorate their team and their business, ready for when the government removes their restriction to operate?

    Ie. Ask their employees to rejoin them (remotely or at work – abiding by social distancing requirements in the workplace, 4m2 per person, etc.) in business planning, salon re-arranging, cleaning and online order distribution activities, in order to maintain employee connection and have their business be in the best position to return to trading when permitted?

    Similar to restaurants who have never done takeaway or home deliveries, who have not pivoted and offered this service and gainfully engaged employees who were previously employed in the “government-mandated shutdown” functions of their business?

  174. Hi I’m a teacher. I have a contract for 2 days a week until the end of the year. On the other 3 days I work as a casual relief teacher. Do I still qualify for the $1500?

  175. Casual employee working continuously for the same bakery at Castle Towers for the last 18 months . Casual as at 1 March 2020 and the business is experiencing a downturn and shift shave been reduced. The understanding is he would be eligible for Jobkeeper.

    However, the franchise owner changed recently but before 1 March 2020 and a new ABN appears on the Pay slip. A new new employee tax declaration was not issued or signed. The work has always been undertaken at the one location and no requirement to work at other outlets. This would appear to fall outside eligibility as in a new business based on the ABN but the franchise changed not the worker. I am unaware of any part time employees and how previous leave entitlements were addressed.

    is the casual person eligible for jobkeeper and should the business still register its intention for jobkeeper and address through the ATO the eligibility of the individual.

  176. Hi
    I am a graphic designer and my partner is a journalist. We both work for our company which we own 50% each… the company publishes an online and printed free health magazine which is supported exclusively by ads. As ads revenue has been severely affected by the coronavirus and at the moment cannot publish, can we both separately apply for job keeper?

  177. Hi Chris,

    How to define the six months period?

    If the employee only stood down from May, will six months job keeper payment extend to November (May+Six Months)? Or it will be only extended to 30 Sep (30 Mar + Six Months)?


    1. Hi I have worked for a larger retailer in a support role at head office for several years . Bar a few critical staff we were all stood down(approx 9000) from 26 th March till 22nd April. Whilst stood down without any pay, we are told we are still employed . My notice period is 3 months .
      Is there any obligation for this employer to reinstate support staff once our retail stores operate again?
      Would I be entitled to a jobseeker payment , and or would the employer need to make up the difference to my annual salary , per my employment contract ?

  178. Hi Nadine,
    I’m a casual worker earning $1000/fortnight . If I get the jobkeeper payment is that in addition to what I’m still earning? ($2500/fortnight with the jobkeeper) or will I just get $1500/fortnight from my employer?

  179. My employer just sent me an email saying he will pay me the JobKeeper payment if I work from home Monday-Friday. I have university full time and still have to attend my lectures from home and in my part-time contract I am only scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays making the same amount as I do the JobKeeper payment per fortnight. Except he’s asking me to work 45+ hours instead of my usual 20 and just pay me the $1500. Is this legal? What are my employee rights? Should he be paying me for the excess hours? Do I have to work the 20 hours to receive this payment? We could never work from home before and now that JobKeeper was announced I’ve been sent an email saying I’m working Monday-Friday. I’ve been out of work for 2 weeks now and applied everywhere and now that this has come up he’s organised for me to work from home with the money the Government is handing to him with double the hours I had agreed to in my contract. Please help ):

  180. JobSeeker or JobKeeper?
    My partner is a sole trader – runs a plumbing business.
    Significant downturn in business/income as compared to this time last year.
    a) which payment is he meant to be applying for?
    b) I know JobSeeker payment is dependent on my wage – is it correct that JobKeeper is not?
    thanks for any advice – everything I am reading it just confusing me more!

  181. are Work visa TSS 482 holder eligible for the job keeper package?
    if yes…can my employer not nominate me?

  182. Hi all!
    I’m 17, a long time casual at a pub and have been working on the books since September 2018. I’ve temporarily lost work due to the COVID-19 situation and based on all of my information, I am eligible for the Job Keepers allowance. I’ve contacted my employer about this payment and she said that she would look into it. The issue is, she came back to me and told me that I wouldn’t be able to receive the payment. Her reason for this is that she took over the business in October 2019 from my previous employers. So my question is, does the fact that I’ve had two different employers during this time period impact me even though I’ve been employed under the business name for well over a year?

  183. Hello,
    I have 2 casual jobs which I’ve held for more than 12 months. I work 50+ hrs a week. 37hrs for 1 employer and 13hrs+ for the other.
    Do I get 2 x $1500 payments or 1 $1500 payment and the remainder is a portion of the $1500 for the 2nd job. Sounds strange that I would get 2 x $1500 payments but I am working alot to pay my mortgage etc which is why I have the 2 casual jobs.

  184. Hi just have a question the place I worked for was forced to close I work in cafe at uni my boss has register for job keeper but he doesn’t have funds to pay us what will happen thankyou

  185. Hi I am casual but I started on March 19. So I was told I’m not able to get job keeper!

    How am I to pay rent and bill when atm I’m lucky if I get 10 hrs a fortnight..

  186. Hi, I used to have 2 jobs. One as a part time (I was employed as of 1 Mar), the other as casual. The business where I worked as a part time has closed down, however I am still working as a casual at my other job. I am also on Youth Allowance. Although I was not receiving income from YA as I was earning more than the threshold. Currently, since I lost one of my jobs, YA kicked in but not in full since I have my other casual job. Overall, my income has reduced by about 60%. I am worried about my casual position because it is casual and I always have the fear of uncertain income every fortnight. If I reach out to my previous employer to ask for JK payment, how will this affect my YA and also the coronavirus supplement that will kick in in April. Which benefits are mutually exclusive except for the JobSeeker and JobKeeper? Also, I am keen on reducing my study load since I have been looking for a cheaper place to live and have missed out on lots of material, however then I will be completely cut off from YA and the coronavirus supplement that comes with it.
    My questions are:
    1) are you eligible for JK if you receive YA and Coronavirus Supplement that comes automatically with YA.
    2) are you eligible for JK, if you have another casual role?

    I would greatly appreciate if you could clarify this for me. I have done the research, but no luck!

  187. If your employer actually gets the job keeper subsidy and passes it on to their employees, is this then classified as still being employed. If so, then applying to your bank for deferred mortgage payments etc would be refused because job keeper is saying your still employed.
    Again, if job keeper is being classified as being employed it would also effect people wanting to access their Super or long service.
    Could you please clarify this grey area and tell us what job keeper is going to be classified as.
    Thank you.

  188. My husband and I own our own business. We have one employee. We both work in the business and pay ourselves wages / as employees (PAYG etc).

    Are we both entitled to Job Seeker payments? As employees?

    I understand it is 30% downturn in business to be eligible, if we report 30% downturn for the Month of April, do we then need to report 30% downturn in business earnings for all subsequent months to remain eligible?

    In other words, are job keeper payments for us and our employee dependant upon each months business turnover being down by 30%? (or do you just prove this once eg: for the month of April and the payments continue regardless?).

    Thanks so much, very confusing times.

  189. I work 5 days a week normally, HR have requested i reduce my days to 3 days and take 2 annual leave days per week to ensure the business can keep running.
    Will my annual leave days be payed back to me under the new Job Keeper Scheme
    From March 1 onwards

  190. I was a full time employee earning more than $1500/fortnight for 3 years. In the middle of March the company went into lockdown and we were asked to perform our work from home. That went on for only two weeks then my employer asked me to stop working, putting me on stand down without pay starting 26th March. Today they notified me that they hope to qualified for the Subsidy so that under the Job Keeper scheme I can receive a wage of $1500/fortnight without superannuation. Accordingly, they are now requiring me to report for work 3 days/week to earn that wage, performing duties very different from my job description. As Covid-19 restrictions have not been lifted on travel, will I be in trouble if I refuse to report for work for safety/health reasons as this time?

  191. How does the $1,500 payment effect the work bonus for the aged pension. And is the $1,500 taxable at the source of the employer.

    At first I believed the $1,500 would be tax exempt.

  192. Hello,

    My daughter is a FDC educator. She started in February and had 4 families set to start care this month. Due to Covid they have all pulled out. With the new payments having one child only in care she was earning $9 per hour. Her wage will go down to $4.50 per hour. She pays rent and for her car. Her wage will be $120 per week. How is she able to afford to live on this??
    Is she able to get the job keeper payment??

  193. I have been working for an employer cleaning B&B’s for the last 2 and a half years.
    I am on a Widows Pension as I am 68 years of age. Am I eligible for any payment because my income had dropped as work is no longer required,

  194. I am currently working in the fast food industry that is still operating.
    – I am a part timer at this place
    – I usually only work around 22 hours a fortnight (before coronavirus)
    – I am only 17

    I was wondering if I would still be eligible to get the job keeper payments as my store has had it’s revenue decreases by over 30%.
    – If your work place is deemed as ‘essential’ (such as a fast food place) would you be entitled to the payment, even if your work place is still active or do you only get the payment if you have been stood down?
    Because I am not to sure if young people like me who barely make $600 a month would be eligible to get $1500 a fortnight.
    My manager has told me that he will elect me but at this time he is not too sure if I am eligible.

  195. Hi there,

    i’m currently on youth allowance (Student) but also eligible for the Job keeper subsidy. will my youth allowance affect anything regarding Job-keeper and do i need to alert centre link?

  196. I am working as a casual educator since July’18 continuously till September’19.
    After that I went on holidays till mid November‘19 .I was willing to work and start again with same company and went to see manager a number of times but they didn’t offer any shift.
    As a casual educator since July’18, my concern am i eligible for Job Keeper allowance

  197. I have a casual worker who has been employed over the 12 months timeframe however she get a part jobseeker payment as she only earns $300 per week with us.
    If we apply for job keeper does she lose all centrelink allowance such as rental assistance, healthcare card?
    And lastly once this no keeper payment finishes does she has to reapply to get jobseeker with centrelink

  198. Will my parenting payment be reinstated when the job keeper payment has finished/my work restarts which ever comes first??

  199. I am a company director of a company that’s been around for 2 years. I haven’t received a wage at all in those 2 years (nor dividend or any income from the company) – I was going to postpone until our income stream could support my wage.

    Am I eligible for Jobkeeper? I’m not sure I meet the criteria of being an employee if I have never received a wage. While I wait for Centrelink to call me back (I’ve registered my intent to claim) I can’t see any information on my particular situation.

  200. Hi – I work for a company that went into voluntary administration in March – not COVID related. They are trading still, but have stood most of us down for the time being. The intention is to go back to work, but my understanding is that this relies upon the creditors decisions. Will I still be eligible for the Jobkeeper since my return to work is uncertain?

  201. Hello,

    I own a hairdressing salon and we are not required to close.
    We need to remain open as competing salons in the area are open and our clients who are still attending offices want their hair done and the reality is we will lose them if we voluntarily shut.

    My problem – some staff who have children are now saying they cannot work – even thought they are eligible to send their kids to school (part timers who work one day mid week).
    I understand the fear of our staff, however we need a business at the end of this and it is not fair to only keep those working without kids on to keep doors open.
    It is causing animosity that those who have decided not to work will get $1500 a fortnight the same as those who still attend work.
    My questions are:

    1) As an employer can i say if you want to be considered a job keeper you must attend your regular shifts or be on annual leave?

    2) And if so, and the employee has run out of leave and still refuses to work, can this be a reason to provide warnings for dismissal?

    3) Finally, can I legally elect to not put these employees on jobkeeper and keep paying their one shift per week to discourage this mentality (I can afford this) and just claim for my high cost full time staff? Can a part time employee who isn’t stood down force me to make them a jobkeeper?

    Thank you for your time.

  202. I get the disability pension but I don’t get the full amount because I am self employed. I have a small business. I can’t operate my business at the money because of the corona virus so my income has gone down to zero. Would I be able to get the job keeper payment?

  203. Hello
    I am employed full time and now reduced to two days a week. Can My employer force me to take annual leave and long service leave while they receive the Jobkeeper allowance for me? I have been told I need to take one annual leave day a fortnight and in July 3 weeks long service leave. Can they force me to do this?

  204. Hi I am an emergency teacher working for an agency in Victoria. Would I be able to get the full $1500 job keeper payment on top of any shifts I may be lucky to get.

  205. Hello,
    I signed my casual contract on the 6th of March 2019 and I am still working. Does it mean that I am not eligible because of 5 days?
    Thank you

  206. If my wife normally works 20 hours per fortnight for a gross pay of $1,000. Can her employer now force my wife to work 30 hours per fortnight given that she’ll be receiving the Jobkeeper Payment of $1,500 per fortnight.

    Her employer has told her that if she doesn’t do the extra hours to cover the extra $500, that she’ll be stood down. Given that our kids are going to be doing their schooling from home starting next week, and I can’t get anyone to look after the kids for these extra hours, I think this is somewhat against what the Jobkeeper Payment is all about. My father normally looks after the kids during my normal hours and given that his elderly, I’m not willing to take the risk.

    I can’t find anything online explaining to me whether or not what her employer is trying to do is acceptable or not.

    Thanks in advance.

  207. Hi

    I have a full time job in transport but was also doing casual bar work for past 5 years

    My full time still exists but I have been stood down from bar work since club has closed .I am still on their books so to speak

    Can I get clarification if I’m entitled to jobkeeper payment ?

    I have been told that since this is not my primary job I am not entitled to any ?

    From what I have read up on, I can claim from one employer , but unsure if entitled

    Please provide an answer

  208. I started worked as casual educator last year 18/3/2019.I worked 5 days ,37.5-40 hours perweek. All my rostered job need to cancel on 18/3/2020. If based on 1st March 2020 to fullfill the 12 months period to get job keeper payment, is that mean I am not qualify for $1500 payment? I asked my Centre Director and she told me she wasn’t sure on my case and no news til now.

  209. The Australian Govt has officially got the Job Keeper allowance over the line. However I’m not impressed as I’m left $1500 out of pocket every month while people who were working less than 10 hrs a week get the full $1500. Some of them have no mortgage and still live at home with there parents. This is B.S!! I was working 50hrs a week, working 2 jobs to make ends meet. I’ve been screwed by this govt ineptness at understanding the workforce market as well as labours inability to get a message across to these politicians who have little understanding from what I can see. We have people who have been paying taxes and under Visa’s and not being looked after and looking at leaving the country and being put on the streets. Oh hang on just push it on to the Investors. They’re rich they can take the hit…… I’m one of those as well. I’m not rich otherwise I wouldn’t be working 50hrs a week. Dip into your super you say… OK…. What sacrifices are the people making who work little hrs and now get $750/week when they weren’t even earning 1/2 that. I would say there are going to be some happy drug dealers out there. This was a comment made to me by a friend. I laughed at the time but not now. The British model of %80 of earnings up to a max payment would have worked better & I’ve said it from the very start as it is more equitable. Trust the Australian Gov. to make something so complicated and convoluted such as this. Doesn’t effect these pollies as they get there salary with the perks and very little sacrifice. You can imagine where I think these pollies should reside after they depart from this world. AH’s

  210. I am on the job keeper allowance, am am required to work 24 hours for the $750. My question is, are we entitled to Penalty rates and public holiday rates, as I will be made to work over the easter long weekend?

  211. Hi
    I will go on my mat leave on the 2nd week of May. I read in fact sheet that if you are on mat leave you are eligible to get the $1500 job keeper payment. I’m not entitled to Paid Parental leave from the government. Does it mean I can get the job keeper payment while on mat leave? By the way I had my permanent visa last year.

  212. My Employer has applied for his 6 staff for the jobkeeper allowance. He informed me that before we get the payment we have to first, use up our annual leave and second, use up our long service leave while he keeps the fortnightly payment of $1500. Is this allowed ?

  213. I’m currently on parental leave until early May. My colleagues are all eligible for job keeper. Will I also be eligible once my parental leave finishes?

  214. Hi
    I am an Uber Driver and my work has been severely effected by Covid-19. I was earning approx $1200pw. My question is: If I receive the JobKeeper allowance, am I able to earn additional income in another job to try to make up the difference. I have a mortgage and would prefer to continue paying it rather than take the 6 mth relief with my bank.

  215. Hi my wife and I took a Career Change on 26 Sept 2019 and did 6 months of motel management before being made redundant 29th March 2020 specifically due to Virus

    The boss says we can apply for Jobkeeper as we lodged BAS and are on ABN??

    Only 6 months?

    If we cant apply, he doesnt want to as redundant (slowest motel of 4)

    Fred R

  216. We are an employer, we have 2 girls one is part time one does 22 hrs per week, one casual does 30, both will get the Job Keeper allowance. We would like the part timer to do extra hours to take it up to the 30 hrs so they are both on a level playing field? Can we do this legally.? If not what can we do.

  217. what if my employer clearly qualifies to have the job keeper program for his staff, but chooses not to register as he sees it as being no benefit to him.

    1. My employer said the same thing. I am interested to know if there is anyone/government body we can write to about this.

  218. Hi,

    I’m a casual worker, stood down as of March 30th that has been employed with the same company for 3 years working on a regular weekly basis.
    The only deviation from this would be when I took 4 months off at the end of 2019 because I was out of the country but resumed my regular weekly hours in Jan 2020.
    Would I still qualify for the Jobkeepr payment through my employer considering the employment qualification for casuals has been described as ‘regular and systemic’?


  219. Hi, I’m self-employed (have my own ABN). My revenue has dropped by 25% the last quarter (January – March 2020) due to the COVID-19. My revenue for April 2020 will definitely drop by more than 30% (and the coming months). Hence, will I be eligible for the Job Keeper payment starting April 2020? Will ATO consider my application? Thank you for your assistance.

  220. My husband and I run a small business where both of us work in the business together – we have no employees. We have a Family Trust. Does this mean only one of us is entitled to the Scheme? If I didn’t work in the business my husband would of had to employ someone to cover my work load. Our turnover has reduced by 80% due to the closure of majority of our customers. Can one of us claim the Jobkeeper and the other Jobseeker?

  221. I have been with employer for just over 12 years. I have been a long term casual working 4 to 5 days a week.
    Just prior to the job keeper announcement I reluctantly resigned as the employer said they would not pay any part of my long service leave as they were struggling financially.
    The only way I could get entitlements is if I resigned. We were all stood down just prior to this happening.
    My partner is just over threshold for job seeker, and the money I got from long service will only cover the next eight weeks.

  222. Hi,
    If a casual employee started working for a company on 25 May 2019, can the employer apply for the JobKeeper allowance for that employee after the date 25 May 2020? Assuming the Coronavirus situation remains same.

  223. HI
    I have my own Petsitting Business which I have been doing for the past 3 years. I usually look after dogs while people are on holidays . I also do a daycare for dogs on days that people work alot. Obviously with everyone not going away etc and out of work my business has gone down hill. While I am doing the petsitting service I work one day a week for the Reject shop 9 hrs part time. Is this going to affect me getting the Job Keeper Payment? Im getting a bit concerned ….???

  224. Just so I understand, I have been stood down, on the 4th of April, once the Jobkeeper begins on the 1st of May, I am to paid the 1500 per fortnight by my current employer and to also is to top the rest of pay including my $9.00 tool allowance each week? To make this my normal weekly gross income and my net take home pay?

    Kind Regards

  225. What if im eligible and my employer is planning on paying me the jobkeeper payment but not other eligible employees, can they do that?

  226. My husband and I have a business set up under family trust, we lodge tax returns, have ABN etc and we are planning to elect my husband for jobkeeper. Turnover can be show to be reduced as affected by Corona virus but we lodge tax return annually and not registered for GST, so no BAS statements. Will our declaration of income be enough or only businesses lodging BAS qualify?

  227. Question:
    If an employee earns less than $750pw but are entitled to JobKeepers, can the employer demand you work additional hours?

    For example:
    Employee gets paid $20ph and works 15 hrs pw, so $300pw.
    If that employer work to earn that amount ($750) the employee would need to work an additional 22.5hrs pw.
    In this scenario, does the employer have the right to demand they work the additional hours when in truth the only payment the company would make would be the super on the $300

    This is a demand my wife is facing and feels wrong to me?


    1. this is also happening to me and I can’t do the extra hours due to having 3 kids ,my old hours where lunch cover and now they want me to do 4 full days or resign today then they will have me back when I can do my old hours and everything is back to normal ,doesn’t seem right at all !

  228. Hi, what should I do if my employer does not apply for the JobKeeper allowance? Do I need to contact a government body if they refuse?
    (I work for a private dental practise, business hours used to be 6 days per week, we are now only seeing 4 patients per week due to ADA guidelines, more than 30% loss in business)


  229. Hi, If I am receiving job keepers allowance, would the extra income I receive from freelance work be effect how much job keepers I receive?

  230. I started my casual position on the 01/03/2019,

    am I eligible for job keeper payments?

    or is the minimum date required to be 28/02/2019, to be considered as over 12 months?

  231. Hi there I just want to know how many hours we have to work a week because the money only belong to the government not the company we work for why they have to tell us we have to work 20 hours a week while there’s not much work around the company is pushing us to do 20 hours is it possible that the company run over us

  232. Hi I receiver 1,500 for the job keeper,but my employeer they want me to work 5 days a week .Every day 8 hour to 9 hour with out pay.Because I received the job keeper allowance.

  233. Yes they ask me to work 8 hours to 9 hours with out pay. The 1,500 that I received the job keeper that’s the pay the 8 hours to 9 hours for 10 days working.

  234. I am a full time uni student and am usually rostered on 3-6 hours a fortnight. I don’t receive anything from Centrelink. My employer is eligible and I am an eligible employee. Can my employer insist I work more than my usual hours to receive the Job Keeper payment?

  235. I receive a carers payment for caring for my husband. I am also employed by an outside company to manage a school uniform shop for 8 hrs @ week which is closed at present. The company has signed up so can I claim the job seeker? Of course I would have to report the income to centrelink.

  236. Hi
    Worked and paid tax as a sole trader for 11 years then ABN was taken off me by ATO as they say I was a part time worker therefore not eligible. After trying unsuccessfully several times to have my ABN reinstated, I went on holiday for 2 months as I always do at that time of year. Carried on working for the same business as a part time casual on my return and have worked regularly for them in that capacity ever since—— 7 months.
    Have worked for the same company for 12 years or so now and no one else.
    Do I qualify for Jobkeeper despite the different methods of employment and the gap between these when I was taking my usual annual holiday?
    Still 12 years of continuous employment with the same employer.

  237. Hi ,I was stood down (I work in childcare) on the 26th March my hours where lunch cover with the odd full day when I could do it and when they needed me ,now that my Employer has asked for job keepers they have asked me to come back to work but everyone needs to do the hours that equal the job keepers allowance which for me is 4 full days which I can’t do because I have 3 kids to look after ,Ive now been asked to resign and they will have me back doing my normal hours when work gets back to normal ,I feel like this isn’t right and if anything they should make me redundant is this correct ???

  238. Hi,
    I am a full-time university student working 2 days per week as a casual. My employer is applying for job keeper and has told me I must now work at least 3 days ($750 per week worth of work) to receive this payment. Their grounds are, that it is not fair to the other employees that must work 3-4 days if I continue doing 2 days but get paid the same amount.
    This is concerning for me as I don’t have the capacity to work this much and do well at university but I’m scared if I don’t agree I will be left without a job.
    Does anyone have any advise on this?

    Thanks! S

  239. My husband’s employer is applying for the JobKeeper payments and my husband is eligible for payments. He is currently on long service leave which his employer made him take. The rest of the workers have been reduced to 3 days/week. If he receives the JobKeeper payment does the amount received have to be paid back at a later date, when the economy has recovered, either by the employer or the employee. Also I if he receives the payment, can he choose to stay home on only JobKeeper amount and keep his long service leave intact or dies he have to go to work for 3 days/week. Thank you.

  240. My wife’s employer is a childcare centre. Since they are now eligable for job keeper they have started to do some strange things. They are ensuring all employees, even casuals work the hours to make $1500. Some employees on lower rates are working 38 hours and others 15. Usually they were both on 25 hours. The centre is also now only at 1/3 capacity but every employee ensuring every employee comes in and does enough hours to make $1500. My concern is this places employees at a higher risk of exposure when there simply is no need. An example is a room that would usually need 3 staff now has 7 or 8. Employees are being asked to take over the gardening and maintenance duties as well when they have no skills in this area, due to this employee being reduced to 2 days to keep them under $1500. Is this fair or should fair work be contacted?

  241. Hi,
    My son has been employed by tge same employer for 2 years, but they changed him from part time to casual 6 months ago. His bosses account said that he doesn’t qualify for jobkeeper. Surely y that can’t be correct.

    1. Hi Richard,

      I’m in the same situation and found this thread, according to the ato website:

      A person is a long-term casual employee if, on 1 March 2020, the person was:

      -a casual employee, and
      -employed on a regular and systemic basis during the period of 12 months that ended on 1 March 2020.
      -employed over this period by the same employer (or another entity within the same wholly owned group, or within the same business or not-for-profit where there has been a change in ownership or not-for-profit purpose).
      A casual employee is likely to be employed on a regular and systematic basis with a recurring work schedule or a reasonable expectation of ongoing work.

      I understand that to mean that if you were employed as a casual on 1 March 2020, and have been employed for 12 months you are eligible.

      I assume that it doesn’t matter if you were full-time/part-time/casual at varying points of that 12 months, just that if you were casual at 1 March 2020, you’ve also been employed for > 12 months.


  242. I was in full time employment at the 1st of March but resigned to change to another full time job due to family reasons as of the 9th of March. Will i still eligble for the jobkeeper or do I fall between the cracks and receive nothing. My husband earns just over the threshold for jobseekers so I’m not eligible for that payment either.

  243. I’m now receiving job keeper payment I work permanent part time for over ten years .
    We are also still working two days a week at reduced hours 9 am to 3pm
    Am I still entitled to pro rata holiday leave , as I am still working , and as the hair salon may be re opening in May as we are a essential service , the brand price attack chose to close the salon , and the staff then went to two days a week in retail

  244. I have been in full time employment for 12 years in Australia. On the 9th of February, I decided to change employers, and without any time off, changed from employer A to employer B. The change was on the 9th of March. Am I now disadvantaged because I wasn’t employed by my current company as of the 1st of March? This seems to be a very edge case which I’m hoping isn’t as it seems.

  245. Hi , I have been working as a casual with one of the campany for more then 3 years now. Company is eligible for jobkeeper but they sent me an email that I’m not eligible for payment. Reason they said is they believe for casuals “systematic and regular work” means they should have worked at least on full shift in 40 out of 52 weeks. I have worked 5 days a week 8 hours shift for so many weeks last year and years before. There are only 2 weeks I did 6 hours ( work doesn’t need me for more hour). Now they are saying I’m not eligible. Is it up to employer to choose hours/weeks for employees to be eligible other then they must be working with them for above 12 months? Your help will be appreciated. I can’t find answers for my question any where at all.

  246. My son has been waiting,casual,at a local eatery for the past two years.
    Restaurant is now closed.
    He has applied for Job Seeker and today has been informed by his employer he has been terminated.
    Since he is terminated does this mean his former employer is not obliged to include him in their Job Keeper application?
    I understand that the employer pays the initial wages then is reimbursed from the Gov’t once the Job Keeper application is approved?

  247. hi i am an employer of over 20 people in the security industry. we lost 100 percent of of work income. am i obligated to to put all my staff on job seeker or just a few? as there is no way ill be able to cover the $3000 per month per employee. i would be able to cover 5 maybe

  248. Hi
    I have worked for my company as a part-time casual for almost 8 years, I work when there is work to do but have not had any work since the end of February. I have not been stood down but as I had no hours and was not paid during March my employers tell me I cannot be included for the Job Keepers allowance for which my company is eligible and will be claiming for other staff. Is this true?

  249. Hi . I am a full time worker just been given the job keeper registration form by my employer so they can claim job keeper payment from the government. My question is when the situation gets back to normal is the employee who received job keeper payment or the employer needs to pay back full or part of this payment to government?

  250. Hi. I have been a casual employee for almost 2 years & seem to meet all the requirements. My question is: If I were to fall ill & could not work for an entire fortnight, would I still receive the full $1500 Job Keeper payment? Is there a specific guideline of how many hours an employee has to work?

  251. Hi I have a cafe that was due to close 30 June due to the end of our lease. We have decided to close it now due to having no business. Are my casuals entitled to the jobkeeper payments seeing that there is no job to keep? I understand why they want it but it seems a bit disingenuous to claim it seeing that we are now closed for good

  252. Hi there, I have just applied for Job Keeper with my employer, filled out the paper work and returned them personally to HR.
    The following day I recieved a phone call asking if I was able to work a couple of hours a day 2 to 3 days a week, and with excitement I agreed with no questions asked.
    Later that evening I mentioned it to a friend and she questioned me about my phone call, Am I still eligible for Job Keeper if I go back? Will I be recieving Job Keeper and getting paid for the hours I work from my employer? Which made me start thinking.
    Am I eligible for Job Keeper and able to be back dated from 31st March if I go back to work? Am I being taken advantage of by my employer if I do the hours and I’m recieving Job Keeper?
    Is the employer allowed to not pay me anything if I go back to working I’m recieving Job Keeper?
    Please help me with these questions as I don’t really understand the Job Keeper and is my employer doing anything illegal and using me.

  253. Hi, I currently have 2 jobs.

    One is permanent part time for only one day a week for 5 hours. They pay me part time rate because it costs them less money than paying me casual rates. My hours have not been reduced at this job and remain the same.

    My other job is Casual for 2 days a week per fortnight.

    My hours have been reduced at my casual job and they have said they will apply for Jobkeeper for me, however I did some reasearch and i think I am ineligible because I have my other permanent part time job. I earn the most money from my casual job.

    Can I still apply or am I ineligible?

    Thank you.

  254. Hi sorry if this has already been asked, staff who were stood down and have been using Annual Leave & Long Service for income, once the company qualifies for Job Keeper will their Annual & Long Service Leave be re instated?

    Thank You

  255. Read this and tell me how you read it.

    I have a permanent part time job and a casual job, Can I choose my casual employer for the Jobkeeper payment if they are the only one who has nominated me and who I earn the most from?

    More info: I work one day for 5 hours a week at my permanent part time job and my hours have not changed there but my hours have been reduced at my casual job and that is where I work the most and who I earn the most money from.

    ATO website says:
    Employees with multiple employers

    If you have multiple employers, only one employer can claim the JobKeeper payment on your behalf. Your employers may ask you to tell them if you agree to be nominated as an eligible employee of theirs to receive the JobKeeper payment.

    If you are employed by more than one employer, you should contact your employers and tell them which employer you want to receive the JobKeeper payment from.

    If you are a long-term casual and you have other permanent employment, you must choose your permanent employer – you cannot be nominated by your casual employer.

    ***But I don’t understand if this means I have to choose my permanent employer over my casual employer only if they have both nominated me?***

  256. Hi There,

    My employer wants to nominate me for job keeper however said her account informed her there may be an issue as I have been paid job seeker payment from Centrelink from the 23/03 to now.
    Can I still be eligible for job keeper?

  257. My boss said she can’t afford to pay wages for all the staff until she is reimbursed so she’s only applying for job keeper for one staff member even though we are all illegible… Is this allowed ?

  258. Hi, as a Sole Trader (not by choice – employer forced at the start), I am effectively working as a employee working full time 40+ for the same company for 9 years but do my own tax, submit invoices for my time etc. but my boss saves on paying us any entitlements. (Don’t like it there is the door scenario)
    We haven’t seen a full downturn of 30% yet so we can’t backdate due to remaining jobs but it is well and truly on the way in the next month. It has been raised that they are considering the idea of ‘deferring invoices’ so we can personally meet the downturn threshold going forward but continue working as usual and then will be paid the invoices in October when the JobKeeper payments end.
    Effectively we would just be getting paid at a later date (like we finish a big contract in October) and live off JobKeeper for the time being, just so it can help the bosses business cash flow and possible lessened hours to come. Would this be considered illegal, when they could just say we finished a big contract later in the year when we get our ‘deferred payments’ made.

  259. I am working at a mechanic shop , which still is operating with employees. I was the only one employee stood down in the whole shop and have been there the longest. Can this happen? No reason was given to my why? Supervisor just told me its because of my high salary. Can you please help me to let me know can this happen? Otherwise who can I contact to help me. As this is affecting my head space and my family.

  260. We have an employee who decided NOT to come to work as soon as the virus hit. Her choice. We had work for her but she is scared to come out. Now we have applied for Job Keeper and she will qualify under all the guidelines. So, effectively she will get paid for sitting at home….her choice not ours. All other employees are working and have since the beginning. It appears we cannot compel her to work but we still have to pay her $1500 to sit at home. This can’t be right?

  261. I have worked for the same age for over 12 months but it changed hands 6 months ago am I able to get job keepers

  262. Hi I am currently receiving the JobKeeper Payment. Is there a requirement of employees to work a minimum of 2 shifts to keep the JobKeeper payments?
    If my boss decides to open up her Spa sooner rather than later?

  263. Hi
    My son is over 16 and a full time student.
    He normally would work approx 16 hours a week.
    His employer has had to close their business
    Is he eligible for the job keeper payments even though he is a student?

  264. My wife worked At international airport on 9th March 2019 as casual and shifts were dropped mid March but got her paperwork in for unpaid maternity leave and still on the books. Was notified not eligible cause just missing out on the 12 months. Are there any avenues to apply for consideration for job keeper , perm resident first real job with hardly no super . Thanks

  265. I work part time for a private school but work full time hours half contracted half casual ,i have now lost my casual hours they say they are going to claim job keepers for me,so do i have to work the casual hours which i used too ,can you advise

  266. I am currently receiving a job keeper payment on reduced hours.
    I’ve recently pinched a never in my back.
    Do I still receive the job keeper amount plus a sick day pay? Or does the employer use my sick pay and only pay me partial of the job keeper?

  267. Hi There,

    I was hired April 11th 2019 as a perm part time which means to March 1st 2020 its less than 12 months. I went from 4 days a week to 2 days because of COVID 19 but still a part time employee.

    Do I get the jobkeeper payments?


    1. I am on an aged pension so to top this up have been working at least two days a week in a pub for the same owner.
      I report, accurately to Centrelink each forthnight and the pension is adjusted accordingly.
      Now with the pub shut the owner does not think I am entitled to JobKeeper because I am on the pension.
      I am having a hard time proving I am entitled to JobKeeper.
      I have given him links to the ATO to check it out but so far no outcome.
      What would be the next step.

  268. I am a sole trader whose entire industry is wiped out by COVID-19 for the next 6 months at least. I can certainly demonstrate a 100% fall in turnover for May-September. However, I did not submit a 2019 tax return before 12 March 2020, as required on the job keeper application. Is it too late to do anything about it? Is there any way around this requirement, are there any exceptions?

  269. hi my daughter goes to uni full time also works part-time and gets student allowance she will get jobkeeper payment from her employer what happens to her student allowance payment

  270. if my daughter gets the jobkeeper allowance and still studing , i know her student allowance
    will be put on hold but do centre link know automaticaly or does she have to let centre link herself that she will get jobkeeper

  271. My daughter has worked casually for Coles for 2 years then moved 6 months ago to work casually at a hotel. Is she eligible for job keeper? It says 12 months employed. Does that mean employed with the employee for 12 months? She’s a uni student and needs the money.

  272. Should an employer be cagey as to whether they have registered for Jobkeeper, is there anywhere , say on the ATO site, where you can load the employer’s ABN , from you recent pay slip, and it comes up that they are either registered or not for Jobkeeper?
    Or is it being added to ABN lookup site just as it would advise if they are registered for GST.?

  273. My son works as a coach for Little Kickers and has done so for over a year. Is he eligible for the job keepers payment. He asked his boss and his boss said no he wasn’t because it was a Franchised business. ( his boss has been a bit slack over the years…another of my son’s worked for him years ago and did not receive pay slips etc, so I don’t want to just take his word for it without checking )

  274. I work as a Contractor and have been with the company for about 8 months working roughly 20 hours a week. I am unsure if I am eligible for JobKeeper, as I do not know if a “Contractor” is considered a part-time worker or a casual worker. I know you have to be working for the company for over 12 months to be eligible for JobKeeper if you are a casual worker, therefore in my case I would not be eligible if a Contractor position is considered a casual. My boss is not replying to me as to whether I am eligible or not. I am full-time uni student (20-years old) so I am not eligible for the JobSeeker Payment, so I am quite stressed about the situation and not being able to get compensated by the government. Youth allowance through Centrelink will only give about $100 a week.

  275. I currently receive the age pension, but also had a part-time job which paid me the maximum the government allows. I was laid off when my employer no longer operated its business due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Am I entitled to a part payment of the JobKeeper allowance?

  276. hithere i am working casual but in management position in essential services. I currently have approx 38 hrs a week. Before covid it was 35 hrs a week. My boss asked me to sign up for jobseeker…..and I did….but now have been told that i might not get superannuation. Whats the go here….. All his staff walked,except me and I have held the fort down through it all in a front line customer service position…dealing face to face with hundreds of peeps a day!!! Happy to be there for sure, but also upset as other peeople in management who were working 35 hrs a week like myself, decided to not work and are now getting the $750 job keeper for their continuedholiday (note they are no longer concerned for their health re virus, they are just enjoying the time off,lucky them!)…. and in meantime Im working more hours and getting paid only slightly more than them while they holiday!!! Struggling to see how this is fair! Im on the front line……..

  277. I am employed as a casual child care assistant who has worked for the same company for 10 years. I make myself available to work and am on call daily if someone rings in sick or on holidays. I can work 38 hour weeks some weeks and nothing other weeks.
    All the girls I work with who are on contract and permanent part time workers are getting the job keeper allowance but I have been refused.
    I questioned my boss and she said it is because I am not employed on a “regular and systematic basis.
    Is this fair or should I take this matter further? Is it worth pursuing this.
    Many thanks

  278. Good morning,
    I am a sole trader with an ABN and have been trading for about 7 years. I offer engineering consultancy, I live in Australia but all my work is overseas. I have purchase orders for work in PNG in June. Obviously this cannot be done so I have lost approx. AUD18,000. I cannot demonstrate a 30% loss of income from last year as I was holidaying in Europe from April to August. Can I get Job Keeper as a result of this lost future income? I have asked numerous people about this and have posted questions on several chat sites (including ATO Community) and no one seems able to give me an answer.

  279. If I resign from work, I’m assuming I can’t get jobkeeper payments anymore. How do I cancel jobkeeper? Is that possible to do once payments have already begun?

  280. Good Evening, I know this message area is not dedicated to job keeper, but I hope you can help me. I own a small business and have enrolled for job keeper. As I pay my staff on a monthly basis do I:

    1. Continue to pay my staff on a monthly basis and claim job keeper through STP on a monthly basis; or

    2. Continue to pay my staff on a monthly basis and claim job keeper through STP on a fortnightly basis; or

    3. Change my payroll system to pay staff fortnightly and claim job keeper through STP on a fortnightly basis.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated as I have spent many, many hours searching on line for a definitive answer.

    Thank you in advance !!

  281. Hi there,
    Just had a question regarding jobkeeper payments and casuals.
    I have a few casuals that are on Jobkeeper payments, but since receiving Jobkeeper they have been refusing to work, ie making themselves anavailable, not puting in availabilities etc. I have one come back to me with a medical certificate it has been 2 weeks saying they are unfit for work, anoother saying they cant work until the kids go back to school possibly till July. Prior to jobkeeper these casuals where picking up a minimum of 3 shifts a week. I just find this unfair and it seems like they are milking the system. Where is the protection to employers doing the right thing, there is a dob in employer scheme for employees to dob in their employers for not doing the right thing, but none for employers. What would you recomend.

  282. Hi there my wife has been working at a hairdressers as a casual for the past 15yrs working about 20hrs per week roughly $520 take home per week her boss has told her she has to work the extra hours to make up the $750 for job keeper is this right Thanks

  283. We are looking at re-engaging a 3rd year apprentice who is on job keeper with his current private employer , if he comes on board with our group training company and our circumstances are that we are eligible for job keeper , will he he eligible to receive job keeper ,being that he was employed on the 1st of July 2020 and we will be employing him as of 28th Sept.

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