Synergie Launches Supplement Range SynTernals

Synergie Skin Founder Terri Vinson Jones explains the power of her new NAD+ boosting supplement, NRgize+.

Terri Vinson Jones, a renowned Australian skin scientist and cosmetic chemist, stands out as a leading figure in her field. Through her expertise and dedication, she has founded Synergie Skin and gained recognition for her innovative approach to skincare. With a blend of scientific knowledge and a commitment to ethical beauty, Terri creates high-quality cosmeceuticals aimed at delivering transformative results.

With over two decades of experience in formulation, she holds a Bachelor of Science, a post-graduate Diploma of Formulating Chemistry, and a Diploma in Education. This has led to her unwavering commitment to innovating the Australian skincare market and only deliver products that are strictly evidence-based, cruelty free and results driven.

Terri is a member of the ASCC (Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists), and is a world-recognised formulator, a lecturer in the field of cosmetic science, and the author of ‘Skinformation: A Clean Science Guide to Beautiful Skin’. 

We caught up with Terri to learn more about her recent tap into the nutraceutical and regenerative wellness market.

Terri, what made you decide to enter the supplements market? 

I decided to enter the supplements market based on my background in human microbiology and immunology, which has always fueled my passion for biomedical science. As the founder of Synergie Skin, a prominent player in Australia’s professional skincare market for nearly two decades, I noticed a consistent demand from our stockists for oral supplements to complement our cosmeceuticals.

I always take my feedback seriously and the timing was perfect to introduce our nutraceutical range, hence the birth of SynTernals.

With the beauty industry focusing on whole body health and recognising the strong link between topical cosmeceuticals and oral nutraceuticals, I saw a unique opportunity to promote wellness and beauty from the inside out. Emphasising healthspan over lifespan became a core principle, highlighting the importance of living a long life in great health rather than simply reaching old age in any condition. Additionally, my personal passion for biohacking drove me to explore ways to synergise internal health with external radiance. 

Considering the challenges posed by today’s environment, including pollution and nutrient-depleted soils, supplementation has become more crucial than ever. This venture reflects both my professional expertise and personal convictions, aiming to optimise health and beauty holistically. 

Why have you decided to focus on NAD+ ?

I chose to focus on NAD+ because this molecule is integral to providing energy for every process in our cells. NAD+ is essential in promoting cellular healthspan and this originates from the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse. This amazing organelle is like the battery pack for everything our body needs. If the mitochondria are operating well, our cells and entire body thrives.

At SynTernals, we believe in nurturing cellular vitality from within, and NAD+ is pivotal. Our flagship product, NRgize+, is designed as your NAD+ supercharger, enhancing energy production and supporting your cellular processes. Boosting NAD+ levels are key to promoting cellular health and longevity, making it a cornerstone of our approach at SynTernals. 

What makes NRgize+ stand out compared to existing supplements on the market? 

NRgize+ is a nutraceutical supplement that truly stands alone, with a scientifically backed formula, featuring a blend of vitamin B3 derivatives, Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), and Niacinamide. These molecules are strategically combined to synergistically elevate NAD+ levels in our cells. Additionally, potent antioxidants such as Quercetin and Resveratrol are included to combat free radical cell damage and provide comprehensive cellular support.

This unique combination not only enhances cellular energy processes but also offers robust protection against internal and environmental oxidative stress, making NRgize+ an outstanding supplement for promoting overall healthspan and longevity at all life stages. 

What effect on skin health can NRgize+ achieve? 

NRgize+ offers a comprehensive approach to skin health, backed by clinical evidence. The skin acts as an external reflection of inner wellness, and this formula targets key processes to promote optimal skin function. By boosting NAD+ levels and providing potent antioxidants, NRgize+ supports collagen synthesis, reduces inflammation, and promotes pro-ageing skin processes. 

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) boosts NAD+ levels and enhances mitochondrial function, vital for DNA repair and inflammation reduction. 

Oral and topical niacinamide has been scientifically proven to improve barrier function, collagen production, and hydration while addressing issues like acne, hyperpigmentation and skin immunity. Resveratrol quelches free radicals and contributes to hydration and inflammation reduction, supporting sirtuin activation and DNA repair.

Quercetin reduces oxidative stress and inflammation on cells, and promotes healing, targeting cellular senescence pathways for enhanced skin health and vitality. Additional to whole body health, this comprehensive approach addresses key aspects of skin health, offering a foundation for long term pro-ageing. 

Is it suitable for everyone? 

NRgize+ is tailored to meet the needs of mature adults striving for optimal energy levels, improved healthspan, and overall vitality. Because our NAD+ levels significantly decline as we mature, it’s particularly beneficial for those seeking to support our natural ageing process and combat free radical damage from the environment. Additionally, NRgize+ is suitable for individuals looking to enhance digestive support, cognitive function, cellular metabolism. 

How would you suggest a skin clinic integrate NRgize+ into their offering? 

NRGize+ should blend seamlessly into all clinics focused on holistic skin health. Beauty and vitality extend beyond the surface, requiring a blend of customised cosmeceuticals, clinical treatments, and supplement support. By offering multilayered, personalised client plans, you can more effectively optimise your client’s outcomes and support homecare routines. Supplements like NRgize+ can accelerate the results of clinical treatments while harnessing the harmony between inner wellness and outer beauty and confidence. 

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