Synergie Skin’s Breakthrough Plasma Device

Cosmeceutical brand Synergie Skin has just launched a revolutionary new skin rejuvenation device to the Australian market, and are now the proud exclusive distributors of the Plabeau. The sleek, hand-held device employs non-invasive, cool and pain-free plasma technology, breaking down air particles into active plasma ions at a rate of 1 billion ions per second and in turn introducing a roster of benefits to the skin. It’s available in two models: the G4+, which retails in spas/clinics for clients to use at-home, as well as the S1, to be utilised in in-clinic treatments.

“When I first studied the clinical data from Plabeau, I knew I was onto something special, says Synergie Founder and Cosmetic Chemist Terri Vinson. “The industry has seen the clinical benefits from hot plasma science, but this new cold plasma technology is seriously cutting-edge. The results from the at-home device are phenomenal for relieving irritation and regenerating the skin. Whether it’s for anti-ageing, acne, redness or dermatitis so many clients will benefit from using the Plabeau. I’m so excited to be the first to bring this to the Australian market”

Originating from Korea, Plabeau is the world’s first rechargeable, hand-held cold plasma device, whose benefits include improving overall skin quality, boosting collagen production, soothing irritation, sterilising skin and ridding acne-causing bacteria, and increasing hydrophilicity of cells, meaning greater absorption of water-based serums applied immediately after use.

Clinical trials demonstrate a 41% increase in the amount of active ingredients absorbed after just 10 minutes with the device. Results also showed significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, with periorbital wrinkles diminishing by 26% after 6 weeks of use (10 minutes twice daily) due to the Plabeau’s activation of fibroblasts leading to enhanced collagen and elastin synthesis. It also encourages blood circulation and the formation of new vessels to increase the supply of nutrients to the skin.

Terri explains the process as “when the plasma is created on the skin’s surface, it ionises the oxygen but also ionises the hydrogen, and when you have positively charged hydrogren ions, it creates like a water magnet for the skin, and anything that’s dissolved in that water is pushed into the skin – which is why hydrophilic ingredients are absorbed more effectively.”

Plabeau is incredibly easy to use – the super-light device is used in a sweeping motion across the face, emitting a gentle zapping noise and a barely noticeable ozone-like smell. It can be used towards the end of facial treatments before finishing with a serum (then moisturisers, sunscreens etc if desired) and cleaned easily with alcohol swabs.

Synergie Skin also includes a complimentary Dermiotic pre-serum elixir with each purchase of the Plabeau G4+ – as a serum filled with pre and probiotics, Dermiotic is recommended to those wishing to re-balance any good bacteria that may have been removed alongside the ‘bad’ bacteria through the Plabeau’s sterilising action.

The Plabeau retails for $529, and is already rapidly expanding its presence in leading day spas around the country since its launch this year, including Elevate Hub (Mona Vale) and Sol Spa (Vaucluse).

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