Meditative Medispa: Better Results?

Meditation is the Mother Teresa of Generation Stress. It calms our frazzled heads and singed souls. But can mindful meditation help serious skin conditions too? Scientific research says yes, it can.


The Mindfulness Stress Reduction Clinic in the US conducted randomised trials on adults suffering from psoriasis who had decided to give up on their dermatology treatments. They compared people meditating while having a UVB light treatment with non-meditators.


“The skin of people who meditated during the treatments cleared at a rate four times faster than the non meditators,” says Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor of medicine and founder of the clinic.meditate2

Meditation might mean faster and more effective results for those receiving the treatments you offer. But stress, mental health and inflammation are a vicious triangle. Those suffering from anxiety disorders find it harder than anyone to switch off.

Rachael White, founder of Archangel Aromatherapy, says: “In a medispa environment, meditation is great for clients having a procedure as it completely shuts off the active mind. When your skin is in a relaxed state, treatments can penetrate more completely. ”

Make your medispa or clinic a meditation zone with these practical ideas:


1. Clear Space

Purify the energy in your treatment room! Rachael White says: “The energy inside a skin clinic can naturally be a bit tense, especially if there’s invasive procedures. Your client won’t see the tension, obviously, but they can feel it.” You can get in the zone by having a professional energy clearing, then follow the SPA+CLINIC “well workspace” guide to maintain that zen.


2. Let the Tapes Do The Talking!

If you’re busy performing skin magic, perhaps chanting a meditative mantra simultaneously might be too much multi-tasking (even if you happen to be a master of mind-over-matter)! Why not let meditation tapes like these take your client into a tranquility trance? Just press play!

3. Good Vibrations

Crystal healers believe ill health relates to disordered vibrations in the body, and that specific crystals can correct them. They’re used in meditation to bring the meditators mind into alignment with the crystals’ energy. You don’t need a rock solid knowledge of crystals to have them in your treatment room – just do a little research and hand them to your clients to hold. For maximum effect, the bigger the better, and choose natural over polished.


4. Get Scented

It’s easy to believe that every plant has a unique energy – they’re alive like us! Aromatherapists aim to harness this energy by using fragrant extracts from plants to heal specific ailments. For meditation, Rachael White recommends specific blends 1) clearing 2) healing 3) positivity, and says a good nebuliser is just as essential as the oils.


5. Ongoing Benefits

Clients meditating while having anti-inflammatory skin procedures can seriously boost the effectiveness of your handiwork. Retailing any meditation aids you’ve familiarised your client with, (like a specific aromatherapy oil blend, plus nebuliser) will help the healing process continue at home for the client if they purchase.

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