Hot Off The Press; Volume 85 Of SPA+CLINIC Magazine Is Here

Volume 85 of SPA+CLINIC Magazine has just landed on our desks and is filled to the brim with the latest news, educational resources and endless inspiration.

We started with a bang for 2021 and have kept the good times rolling as the medi, aesthetics and wellness industries continue to go from strength to strength after last year’s challenges.

Are you loving our refreshed look that’s carried over from Volume 84? We’ve also bought back our QR codes, so don’t forget to get out your phone and dive deeper into SPA+CLINIC with our digital experiences.

Inside, our cover star, Prologic, teaches us how our skincare choices can save the planet and we tap into our community of spas and clinics to see which treatments are trending and the products they can’t keep on the shelves. You’ll also see a lot about ‘recovery treatments’, the term on everyone’s lips right now. So, we recommend curling up with a cuppa and treating yourself to some much needed time out when flicking through the pages of volume 85.

If you’re a subscriber, your print issue will be in your hands soon (if it’s not already). And, if you’d like to have SPA+CLINIC magazine delivered to your door every quarter, you can subscribe here. For now, check out the digital version of the magazine below, and don’t forget to let us know what you’re loving, and what you’d like to see more of next issue.

My Patient Went Viral On TikTok

How to take advantage of social media’s favourite selling tools.

SPA+CLINIC Magazine Volume 85 - What Really Matters In A Post-Pandemic Spa?

What Really Matters In A Post Pandemic Spa?

Ana Crawford describes her perfect recipe for a successful spa business in our new post-pandemic society.

SPA+CLINIC Magazine Volume 85 - Force Of Nature

Force of Nature

Holistic facialist and Australian Prologic Distributer, Paula Cliffin, teaches us how our skincare choices can save the planet.

SPA+CLINIC Magazine Volume 85 - Rest and Recover

Rest & Recover

We explore the latest wellness recovery hubs and treatments on the market.

SPA+CLINIC Magazine Volume 85 - The Neck Is The New Face

Female Awakening

Let’s normalise talking about female pleasure and vaginal treatments. We take a look at the latest in women’s health.

The Neck Is The New Face

Discover the latest trends in aesthetic treatments that shine a light on the importance of taking your treatments below the chin.

SPA+CLINIC Magazine Volume 85 - The Dentist's Jab

The Dentist’s Jab

Getting injectables done at the dentist is becoming the norm as dental clinics increasingly move into the wellness and aesthetics sector.

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