Here’s What You Missed At BEAUTY&SPA Insiders 2023

A day of innovation, insight, and connection.

In the radiant ambiance of Pier One, Sydney Harbour, the BEAUTY&SPA Insiders 2023 event unfolded yesterday, a collaborative and inspiring event brought to fruition by SPA+CLINIC and Professional Beauty.

The vibrant event was expertly navigated by the charismatic MC, Danielle Hughes, guiding attendees through an immersive exploration of the latest trends, groundbreaking technologies, and impactful news in the aesthetics, beauty and spa industry.

The day was filled with presentations, engaging panels, captivating display showcases, and invaluable networking opportunities. Leaders from diverse corners of the industry, ranging from beauty and dermal therapists to salon and clinic owners, nurses, doctors, and CEOs, converged to share their insights.

The event aimed not just to inform but to inspire conversations, fostering connections over a day teeming with discussions that delved into the future trajectory of the industry.

Keynotes that sparked inspiration

The event kicked off with a dynamic keynote address titled “The Entrepreneurial Mindset,” delivered by the dynamic duo behind SSKIN, Amy & Emilee Hembrow. Their insights into building a thriving aesthetic business, coupled with essential business non-negotiables, set the tone for a day rich with entrepreneurial wisdom.

Amy and Emilee Hembrow

Dermal Therapist Charlotte Ralph took the stage to elucidate why “RF is the Future of Skin Rejuvenation.” Her presentation, featuring Cynosure’s Potenza, underscored the versatility of radio frequency micro-needling as a non-surgical solution for patients seeking rejuvenation. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of this technology.

In-depth conversations on client and team experiences

Throughout the day, panel discussions wove a narrative around the client/patient experience, shedding light on the intricacies of delivering quality service. Cecilia Ferreyra, Director of Spa & Wellness at Sofitel SPA, shared the magic behind curating a unique spa experience for clients by tailoring every detail across seasons. The emphasis on crafting an exceptional experience underscored the commitment to client satisfaction, echoed by panellists Michelle Reeve and Jessika Brigginshaw.

Shifting the focus to team-based experiences, Kelly George RN took the audience on a journey through building and retaining exceptional teams. Her narrative highlighted the importance of investing in the team as the cornerstone of a successful business, emphasising that the biggest investment should be in the people who contribute to the vision.

Panel discussion: “Drinks with the Experts”

The afternoon unfolded into a convivial atmosphere with “Drinks with the Experts,” a panel discussion featuring luminaries such as Dr. Steven Liew, Dr. Tania Romano, Dr. Ian Chinsee, Karen Geiszler, and Bryce Hadley, hosted by SPA+CLINIC Editor, Nadine Dilong. The experts delved into the future of beauty and aesthetics, offering intriguing glimpses into what 2024 and beyond hold for the industry. Their collective wisdom painted a vivid picture of the exciting developments on the horizon, such as exosomes, AI technology, new injectables, and innovative ingredients in skincare.

Gratitude to partners and sponsors

A heartfelt thank you resonates with our industry leaders and partners who played a pivotal role in making this year’s event possible. Platinum partners ZO Skin Health, Gold partners Advanced Cosmeceuticals, Waterlily, Beyond Payments, Cynosure, Skinceuticals, and Synergie Skin, as well as Silver partners Cryomed, Hydrafacial, and Retreatment Botanics, and Bronze partner Victoria Curtis Cosmetics, all contributed to the success of this immersive gathering.

The BEAUTY&SPA Insiders 2023 event was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the unwavering spirit of the beauty and spa industry. As we depart Pier One with minds buzzing with new ideas and hearts brimming with inspiration, the echoes of the insightful discussions and shared experiences will undoubtedly reverberate in the industry for months to come. Until next year, let the journey of beauty, aesthetics and wellness continue to unfold.

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