Facial Sculpting Is On The Rise, Here’s What The Neolifting Technique Is All About

We speak to Aimee and Emilee Hembrow and their senior Dermal Therapist at SSKIN for their take on why NeoLifting is so in demand.

Facial sculpting has risen to popularity, offering subtle yet impactful transformations. From Face Gym techniques to Gua Sha, this new charge is within the innovative Neolifting technique, gaining traction among professionals such as Amy and Emilee Hembrow, Founders of SSKIN and their esteemed team of Dermal Therapists.

The Hembrow sisters fell in love with the Neolifting technique and saw great potential upon first discovery, which then peaked immense interest and further led to a journey commenced with an intensive training program in Sydney, where their team underwent a comprehensive week-long course integrating theory with practical application.

Among the first intake of twenty practitioners in Australia, Amy and Emilee and the team at SSKIN have found it to be a great success.

We spoke to Christie Cameron (pictured above) who is the Senior Dermal Therapist at SSKIN about her take on the protocol.

What is Neolifting?

NeoLifting is not merely a facial massage; it’s a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional beauty treatments.

It’s a holistic approach that delves deep into the psyche, something that makes this treatment stand out but also extremely intricate to learn. As you glide your hands over the contours of the face, you’re not just sculpting features; you’re sculpting emotions.

NeoLifting is an art form, a symphony of touch and technique that harmonises physical beauty with emotional well-being. 

Embodying a holistic transformative approach that extends beyond surface-level aesthetics to encompass the psychoemotional realm, this is a very labour intensive treatment.

Through NeoLifting, you’re not just enhancing your clients’ physical appearance; you’re also fostering a profound impact on their emotional well-being, empowering them to perceive and embrace beauty holistically.

By combining lymphatic techniques, manual facial muscle manipulation, and sculpting with Buccal Massage—an integral intra-oral component—NeoLifting achieves a dual objective: refining physical features while nurturing psychological balance.

This comprehensive ritual facilitates stress release, tension relief, emotional release, and facial sculpting and lifting, harnessing the interconnectedness of muscular structures and emotional states.

How does this stand out in the current clinical industry – especially where “proof” or “evidence of results” is so crucial? 

NeoLifting distinguishes itself in an industry where tangible proof of results is paramount due to its innovative approach as a non-invasive facelifting technique, offering a compelling alternative to injectables for those hesitant to pursue such measures.

Its efficacy is readily quantifiable; even after just one session, noticeable improvements such as reduced puffiness, enhanced tone, and a visibly lifted appearance are evident, alongside alleviation of jaw tension.

A quote from Danna Omari, “There is no technology to replace the power of hands,” emphasises the profound impact of human touch and connection in fostering emotional rapport with clients.

By providing a safe haven for relaxation in a stress-laden world, NeoLifting not only enhances physical well-being but also cultivates enduring client relationships and fosters repeat business.

What steps are involved in training therapists in this technique?

The training for NeoLifting is comprehensive and far exceeds a simple facial massage. It demands extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, including intricate knowledge of facial muscular and skeletal structures, as well as lymphatic systems.

Moreover, a profound understanding of the emotional nuances embedded within facial expressions is imperative to effectively apply these facial sculpting techniques.

Without proper education and training in these domains, practitioners risk potential complications such as ineffective results, asymmetrical outcomes, and even potential harm to the client’s facial integrity.

At SSKIN, we understand the importance of investing in excellence. That’s why our team has undergone intensive International NeoLifting training, ensuring that each practitioner is equipped with the knowledge and skill to deliver unparalleled results.

While this investment may be significant, we believe it’s essential for our clients to experience the full benefits of NeoLifting and to be treated holistically. In a world where clients seek long-term, well-rounded regenerative solutions, NeoLifting stands at the forefront of transformative treatments. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a wellness experience.

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