Treatments To Push This Winter

It may be a slow time of year, but winter is a wonderful time for a lot of non-invasive treatments and procedures. While you may struggle initially to encourage the same number of clients to get out of the house and brave it, the cold weather facilitates a nice opportunity for down-time, while your clients rest and recover, sans-makeup, in the comfort of their home. Not only this, but the lack of sun is another great perk post-procedure.

If you’re currently at work on your winter marketing plan, here are some ideal winter treatments to push:

When using red or yellow LED light during facials, your clients will quite literally feel like they’re laying on a beach under the bright warm sun. Accompany this with soothing wave soundtracks and you’ve got yourself a blissful, 20 minute tropical escape for your clients.

Essential Oil Workshops
If you run aromatherapy workshops, now is the perfect time of year. Educate your attendees about all the wonderful options available for boosting energy, immunity, and crushing those pesky colds and sinus headaches.

Salt Therapy
Autumn and Winter is THE time of year to visit a salt room. Many clients that are yet to try salt therapy may be cynical at first, but it can make a world of different when it comes to clearing stuffy sinuses and transporting congestion. The microscopic salt particles binds to mucus in the lungs making it thinner and less sticky, and easier to expel.

IV Vitamins
Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the body, working at a cellular level and allowing maximum absorption. This means larger doses that aren’t tolerated orally can be safely delivered. High doses of vitamin c and zinc can be used to boost immunity, tackling colds and flus before they hit.

Pigmentation treatments are ideal for winter, as UV exposure after treatment won’t come along and ruin all of your hard work. We love Sciton’s BBL (broad band light) treatment; essentially a highly advanced version of IPL, for sun damage, capillaries, pigmentation, redness and overall skin rejuvenation. Aside from some initial redness, and exacerbated pigmentation several days afterwards, both post-procedure effects and aftercare required are fairly minimal. Depending on skin condition, 2-4 treatments are recommended around 1 month apart, perfect for the winter period – although, exceptional results can often be seen after just one.

For clients with Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) winter is the ideal time to treat with miraDry – a device which uses microwave energy to eliminate sweat glands in the underarm region. It’s a highly effective, permanent treatment that can be life-changing for clients. It does however, involve a little down time. Clients may experience some pain on the first day, and the area will be sensitive and often ‘lumpy’ and swollen in appearance. This will reduce substantially over the first week, but slight ‘lumpiness’ can last up to a couple of months, so subconscious clients will be grateful for their winter clothes and long sleeves.

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