Wellness Bookshelf: Healthy Eating

SPA+CLINIC reveal the Aussie wellness warriors who are inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating.

I Quit Sugar: Simplicious by Sarah Wilson
I Quit Sugar: Simplicious is Sarah Wilson’s 308‐recipe kitchen bible for sugarless, waste‐free, nutrient‐dense cooking. From guilt‐free treats to one‐pot wonders and abundance bowls brimming with nutrients, Sarah aims to expand our knowledge of age‐old kitchen processes while tending to our visceral need to be creative with food.

Simplicious STORYSarah’s non‐negotiable mantra is that you can’t become healthy if you don’t know how to cook. You can’t hand your health over to fast‐food manufacturers and restaurateurs: our health is not their priority. In I Quit Sugar: Simplicious she shows us how to shop, cook and eat like we used to in the days before sugar‐laced processed food hit our shelves and sets out a modern manifesto that encourages buying in bulk, freezing and preserving, and using leftovers with flair.

Little Book of Smoothies & Juices by Lola Berry
Lola Berry STORYAustralian nutritionist, Lola Berry’s Little Book of Smoothies & Juices contains 60 quick and easy recipes for energy, radiance and wellbeing. “With our fast-paced, stressful lives, looking after our health often gets put on the back burner. But with these 60 dairy- gluten- and refined sugar-free smoothie and juice recipes, being too time-poor to be healthy can be a thing of the past! Here’s to making the choice to put your health first, thriving, glowing and feeling alive,” says Lola of her latest release.

Packed with delicious and nourishing smoothie and juice recipes that you can whip up in a jiffy – even in advance — all recipes are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars. Arranged by colour, drink your way through the rainbow from antioxidant greens and potassium-rich yellows to luscious pinks and purples chock full of vitamin C.

The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel

Healthy Life STORYNutritionist and health blogger Jessica Sepel understands the dangers of dieting and overexercising from her own experience. Years of study and personal and clinical practice have taught her how to heal her difficult relationship with food, and find a gentler path, not just for herself but for her patients and many online followers. Jessica believes great health starts with positive lifestyle changes such as more sleep, less stress, and a better connection with those we love.

But mostly it’s about the food and in The Healthy Life she shows how we can eat with a sense of deep peace and enjoyment by choosing the foods that will nourish our bodies. Recommending whole foods, simply prepared, Jessica explains why what we eat has such a strong effect on our mood, and shows us how to choose and prepare food that will create happiness rather than stress.

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