This US Based Spa Director Shares Her Trend Forecast For 2023

Spa Director Trina Wood shares her predicted 2023 trends exclusively to SPA+CLINIC.

Hidden gem in downtown Seattle, Elaia Spa, is known for their trend setting influence not only in the local area, but in the spa industry itself. Elaia runs under the leadership of Spa Director Trina Wood, a spa industry veteran of over 20 years. Trina has shared some new spa trends that she has seen and how she is implementing them at Elaia:

CBD Treatments

CBD and other similar products have grown in popularity across the country. Known for its amazing anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin, more and more spas are starting to offer specialised treatments. Elaia Spa is proud to offer CBD facials as well as CBD products for purchase. The products are currently one of the spa’s best-sellers.

All-Day Spa Retreats

People are not just coming into the spa for a 1-hour treatment anymore. They are coming in for all-day spa retreats and using all that the spa has to offer. Elaia Spa is well equipped for this new trend, offering use of the hotel’s sauna, pool, and gym with any spa treatment purchase.

Digital Detox

We are now in a world surrounded by technology and screens. Another new trend in the spa industry is a “digital detox.” People are using spas to escape their screens and focus on treatments that help with the physical and mental effects of this new digital reality. Elaia Spa is the perfect place to take a break, with its ideal location in downtown Seattle. It is not far for people to unwind from their daily stresses, and the spa offers plenty of services for a “digital detox.”

Custom Spa Services or “a la carte” 

We have really been noticing an increase in guests wanting spa services that are truly unique and specialised to them, so I think spa will start growing their enhancement menus so a guest can book a standard service and choose a few unique options like hot stones, or warm oil scalp massage.

Work Promoted Wellness 

Post-covid, people are heading back to work and the pressures and demands of jobs are as high as they ever have been, people are feeling burnt out and over stimulated. With the new focus of mental and physical health, companies are going to have to start putting employees’ mental wellness as a top priority. Either with specified mental health days, or budgets to bring wellness classes to the office.

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