Nicole Richardson: New Organic Kid

Going bare comes naturally for the skin and environment-loving founder of Bör Organics, Nicole Richardson. Writes Ashleigh Sharman.

Like many a skincare creator I have interviewed over the years, their drive to create a new range came from a place of personal experience and more specifically, acne. The emotional mark this skin disease leaves has the power to shape a future, for the better or worse, and can at-once connect you to a unique target market who continually seeks a miracle cure.

Bör Organics creator, Nicole Richardson, is doing a ‘cleanse’ when we chat — that means no alcohol, no meat, organic fruit and veg, and lots of water.

Doing justice to her skin, nourishing inside and out, Nicole lives and breathes her brand. It’s an extension of her very self, paying homage to her Hungarian ancestry and a nurturing Grandmother, and for now the focus is slow but steady, with a ready team of critiques who deliver tough love.

Bor Organics STORY 2Launched in 2015, Bör Organics (pronounced Bur, meaning Hungarian for ‘skin’) comprises of a Citrus Cleanser, Hydrating Moisturiser and Nourishing Eye Cream with more products underway for 2016 including toner, exfoliant, face masque, deodorant and SPF moisturiser.

“The biggest thing for me was to offer something that was natural and organic and most importantly affordable and environmentally friendly to everyone,” Nicole says in using her knowledge of skin, as a beauty therapist and clinic owner, to link the environment and the skin together.

Eco-friendly and recyclable, with materials sourced in Australia, Nicole sought Australian Certified Organic (ACO) status for the range as a main pillar of her offering.

“Anybody can make something in their home and call it natural or organic but there are environmental or chemical compound factors that can change this classification, including stability testing.

“ACO status was very important to me as I need to know the promise I’m giving my clients is honoured the entire way through,” explains Nicole.

Having just received her first batch of new samples, initial product testing is completed by family and friends. Tough love she says.

“I have a bio-chemist who helps me to achieve specific skin results from a natural ingredient point of view but it’s about the expectations of others: the small things you don’t think of such as smell, colour and texture of natural/organic products.”

The Cleanser however, is already a hero product for Nicole and her naturally oily skin.

Bor Organics STORY 4“Because of the citrus component it’s really great for even acne-prone skin and I feel like I’m getting a really great clean but not stripping the skin. I feel very fresh. That was important for me but also to infuse it with hydrating properties.”

“If you really want your client to have the best outcome possible you want to be recommending homecare and if they can afford the entire range, even better. To give them that was important when I created the range,” says Nicole who uses Bör Organics alongside cosmeceutical brands in her recently opened Camberwell clinic.

Her clients are investing in expensive treatments yet are fuelling a market for organic beauty. There is a balance at play here and room for expansion for clinics looking to provide clients with an alternative in the wellness, natural and organic sector.

Bor Organics STORY“I’m looking to partner with like-minded salons, spas and clinics who value sustainable and affordable Australian Certified Organic skincare; and who want clients to love the skin they’re in!

Nicole is humble about her plans for expansion but is also intent on starting a charity around the range — to make good on her intention to the environment. She might be a new kid on the organic block but no doubt she’s one to watch.

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