Mexico’s Breathtaking New Wellness Retreat Dedicated To Happiness

A breathtaking new wellness experience unlike any other is set to launch in Mexico. Awakening, which describes itself as the first hotel in the world that is dedicated to creating happiness, lies on the Yucatán Peninsula, deep within the Mayan jungle, aiming to bring guests closer to nature and in turn, awaken their connection with their true self.

“Awaken is a sanctuary,” says Founder & President Martin Loeffler. “A sanctuary is a place of nature, a place where you can truly connect with nature. And nature doesn’t necessarily mean untouched by humanity, it can actually be complemented by humanity, and we can integrate with nature the best way possible. The best expression of this is in our design of the ‘cocoons’, which is on one hand allowing this connection with nature, on the other hand, protecting it as much as possible from human impact.”


One of the retreat’s main attractions would undoubtedly be the accommodation, in the form of indoor-outdoor wellness cocoons, which are dotted throughout the property. These sleek pod-like structures are designed to mimic nature – but in the most luxurious of ways. They allow guests to feel both protected and totally immersed in their environment, where they can listen to the rain, stargaze from bed, and smell their surroundings as they fall asleep.

The retreat is set on 365 acres of virtually untouched jungle, complete with seven pristine cenotes (natural pools) – whose sacred waters are incorporated into the wellness experiences.

There are several ‘experiences’ on offer at the retreat, impacting on guests’ consciousness and challenging perspectives. These include:

Adreneline – a series of action sports to push attendees outside of their comfort zones, improve trust and overcome fears.

Sensuality –experiences designed to improve intimacy and enhance couples’ spiritual, emotional and physical connection.

New Perspective – providing a deep and unfiltered insight into Mayan culture, connecting with the people and participating in traditional ceremonies and activities.

“The essence of Awakening is to create positive emotions that will directly impact your thinking,” says Founder & CEO Adriana Chardí. “That will open your mind, that will help you see new perspectives, and they will invite you to start looking for new challenges, to dare to do things you have never done before, to reawaken that curiosity, through the experiences of Awakening.”

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