Mandarin Oriental Launches Wellness Course For Staff

Employee mental health is fast becoming a top priority for the global spa industry.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has announced the upcoming launch of a new mental wellness course for its staff, as they gradually return to the group’s reopened hotels and spas around the globe. The four week course, dubbed the ‘Inner Strength Outer Strength’, will encourage new habits for employees to engage in to support their mental health, across areas including physical vitality, mindfulness, emotional resilience and positive psychology.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong spa. Image via Mandarin Oriental Media Centre

Mandarin Oriental’s group director of spa and wellness, Jeremy McCarthy, believes that placing such emphasis on employee mental health has been pivotal in strengthening the company’s strategy as we all recover and return from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This course is designed to help our colleagues stay strong, both physically and emotionally, to support them during the pandemic and to help them to come back to work being at their best and ready to be of service to others,” McCarthy recently stated in an interview.

The four-week course is split across four categories: body, mind and character, managing stress mindfully, self-compassion and loving-kindness, and bringing strength to personal missions. Attendees will even cover things like nutrition, exercise, breathing and meditation practices, and other wellness solutions in order to build both physical and mental resilience and manage anxiety. Students can also expect to learn how to better understand their own strengths, and how to apply those in their pursuit of personal goals. Mandarin Oriental also says it expects to soon be able to offer a similar course to its guests.

In another example of the group’s commitment to mental health, in celebration of last weekend’s Global Wellness Day (June 13) Mandarin Oriental offered a ‘24 Hours of Wellness’ live stream via Instagram, demonstrating for an entire day the myriad of wellbeing experiences offered at its hotels around the world.

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