Sranrom Winter Delights

Serenity Aromatic Ritual 

Sranrom is poetic Thai for pleasure, serenity, and contentment. Treatments and products utilise Ancient Thai Herbal Healing Wisdom. This NEW Serenity Aromatic Ritual begins with a warm oil salt scrub, infused with pure essential oils of uplifting Sweet Orange and warming Ginger, to smooth and nourish the skin. Follow this with an application of a soothing Body Mask containing flower extracts of Jasmine and Indian Lotus to nourish the skin, while the essential oils of Bergamot and Orange Flower quieten the mind. Finishing with a relaxing massage using a dry oil blend of the exotically scented oils of Champaca and Ylang Ylang, with lavender and bergamot, whose floral aromas have a calming effect on the senses. This 90 mins treatment is a divine experience for clients and therapists and is perfect for hydrating and nourishing.  It is also a brilliant treatment suitable for a Winter Hand or Foot Ritual as an inclusion to your winter menu.

Get Lively Body Scrub – New Release 


This divine, naturally scented Aromatic Body Scrub is blended with sea salts, uplifting Sweet Orange Oil & Lemon Peel Oil, Liquorice Root and warming Ginger, to smooth, polish and brighten the skin. Suitable for full body, a luxurious back treatment, or incorporated into your manicure and pedicure treatments. Get Lively Body Scrub is a divine naturally scented Aromatic Body Scrub. When you are too tired to enjoy the day, Get Lively’s uplifting blend of Sweet Orange and Lemon Peel Oil will brighten your day as well as your skin. Warming Ginger will help detoxify and stimulate circulation. Blended with natural sea salts to polish the skin, this beautiful body exfoliant is suitable for full body treatment, or hands and feet within a manicure/pedicure.


Living in a big city is both exciting and exhausting. The demands placed on us by the hectic pace of life affect our well-being in a number of ways. We may have problems sleeping; get anxious, tired, or tense; or simply be unable to perform to the best of our ability. The Sranrom Urban Wellness range is specifically designed to combat these negative effects and to promote a sense of ease and well-being. When city life takes its toll Sranrom brings pleasure, serenity and contentment.

The Urban Wellness range consists of beautiful products and natural ingredients – a blissful antidote to urban living.

Products are available in both professional and retail size, so that your clients can re-create a home spa experience.

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