Sormé Treatment Cosmetics

Superb makeup must be both glamorous and beneficial to your skin – the living canvas for every colour. For over 20 years, Sorm has teamed with professional makeup artists and the finest formulators around the world to bring you an exceptional blend of traditional beauty wisdom and advanced antiaging technology in every product.


TREAT & PROTECT YOUR SKIN Active plant botanicals, natural minerals, healing vitamins and clinically proven, age-reversing peptides help protect and improve your skin as rich colour pigments enhance your natural beauty. Today, Sorm is the makeup of choice for top Hollywood film studios and celebrities, their ‘secret weapon’ to create their vision of glowing skin, pouting lips and captivating eyes. Discover why Sorm is the exceptional makeup for all ages.

Sorm is the Egyptian name for the natural black ‘Kohl’ substance used by queens and princesses to enhance their eyes; ‘the mirror of the soul.’ Dating back to the 4th millennium, it was Cleopatra who made this intensely pigmented black powder a sensation with her exotic eye makeup. ‘Kohl’ is still used today to create the mysterious allure that is truly timeless.

The Sorm Professional difference is not only in choosing the finest ingredients, made in the United States, but also developing unique packaging that has the professional user in mind. All Sorm Professional products have been thoroughly tested and perfected by professional makeup artists to accommodate their constant use.

Sorm Professional Skincare cosmetics relies on the expertise of today’s top makeup artists and skincare professionals to develop some of the most innovative products available. Thanks to our relationships with US based laboratories and packaging companies, we are able to produce and bring to market innovations in the cosmetics and skincare categories much faster than the Conglomerates. Sorm also have lash & brow grow products, seasonal display stands and great value seasonal gift packs! Hero products include LipTHICK Plumping Gloss, Wet/Dry Bronzers, Anti-ageing Primer.



Sorm Cosmetics are proudly distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Dynamic Skin Solutions – 02 9525 8368 or
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