Purify From Head to Toe

Omveda treatment square

The benefits of massage, Ayurvedic herbs and heat work together in OmVeda’s Body Detox Therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system, helping release accumulated toxins and impurities, reduce fluid retention, enhance circulation and oxygenation and promote blood supply and nutrients to the tissues.

‘The body detox therapy significantly aids in the overall purification of the body and, making it perfect for this time of year,’ comments Yasmin Sadikot, OmVeda’s creator.

‘We can further help the system flush out toxins by brewing a detoxifying tea, like the Kapha Tea’.

This two-hour OmVeda indulgence begins with a relaxing Marma Point massage using warmed Raksha Oil.

The body is then steamed to further help in the removal of toxins followed by a sprinkling of OmVeda Udwarthanam Powder and firm and vigorous massage to break down congestion.

The body is then cocooned in warmed towels to enhance body heat before the OmVeda Body Mask is mixed to a paste with organic yoghurt and generously applied over the body (or the area to be treated) and then wrapped in a pure cotton cloth for 20 minutes.

When semi-dry it is removed by simply brushing off in circular motions.

The OmVeda Body Detox Therapy session ends with a massage of Turmeric Cream and a cup of detoxifying Kapha Tea.



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