Pure and Simple


When clients come to you concerned by congested, inflamed, dry and dehydrated or simply lacklustre complexions, it could be down to one of two relatively simple reasons – they are not cleansing their skin well enough, or they are cleansing it too much/too vigorously.

While people might think that just using their hands to work cleanser into the skin and splash some water to be rid of dirt and impurities is enough, it really isn’t.

A bit more friction is needed to truly remove the residual layer of makeup and exfoliate a little dead skin so the face looks more ‘glowy’ and accepts products more effectively for optimal results.

On the other hand, if cleansing agents are used that are too harsh for an individual’s skin or it’s washed or exfoliated too much to get the complexion ‘clean’, all that’s probably is happening is the skin is being stripped of its protective PH mantle. This leaves it fragile and vulnerable to damage.

A newer generation of skin cleansing brushes provides the happy medium for happier skins between professional visits.

The new PuraSonic Facial Cleansing Brush utilises sonic frequency to clean skin in just 60 seconds (it has an inbuilt timer).

It is designed to be with a non-abrasive facial cleanser. The flexing action of the brush works to loosen dirt and oil, removing impurities deep within pores but without stripping, and priming skin to better absorb topical products. Over time it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PuraSonic is gentle enough for everyday use (although clients should be encouraged to use their own discretion about how often they feel their skin needs it) with more than 90 percent of subject trials reported softer skin after use.

The brush oscillates at up to 300 movements per second to remove dirt and makeup from the skin, up to six times more effectively than manual cleansing.

The device is completely waterproof, allowing it to be left in the shower for convenience.

PuraSonic is sutable for all skin types, ideal for both men and women of all ages and is available in a variety of colours. 

By using the brush before treatments to remove makeup and grime the client is given an example of how to use and communication is open to effect an easy retail sale … a great Christmas gift idea (for the client and/or family and friends)!



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