Prolong Lash Cleaner

Research conducted by Prolong Lash established that facial products containing any form of oils, silicones, glycerols and glycerin rapidly disintegrate eyelash extension adhesives, significantly reducing lash duration and quality. 

As an industry leader in extension support for technicians and consumers, Prolong Lash has continued its commitment to further research and development by partnering with a leading pharmaceutical formulator in eye and lash specialised formulae. 

Now offering even greater benefits, Prolong Lash Cleanser’s patent pending technology continues to provide a 100 per cent oil, silicone, glycerol and glycerine-free solution to effortlessly cleanse and treat lashes whilst removing eye makeup.  

The intensely conditioning solution respects both natural and enhanced lashes to consistently support optimum longevity, comfort and care. Uniquely composed of rose, coconut and grapefruit amino acids, the water-based formula replicates primary amino acids arginine, histidine and lysine found naturally in lash keratin protein. 

Further enriched with sodium PCA, this pH-balanced formula provides long-lasting hydration and radiance. Prolong Lash Cleanser has successfully pioneered the care of lash enhancements by extending their duration, reducing the number of refills required, reducing lash clumpage, reducing breakage and reducing the refill time in salon. 

For the Technician: the benefits of using the Prolong Lash Cleanser on the eyelash extensions or the natural lashes, prior to application or refill are:


  • No ‘slippery lash’, saves time and effort applying the lashes
  • No clumping of the lashes
  • A decrease in lash fallout
  • Because there are up to 60% more lashes still intact, the technician will spend less time refilling


For the Client: the benefits of using the Prolong Lash Cleanser on eyelash extensions are:


  • More lashes stay in place, therefore less time to refill and less cost
  • No clumping of lashes
  • Can be used on the whole face as a cleanser
  • Protects the natural lash cycle


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