Naturally Powerful


BodiSpa is a unique Australian botanical and organic product range made with chirally correct ingredients for optimum results.

‘Spas and clinics are now looking for high-end products to use for treatments with no side effects,’ says Deborah Crosby, CEO at Bodilite Professional Beauty Systems. ‘Customers are demanding freedom from chemical-laden creams and lotions and need to feel safe knowing that their dream spa day is not going to end with a reaction or allergy.

‘Consumers are more aware now of the toxic side effects of products with carcinogenic ingredients that have been linked to cancers and other health care problems. BodiSpa products contain no nasties such as parabens.’

The range features face and body products with beautiful tropical scents, including body detox muds, body scrubs, organically-spiced massage oils plus a full range of spa facial professional and retail products.

‘Our harsh environment does its best to constantly weather, oxidate, burn and dry out our skin and the damage becomes very evident as the years pass,’ says Deborah.

‘With BodiSpa, our mission was to provide high quality active ingredients that are natural, organic and plant-based,, backed by scientific research, that will achieve noticeable differences in a relatively short period of time.’

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