MedCos MicroSkinPolish

The MedCos MicroSkinPolish combines three powerful technologies in one single device:

‘ Microdermabrasion

‘ Low Level Laser Technology (also called LLLT, or Cold Laser)

‘ Polishing 

The MicroSkinPolish treatment starts with ‘opening’ the skin through a powerful microdermabrasion treatment. After the microdermabrasion the skin is ready for the two next steps. 

During the second step, ‘enriching’ the skin, the skin is provided with a high-level hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is being better absorbed by the skin by using the cold Laser/ LLLT. One of the things the LLLT also does is that it stimulates the circulatory system. 

The third and final step of the treatment is to ‘feed and protect’ the skin with a serum of vitamins, anti-oxidants, tamanu oil and sun protection. This finishing touch is done in combination with the polishing stick. With this stick, combined with the serum, you polish the skin.

The MedCos MicroSkinPolish is five times stronger than any Microdermabrasion machine on the market. A revolutionary treatment with very high customer satisfaction because of the 3 steps in 1 treatment and the direct visible results including the improved appearance of:

  • Wrinkles
  • Coarse Pores
  • Acne Scars
  • Poor Skin
  • Weak Skin
  • Striae


MedCos is an internationally operating Dutch company specialising in the development and marketing of medical cosmetic equipment. MedCos produces its equipment in accordance with the highest applicable standards in the Netherlands and – also thanks to its unique marketing concept – has developed into the IPL market leader in the Benelux. All its business is based on quality and security of the equipment and transparent information to the partners and their clients.

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