Subjected to aggressions like shaving, men’s skin fitness has special requirements. Whether he is polished, rugged or just a regular bloke, Skeyndor Men can help a guy step up his grooming schedule a few notches with this stable of helpers.

Eye Bags Recovery Gel is a decongestant Containing mango cells, pure water from Swiss glaciers and liposomes to minimise puffiness and ease signs of tiredness to refresh and smooth the eye area.

Shine Control 24H Aqua Emulsion is a fast absorbing and non greasy formula that leaves the skin smooth and refreshed while it balances and offers effective hydration to oily and mixed types.

Energising Anti-Age Serum quickly delivers moisture with a non-sticky formula. It’s charged with Siberian ginseng to help boost the skin’s resistance to stress and other ageing factors while guarding against skin fatigue and protects with an SPF10.

Daily Detox Face Wash is designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin without robbing it of moisture. Mild enough to use every day, this purifying mousse with a glycolic acid-infused formula effectively removes dirt, oil and other impurities, wo’t clog the pores and leaves the skin feeling clean and energised.

Smoothing Shaving Gel is the essential for a close, smooth shave. Its formula lifts the hair and creates an easy blade glide for perfect results every time. Its mainstay of organic silicum offers anti-ageing benefits and helps to even out and balance the skin’s surface.

Redness Preventing After Shave with its soothing and refreshing formula combats irritation leaving the skin calm and supple. Formulated with the healing action of dragon’s blood. 
Abdo Fitness Shaping Gel-Cream is designed to act fast and effectively on the abdomen by targeting the LDL and VLDL receptors in adipose cells to break up and whittle away accumulated fat. There is no greasy residue.


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