Dibi Milano Fill Perfection

Introducing the newest product from Italy’s No.1 professional skincare range, Dibi Milano

Fill Perfection creates a non-invasive alternative to Botox and can also be used as an optimum maintenance program in-between injectables which will prolong your clients anti-wrinkle results.

Enriched with innovative high tech ingredients like Biotech Hyalufill Complex, Tetra-Peptides and Di-Peptides, Fill Perfection achieves an immediate smoothing and relaxing the appearance of superficial lines and wrinkles and provides deep hydration and plumping to the skin.

Dibi Milano also offers a complete line of homecare products for the daily maintenance and improvement of expression lines and wrinkles for your client’s after spa treatment care.

Thanks to selected active ingredients, transmitted through the most innovative and cutting-edge cosmetic formulations, Dibi Milano products have been developed with scientific rigor in order to guarantee extremely high functionality and performance.

Dibi Milano is the powerful synergy between the most advanced beauty technologies and innovation.

Contact +61 3 9336 2088, sales@alfaparf.om.au  www.dibimilano.com.au

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