Bright Sparks


With a potent trio of skin-brighteners, PowerBrightTRx incorporates the newest technologies to produce a more even, luminous skin tone.

Dermalogica’s new range has been designed to offset hyperpigmentation, typically common in skin past the age of 40, and dark spots.

Current studies reveal that uneven skin tone, especially when blotchiness is present, is now considered the leading age-marker, suggesting ‘aged’ skin.

The most common causes of hyperpigmentation are UV exposure and hormonal factors, especially during pregnancy and as a side-effect of taking oral contraceptives, some prescription medicine and certain topically applied cosmetics, and wounds which can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The new PowerBright TRx system consists of three highly active products that incorporate the newest technology in skin brightening. It replaces ChromaWhite TRx, and represents a streamlined approach to treating hyperpigmentation with the beneficial layering of active complexes to optimise results: ”””””””””””””””””””””

C-12 Pure Bright Serum (pictured), with an exclusive combination of peptides, rice-derived phytic acid, zinc glycinate, and algae. In addition to many key botanical extracts known to help control hyperpigmentation triggers on a cellular level, synthesised peptides, including the new Oligopeptide-51 combined with Oligopeptide-34, are the newest agents to fight melanin formation.

Pure Light SPF50. Even with hormonally induced hyperpigmentation, it has been shown that UV exposure is a requirement in the formation of pigmentation spots. This advanced daytime treatment moisturiser shields the skin from pigment-inducing UV light, now in a 100 percent chemical sunscreen base which enables the use of a new Oleosome technology that boosts SPF protection without having to add higher concentrations of sunscreen agents. Oleosomes are moisture-rich spheres made from safflower seeds, which allow for increased SPF performance of a product while using fewer chemical sunscreens, resulting in a product that is more wearable and less likely to cause sensitized reactions in the skin.

Pure Night. A rich and nourishing overnight treatment that helps control melanin formation, restore skin luminosity and maximise the benefits of the PowerBrightTRx system while the skin is at rest. Formulated with an active blend of Oligopeptide-34 and skin brightening vitamin C, along with cranberry and raspberry seed oils that help restore critical barrier lipids, optimizing skin hydration and reducing the appearance of fine dehydration lines.


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