Beauty Sleep in a Jar


Day creams protect the skin but at night it’s time to restore. The powerful new and improved Hydr8 Night formula from Medik8 addresses all the key signs of ageing.

It is a rich yet fast-absorbing restorative moisturiser that replenishes and restores imbalances caused by natural skin ageing and accumulated environmental damage.

Night is the optimal time for skin care as the rate of cell renewal increases. This formula rich in resveratrol, one of a new class of active ingredient called Silent Information Regulators. It helps promote cell longevity and has strong antioxidant and brightening properties to help to improve the appearance of tired skin. Skin-conditioning vitamin E and beta glucan, help repair damage while soothing, smoothing and firming.

Hydr8 Night is the perfect ally for dry and mature skin in need of intense hydration. It helps significantly reduce the major signs of ageing and helps restore a radiant complexion overnight. It adds new meaning to ‘beauty sleep’.

Available from December 2014.


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