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Aspect Phytostat 9

Busy or budget-conscious clients will love Aspect’s Phytostat 9 moisturiser as it streamlines any skincare regime to a lean, mean, one-step machine.

Containing Chronoline, an anti-ageing peptide, and potent antioxidants such as Ginko Bilba, the product revitalises the skin, while a cocktail of natural emollients such as sweet almond oil work to smooth fine lines.

Brilliant layered over serum at night, the silky cream is lightweight in texture, so it’s also perfect to wear under SPF and daytime makeup. A hydrator of many hats, it moonlights between a nourishing neck-cream and a gentle, effective eye treatment.

This magnificent multi-tasker is a favourite of dehydrated yet oily-skinned Spa+Clinic staff member whose makeup notoriously betrays her, separating a couple of hours after application!

Saying “pass” to primer, applying foundation directly over this cream, she reported a remarkable difference. No makeup/moisturiser divorce papers need be drawn–with this cream there wasn’t even a bit of ‘balling.’


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