Why You Want To Be Listed on Australia’s First Beauty Treatment Comparison Site, Compare Cosmetica

How do your clients find you? Is it Google? Social Media? Word of mouth? Chances are, it’s a mix of all three, but what if there was a comparison site that would tell anyone in your area which treatments you offer, and why they should visit you?

This is where Compare Cosmetica comes in, Australia’s first beauty treatment comparison site, which provides consumers with a safe platform to be able to compare treatments from verified and qualified skin clinics.

Compare Cosmetica was founded by Amy Doja, who started the business just before turning 30 when she couldn’t easily compare clinics in her area that provided the treatment she wanted. Clicking from website to website, Amy wondered if there was a platform she could use to seamlessly compare beauty and aesthetic treatments, reviews, before and after photos, opening hours, cancellation policy etc… there wasn’t. So she started her own.

Amy’s soon to launch platform, Compare Cosmetica (which was created through a Regulatory Affairs Consultant and therefore, in line with TGA requirements), gives clients the ability to collate a beauty business’ best attributes at the click of a button, giving clients fast and effective insights into why they should visit your clinic.

How can a clinic be listed?

For clinics to sign up with Compare Cosmetica, they can apply and are then verified by our team to ensure they are a boutique or franchisee as we don’t accept any home-based skin clinics and we confirm with the skin clinics that their staff are fully trained and qualified for the treatments they are promoting; clinics will not be able to upload their profile unless they are verified by our staff.

When consumers use Compare Cosmetica, they can be sure that our listings are up-to-date, accurate and completely unbiased. When it comes to providers, we don’t play favourites – clinics can’t pay their way to the top. We want consumers to get results they love, and so do our providers.

How can we help your beauty/skin clinic?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we get your clinic in front of more eyes!

When you join Compare Cosmetica, you give customers quick, easy access to the information they need to choose your clinic – without having to spend hours searching. When people are empowered with upfront knowledge about your services, price range and location, they’re more likely to say ‘yes’.

For anyone interested in joining now and becoming a foundation member before May 1, we are offering 3 months free. There are no lock-in periods during or after the 3 months free, so if you don’t love our platform there is no obligation to stay. 

What we offer you:

  • Listing on our professional, mobile friendly website.
  • Increased visibility and credibility for your business.
  • Strategic online marketing and promotion.
  • Building credibility and reputation by participating in our community.
  • Full view of dashboard to be able to view how your treatments are being searched and viewed.

The added benefit of being the early birds, is you will also be in the top position for potential new clients using the site. There is no locked in period at any stage with Compare Cosmetica, you can pay monthly or yearly and have options of pausing – for those busy months or deleting your account at any time.

Register here before May 1 to enjoy three complimentary months.