Why Including Makeup Recommendations To Your Patients Is So Important

Recommending the right post-procedure makeup to your clients is vital for best results.

In order to achieve the best skin results for your clients, practitioners need to treat them full circle – this includes analysing every single product they use on their face, especially makeup. In the fast-paced beauty industry, it is essential to adapt to the needs of clients and many more people are conscious of the ingredients that are in their beauty products.

Stocking mineral makeup that is infused with skincare actives allows you to have a comprehensive approach to meeting your clients’ needs.

Australian mineral makeup brand InClinic Cosmetics was created by Josephine Carbone, who owned several skin and laser clinics in south-east Queensland where she found the makeup her clients were wearing post-treatment was contributing to their skin condition or undid any progress they were making in the clinic with results-driven treatments and skincare regimes.

Josephine’s clinical experience helped in developing specially formulated products with advanced skincare ingredients that are easily recognisable for therapists.

The products clients use on their skin immediately, and in the days following their treatments is crucial to the healing process of the skin. InClinic’s mineral makeup protects, heals and nourishes the skin post-treatment while achieving a natural, second-skin finish for clients who are reluctant to leave the clinic bare-faced.

It is important to stress to clients that the makeup formulas they use on their face every (or most) days is just as transformative in their skin journey as their skincare products and treatments.

Why InClinic Cosmetics?

This range is specifically formulated for breakout-prone and sensitive skin to use safely every day. InClinic Cosmetics is recommended by doctors and dermal therapists throughout many reputable skin clinics and is also used by thousands of acne clients globally. Many find complete relief from their blemish and acne-prone skin by making this simple change in makeup formulas.

InClinic Cosmetics has been approved and is now listed on Belgium’s Ku Leuven Hospital’s Skin Allergy and Immunology Clinic’s list of products, which means it’s safe for patients to use with skin allergies. InClinic is currently the only makeup approved and found on their list.

All InClinic products are safe enough for even the most sensitive skin including problematic skin conditions such as rosacea and acne sufferers.

Emma Carrigan offers InClinic at her skin studio

“Integrating InClinic mineral makeup into our offerings has proven to be a valuable asset to our business, particularly after paramedical treatments in our clinic. This premium mineral makeup range, known for its high quality and gentle, skin-nurturing formulations, has not only attracted a loyal clientele but has also enhanced the post-treatment experience for our clients.

By providing an ideal makeup solution post-treatment, we offer our clients a means to both conceal and nourish their skin, leading to increased customer satisfaction, repeat business, and ultimately contributing to our clinic’s overall growth and reputation as a trusted beauty destination.

In the midst of intense competition in the makeup industry, we advocate Mineral Makeup to our clients due to its unique emphasis on skin health alongside aesthetic beauty. Our recommendation stems from the belief that prioritising our clients’ skin well-being while enhancing their appearance sets
us apart, and Mineral Makeup’s formulation perfectly aligns with this approach, ensuring our clients can achieve a flawless look while maintaining their skin’s vitality.”

Emma Carrigan, The Skin Studio by Emma James

Josephine continues to work side by side with cosmetic chemists to produce high quality, clinical and innovative formulas that enhance and care for all skin types. InClinic Cosmetics’ products can now be found in almost 200 clinics, salons, pharmacies, health stores and retail stores across Australia and New Zealand, as well as internationally in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg , Poland, and Singapore.

If you’re interested in stocking InClinic Cosmetics visit https://www.inclinic.com.au or e-mail info@inclinic.com.au

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