This Regimen Uses Exosomes To Combat Hair Loss, Both In-Clinic and At-Home

The treatment which is giving those suffering from hair loss visibly thicker, healthier-looking hair effectively and quickly.

In the integration of advanced stem-cell technology into skincare and haircare regimens, CALECIM® Professional, a haircare range fuelled by ethically sourced Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells, is the latest innovation. Developed by CellResearch Corporation, this scientifically formulated collection represents a culmination of a decade of stem-cell research and technology, heralding a new era in medical aesthetic science.

At the heart of CALECIM®  Professional lies PTT-6®, a proprietary technology harnessing the restorative potential of mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells extracted from the outer lining of the umbilical cord of red deer. 

These stem cells secrete a potent blend of proteins, growth factors, and cytokines, constituting the active ingredient in CALECIM® Professional products. The result? Visible enhancement in skin restoration, visible reduction of fine lines, and promotion of skin plumpness, with rapid and significant benefits. It also helps re-invigorate hair and condition scalp skin to promote denser, thicker and fuller looking hair.

The Advanced Hair System Derma Stamp helps the serum penetrate deeper.

This meticulously curated formula is engineered to optimise the skin restoration processes, diminish the appearance of fine lines, and enhance skin plumpness, delivering discernible results with unparalleled rapidity and efficacy.

Gavin Tan, CEO of CellResearch Corporation, underscores the company’s commitment to democratising access to cutting-edge stem-cell research, stating, “Our mission is to democratise the transformative benefits of stem-cell technology by making it accessible to all individuals seeking advanced skincare solutions.” This ethos underscores the core philosophy of CALECIM® Professional, which aims to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and everyday skincare and haircare practices.

After CALECIM® Professional

Endorsed by leading dermatologist Professor Mitchel P Goldman MD, CALECIM® Professional stands out for its robust scientific foundation. Professor Goldman emphasises, “This is the first time that cord lining stem cells – or stem cells in general – are being truly utilised in skincare,” underscoring the groundbreaking nature of the product line.

Within its innovative portfolio, CALECIM® Professional spotlights the Advanced Hair System, a groundbreaking solution to help combat the appearance of hair loss , by conditioning skin for a healthy-looking scalp and promoting denser, thicker and fuller looking hair. Leveraging exosomes, powerful cell communicators derived from ethically sourced red deer cord lining stem cells, this system revitalises follicles to visibly accelerate the hairs appearance. 

With impressive clinical results demonstrating increased hair volume and reduced scalp discomfort , the Advanced Hair System represents a paradigm shift in hair regrowth technology. In-clinic the professional will apply the serum during a microneedling treatment, and at-home, the serum is easily applied to the scalp while using a Derma Stamp. 

The user-friendly application process, coupled with remarkable efficacy and minimal side effects, underscores the accessibility and effectiveness of CALECIM® Professional’s haircare regimen. Through consistent use (a minimum of six weeks), individuals can expect a conditioned scalp with a reduced feeling of discomfort, and an overall improvement in visible hair quality and volume, affirming the transformative potential of this innovative system.

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